Are Massage Chairs Worth It

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Updated: 30.06.2022

Taking a massage treatment after a long day can give you the energy boost that you’re looking for.

And one of the most convenient ways to get this treatment without relying on a therapist is by buying a massage chair

We all want to live a pain-free, healthy and happy life. But, honestly, are massage chairs worth it to spend on your tight budget? 

If massage is a key to reaching the above goals, massage chairs are the gift from technology that gives you the chance of getting a massage anytime under your roof. 

So, the answer is 100% yes. Massage chairs are the next best thing to getting a professional massage done

  • They are easy to use, and you can perform a massage session whenever you want,
  • New massage chairs offer more than one massage style and intensity,
  • You can use them to be free from muscle pain, ease stiffness and tension, and even burn your fat faster. 
  • They are an excellent way to relieve stress and anxiety.
  • The pricing seems higher in the first place, but after a couple of months, the cost will be equal to regular massage sessions spending,

Many people have been able to get rid of back pain simply because they have bought a massage chair, and you can be the next one.

Massage Chair Facts and Figures

There are many ways of relieving tension and stress, getting relief from a range of physical issues, and driving away from depression. 

But most people know that massage therapy is one of the greatest ways to alleviate pain and strain caused by injuries or just relax the whole body. 

Modern Massage ChairsCredit: Osaki Massage Chairs
  • Massage chairs provide a gentle, soothing massage on your entire body, not just your back,

The massage industry is huge: According to American Massage Chair Association,

  • Almost 1/4 of the US population (over 18) get massage therapy, 
  • 36% of the population from the high-income group (over $100k household income) get at least one massage session,
  • Almost 70% of the massage sessions are performed in Spas and Therapists’ Offices, 
  • 75% get a massage for wellness and general health, the rest for pains or injuries.

The global massage chair market, on the other hand, reached the 3 billion dollars threshold in 2020 (the exact figure was $2.8b),

  • The massage chair market in the US was over a billion dollars in 2018, and it was before the pandemic. New estimations suggest that the market is going to grow by 75 to 100% by 2027, 
  • Around 60% of the US massage chair market will be robotic (electronic), and the rest will remain traditional,
  • Massage chair markets are growing in Western and Asian Pacific Countries where aging populations are a big reality, 
  • Even though the biggest massage chair brands are Korean, Japanese, or American, the majority of massage chairs are still produced by Chinese facilities.
  • In terms of the sales figures, the biggest massage chair market is China, with a 20% market share. The USA follows with an 11% share,
  • Germany is the largest market in Europe with around $100m,
  • Japan and South Korean markets are growing exponentially,

Massage Chair Features

Modern massage chairs are quite innovative and provide the highest quality massage experience. Here are the core features of the contemporary massage chairs:

  • Body Scanning: Massage chairs have different settings and can scan your body to give you the best massage experience possible. 
  • Body Mapping: Not only scan your body, but massage chairs will also have a body mapping feature that determines the problematic areas and the pressure intensity. 
  • Custom Programs (Manual Settings): Using a massage chair will give you customization and complete control over what is going to be done. 
  • Modes of Vibration: There are different modes of vibrating that you can choose from. Again it’s about roller mobility and intensity.
  • Screens: When using a massage chair in the privacy of your home, you can see what the massage chair is doing. And in any discomfort, you can adjust your chair accordingly.

Massage Chair for Injury Prevention

According to one study, massage sessions positively affect heart rate, blood pressure, heart rate variability, and cortisol levels. 

They also help increase blood flow and muscle strength, enabling shorter tissue recovery time.

Therefore, regular use of massage chairs is the best way (in terms of long-term affordability and convenience to use in your living place) to prevent possible injuries.

Massage Chair for Injury Recovery

Oxygen is crucial for cellular regeneration. 

When massage boosts the blood flow, these blood cells carry the necessary oxygen to your injured parts, making a faster recovery possible. 

Again, the frequency and intensity of the massage will directly affect the recovery performance. That’s why having a futuristic massage chair in your home is a definite plus.

Massage Chair for Stress and Anxiety Prevention

Massage affects your hormonal balance and physiological mechanisms positively. 

After a massage session, your body reduces less adrenaline and cortisol but more dopamine. So, observing after massage responses, your body gives a relaxation reaction. 

Having a massage chair at home also saves you from external stress stimuli.

Massage Chair Brands and Average Prices

The major players in the massage chair industry are American, South Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. 

The below list shows the biggest brands and their origin countries:

  • Bodyfriend – South Korea
  • Family Inada – Japan
  • Fujiiryoki – Japan (market leader there) 
  • H-Solution – South Korea
  • Human Touch – California, US
  • Hutech Kai – South Korean
  • Inada – Japanese
  • Infinity – New Hampshire, US
  • Kahuna – Japanese
  • LG – South Korean
  • Luraco – Texas, US
  • Ogawa – Malaysia
  • Osaki – Texas, US
  • OSIM – Singapore, and China
  • Panasonic – Japan

The price for massage chairs starts from $500 and goes up to $20,000. But something between 1k and 10k is the ideal price range, and it really depends on what you expect from a massage chair.

Classic Massage Services vs. Massage Chair Investment

Massage chair acquisition is a great option for those who need regular massage therapy. 

It helps you relieve pain and stress with a relaxing massage in the comfort of your home whenever you want. But you can also get massage services offered by qualified professionals. 

Massage Chair and Therapy Comparison

On average, professional massage therapy prices are around $100 per hour. If we don’t count the outliers, the prices go up and down between $40 and $180.

However, buying a massage chair is a long-term investment (companies offer at least 2/3 years warranty). If you spent $2k for an average chair, it equals 20 sessions of actual therapy. 

So, your investment return should be less than 6 months if you are the only one who needs regular massage (more people means shorter ROI).

The other advantage is having multiple massage style alternatives with one massage chair. 


Professional massage therapists and engineers design these massage chairs. That’s why you can find a Full-Body, Shiatsu, Swedish, or Deep Tissue Massage experience in only one massage chair.

Otherwise, you have to seek individual therapy sessions cause every single one of them requires unique expertise.

Benefits of Having a Massage Chair at Home

Here are the many benefits of having a massage chair at home:

  • No Travel Cost – time and money savings (simple as that),
  • Less Hassle – no appointments, no more waiting time,
  • More Privacy – just the chair and you,
  • Stay Healthy – pain and stress-free life with regular massage.

Disadvantages of Having a Massage Chair

Even though having a massage chair delivers numerous benefits, you still need to be cautious when buying and using one. 

  • First thing first, it may damage your family finance (if you have a tight budget try to replace it with cheaper alternatives such as massage guns or massage pads),
  • Pre-settings can cause short-term pain (listen to your body and adjust your chair accordingly),
  • You may be too relaxed – if you are a work-from-home professional being too cozy is not always that good,
  • It can attract friends and neighbors – sure, you will have frequent visits from your friends and family.

Final Words

The aging population and desk-based careers cause us to experience joint, bone, and tissue disorders at least at some point in our lives.

Massage chairs have entered our lives in recent years as technologies suitable for domestic use and at an acceptable price. They offer peace, pain relief, and healthier life in general.

Thus, having a massage chair is undoubtedly worth it.

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