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How Do You Reset a Massage Chair

DIGITAL NOMAD 6 min read Updated: 16.06.2022 Massage chairs can be a real lifesaver after a long stressful day at work, especially if you need a regular massage treatment. By the time

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Herman Miller Mirra vs. Aeron

5 min read Updated: 27.08.2022 If you’re considering an ergonomic office seat makeover, you’ll likely be stuck between two options: the Mirra and Aeron seats.

How to Fix a Chair that Won’t Close

5 min read Updated: 29.07.2022 Before you resort to throwing your favorite recliner chair out just because it won’t close as it should be, you

Workpro Quantum 9000 vs. 12000

6 min read Updated: 16.07.2022 Workpro Quantum models’ market perception and reputation make them sought-after office chairs.  When you decide to buy one of the