The 10 Best Bean Bag Chairs for Home Office

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Updated: 21.04.2022

Acting as the icon of lazy Summer days and evoking memories of the beach lounge, our last relaxing holidays, and of a lazy pool day, bean bags represent decades of freedom and tranquility. Perfect for the backyard, the TV lounge, and now for a modern home office, the best bean bag chair is a hugger that you never want to let go of. 

According to our extensive research, product testing, and analysis, the best product in the bean bag chair category in terms of the price/performance ratio is the Sofa Sack Plush Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair.

Our Top Pick: The Best Bean Bag Chair for Home Office in 2021

Sofa Sack Plush Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair
Overall Performance: 9.76/10
+ built to last with a memory foam
+ perfect size for an adult
– heavier due to foam filling
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It 

Indoors and outdoors, a must-have ageless piece of furniture. Soft and light, the Sofa Sack Plush Ultra Soft bean bag comes in fourteen different color options impossible not to satisfy your affection. Although not as light as a feather, you can easily move it anywhere in and around your space.

The reason why we love this particular bean bag out of all the other similar-looking options is because of what’s inside. 

Cheaper bean bags have loose styrofoam filling (the little white balls that fly around), which get and stay pressed in time and require a refill, thus becoming heavier and heavier. 

This one, however, has a furniture-grade memory foam filling which also is pressed when seated but takes back its shape when left alone. Due to its quality outer and inner materials and double the colors of the rainbow to choose from, we find that the Sofa Sack Plush Ultra Soft is the best bean bag chair for the home office in 2022.

Why People Love It 

When it comes to furniture textile, people like it soft. Also, no one wants to sweat on a bean bag, especially if the weather isn’t extra hot. 

Refreshing, breathable, and soft, each family member, including the four-legged ones, try to get on the bean bag first, if there’s only one. Highly recommended by parents for kids of all ages, the size is, in fact, big enough for a happy sleepover of two children. 

Supportive, soft, and big, make sure you have room to spare for this bean bag literally as your comfort zone.

The cuddly suede-like fabric is adorable, and the material and double zipper feel well made. Users report that all around, it’s a fantastic product.

Any Concerns

You need to give it 24 hours after opening the box for the pressed memory foam to inflate by itself.

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Our Top Picks at a Glance List

Image CategoryProductPriceAmazon Link
Best Bean Bag Chair for AdultsULTIMATE SACK 6000 Bean Bag Chair$$$Check on Amazon
Best Bean Bag Chair with Removable CoverFUGU Bean Bag Chair$$Check on Amazon
Best Gaming Bean Bag ChairBig Joe Milano Plush$Check on Amazon
Best Bean Bag Chair RedditLumaland Luxurious Bean Bag Chair$$$Check on Amazon
Best Bean Bag Chair WirecutterBIRDROCK HOME Memory Foam Floor Chair$Check on Amazon
Best Outdoor Bean Bag ChairBig Joe Classic Beanbag$Check on Amazon
Best Large Bean Bag ChairLumaland Giant 7ft Bean Bag Chair$$$Check on Amazon
Best Bean Bag Chair for Bad BackBig Joe Dorm 2.0 Smartmax$Check on Amazon
Best Bean Bag Chair without SewingChill Sack Bean Bag Chair$$Check on Amazon

Do You Really Need a Bean Bag Chair

Reducing tension, enhancing relaxation, whichever position you choose to sit in, a bean bag will wrap around every detail of your body. For example, most back and neck problems are caused by a stiff posture and a pressured spine. So what you need to do is to release the tension and relax your muscles. 

Although we cannot say a bean bag is an absolute must for your home office, it is highly advisable to keep one nearby.

Bean bags help prevent and reduce tension by providing our muscles and joints’ wrap-around support to realign themselves. Probably the best thing about a bean bag is that it adapts to any body shape and weight.

Usually quite durable, bean bags are a great alternative to our work chairs and sofa. Alternating between an ergonomic chair and a bean bag forms a healthy balance for your body, posture, and muscle health. 

Just the way we practice warm-up and cool-down sessions to relax our muscles at the gym, using a bean bag to give in and let those muscles loose is the love your body needs.

Our Second Pick: The Best Bean Bag Chair for Adults

ULTIMATE SACK 6000 Bean Bag Chair
Overall Performance: 9.55/10
+ machine washable covers
+ comes with a footstool
– spilled liquids will seep through
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

This bean bag is one of the best money can buy. It is made with premium quality, large enough for two adults without any weight limit.

It also makes an unusual but comfy bed for a guest for a night or two. The footstool is a great bonus and particularly useful when taking a nap on your lunch break or watching TV. 

We recommend using it with waterproof textile on top, just if your little ones or pets like to drool a lot.

Why People Love It

Huge in size and comfort, you don’t want to get up once you sit/lay on it. Perfect for cuddle time with your significant other. When you jump on it, it feels like falling onto a cloud. The footrest is the ideal height as well. Tall fellas report their happiness to have found their ultimate match. 

Any Concerns

A little patience will pay off due to its size. This bean bag might require a day or two to grow to its full extent.

How To Pick The Best Bean Bag Chair

Finding the bean bag chair is a bit different from choosing a traditional office chairs. Our guide is a perfect starting point. Keep reading!

Consider the size you need from a bean bag as they come in a variety of sizes. 

Are you a loner, or do you have someone to hug? 

Same with the shape, how and where do you want to use it? Indoors or outdoors? 

Think about your fabric and filler choice. Do you prefer soft and silky or durable and waterproof? 

Read on for all you need to know about specifications in detail that will help you choose the best suitable bean bag for you:

Single or Double Lining: Some tend to choose their bean bag according to looks and color. What you need to know is that bean bags may have a single liner cover which will then spill the filling if the cover is somehow damaged. 

Other bags have an inside lid to prevent this and make it easier to wash the outer surface.

Fabric: Be aware that more durable textiles are also tougher and tend to get warm quickly, but they are also easy to wipe. Softer materials such as cotton and microsuede feel amazing but are far from being stain resistant. Define your priorities and make a pick.

Shape: When deciding about the shape of a bean bag, you aren’t actually spoiled with that many options. It’s either round and bulky, pear-shaped, or armchair-shaped—the smaller and firmer shaped, the easier to move around.

Filling: Luckily, bean bags aren’t filled with beans these days. You can choose between loose styrofoam and memory foam cut into small pieces. The difference lies in the weight and durability of the bags. 

Styrofoam goes flat rather quickly and needs constant fillers. 

Memory foam blends need a day or two to inflate before first use but are very comfortable and low maintenance. 

There exists a third option to fill them up with something natural of your choice but remember weight and hygiene.

Our Third Pick: The Best Bean Bag Chair with Removable Cover

FUGU Bean Bag Chair
Overall Performance: 9.52/10
+ dual-layer construction
+ stuffed with pillow grade foam
– weighing 48 pounds
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

Thanks to the quality high-tech fillers inside, this bean bag gets back in shape and forms very quickly after use. We absolutely love the double layer, such a lifesaver to wash the cover.

Why People Love It

Big enough for a big guy and his St. Bernard to get sucked into comfort. Soft yet thick fabric is also much appreciated.  

Any Concerns

Do not assume it’s lightweight, and give it a couple of days to fully inflate to avoid disappointment.

Our Special Pick: The Best Gaming Bean Bag Chair

Big Joe Milano Plush
Overall Performance: 9.44/10
+ sturdy handle
+ soft plush fabric
– may require a refill in time
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

You can literally move it by only lifting a finger. Lightweight also for the pocket, which is always a plus. We truly like that they have handles. Magic is hidden in the details. 

Last but not least, safety zippers do make a difference.

Why People Love It

Comfy, durable, and affordable, people love that it comes filled with just the right amount of beads—plenty of buyers for their children and teenage children.

Any Concerns

This is not particularly a children’s chair, but it’s a small chair. Not suitable for big adults.

What Others Think

If you want to know what people with similar purchasing interests think about the best bean bag chairs in 2021, we compiled a bunch of reviews for you by browsing thousands of popular platforms. 

We value these product selections. 

Here are the most reliable bean bag chair recommendations from Wirecutter and Reddit.

Wirecutter The Best Bean Bag Chair

BIRDROCK HOME Memory Foam Floor Chair
Overall Performance: 9.17/10
+ adjustable back function
+ easy storage
– only for the average built
Check Amazon for Best Price

What do We Think 

It is open to discussion if this memory foam-filled floor chair is indeed a bean bag, but it features all functions of a bean bag and more. It’s a steal, and gamers certainly love this product to alternate with their gaming chair! 

It’s a classic family affair or to meditate on—also, extra seating for when you have too many of your fans over at your place.

The Best Bean Bag Chair Reddit

Lumaland Luxurious Bean Bag Chair
Overall Performance: 9.09/10
+ dual-layer easy care
+ high-quality memory foam
– inflates in 48 hrs
Check Amazon for Best Price

What do We Think 

It’s big and on the heavier, chunkier side. That’s the way it is with all memory foam-filled bean bags. The more space it will take up and the heavier it’ll get. 

So if you’re expecting an air-filled light as a feather piece of furniture, it is the wrong way. Go back. 

The pricing is alright for a made in US product, considering that memory foam chairs don’t require refills in time.

Final Words

We’ve searched through and jumped on quite a few bean bag chairs, and it was great fun! 

It is now your turn to sit on the clouds. Considering your financial and health-related situation, feel free to follow our guidelines as a beam of light.

After browsing many cloud-like products for you, we certainly agree on the Sofa Sack Plush Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair for the best bean bag chairs in 2021. 

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