The 20 Best Canon Printers for Home Office

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Updated: 24.08.2021

If you haven’t bought a new printer in the past two decades because you simply were using the one in the office, you’re not alone. Getting most of our work done from the home office until probably retirement, it is about time to get one of the many wonder boxes that scan, print, and copy.

According to our extensive research, product testing, and analysis, the best product in the Canon Printer category in terms of the price/performance ratio is the Canon PIXMA G4210.

Our Top Pick: The Best Canon Printer for Home Office in 2021

Canon PIXMA G4210
Overall Performance: 9.85/10
+ 30x the amount of ink
+ print, scan, copy and fax
– small LCD screen
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It 

It’s a tank! 

For all of us haters of changing (and paying for) printer cartridges, your only worry with this printer is if the ink will dry because it’s just gonna sit there until it runs out, which is almost never. So nor the ink won’t dry out, neither will it last forever, but you can just forget about it for a good while. 

  • Print quality is outstanding. 
  • Black prints are crisp as a laser printer. 

It’s fast and picks up fine detail delivering excellent quality images. It’s wireless, and it scans, faxes and copies. 

It’s climate pledge friendly. We think this printer is one of the best bets for home use.

Due to the never-ending ink situation and because it’s an all-in-one product perfect for every home-office from a minimalistic one to a complete home office workstation.

So, let’s cut it short! 

We affirmed that the Canon PIXMA G4210 is the best Canon printer for your home office in 2021.

Why People Love It 

Common praises from the former buyers are the olympic-level printing quality and slightly faster printing speed than most new age printers. 

They told us when using good photo paper, it offers you simply gorgeous printing. 

Finally, Canon has gotten it through and built a superb printer with affordable ink that doesn’t waste ink. If you miss the duplex printing, the trade-off in not having to purchase cartridges every month is well worth it. 

Great all-rounder printer that just does almost everything with reasonably priced-near ageless investment.

Any Concerns

Would have been good to have the auto-duplexing feature, but it covers everything else, so no serious complaints.

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Our Top Picks at a Glance List

Image CategoryProductPriceAmazon Link
Best Canon All in One PrinterCanon G3260 All-in-One Printer$$Check on Amazon
Best Canon Pixma PrinterCanon Pixma iX6820 Wireless$$Check on Amazon
Best Canon Photo PrinterCanon Selphy CP1300 Photo Printer$Check on Amazon
Best Budget Canon PrinterCanon TS302 Wireless Inkjet Printer$Check on Amazon
Best Canon Airprint PrinterCanon IP8720 Wireless Printer, AirPrint$$Check on Amazon
Best Canon Inkjet PrinterCanon TS6320$$Check on Amazon
Best Canon Laser PrinterCanon ImageCLASS MF236n All in One$$Check on Amazon
Best Canon Wireless PrinterCanon TR7020 All-In-One Wireless Printer$Check on Amazon
Best Canon Printer for PhotosCanon Pixma Pro-100$$$+Check on Amazon
Best Canon Printer for StickersCanon IVY Mini$Check on Amazon
Best Canon Printer for Art PrintsCanon TS9521C All-In-One Wireless Crafting$$Check on Amazon
Best Canon Printer for Edible ImagesCanon Pixma TS6320$$Check on Amazon
Best Canon Printer for SublimationCanon SELPHY CP1300$$Check on Amazon
Best Canon Printer for MacCanon TR8620$$Check on Amazon
Best Canon Printer for Small BusinessCanon Image CLASS D570$Check on Amazon
Best Canon Printer for CardstockCanon PIXMA PRO-200$$$Check on Amazon
Best Canon Printer for CricutCanon TS6420$Check on Amazon
Best Canon Printer with Cheap InkCanon PIXMA G5020$$Check on Amazon
Best Canon Printer ScannerCanon G7020 All-In-One$$$Check on Amazon

Why You Should Chose a Canon Printer

Canon has been producing exceptionally well-built printers since 1985 with cutting-edge tech. Never lagging behind in a demanding and competitive gadget world, Canon printers are good value for the money spent. 

Not advised, but Canon printer ink can also be replaced with more affordable options when needed. 

They’re usually low maintenance and compact, offering multiple functions and more color options than other brands, now seem more valuable than ever in our home office decor set-ups.

Having a trusted brand behind the printer means stress-free years of printing with worldwide customer support when you need it coz apparently they aren’t going anywhere soon.

Our Second Pick: The Best Canon All in One Printer

Canon G3260 All-in-One Printer
Overall Performance: 9.63/10
+ massive ink saver
+ wireless
– LCD display isn’t backlit
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

This is a home business bulk printer, and at that job, it excels. To witness the ink level actually moving down a little bit, you have to print close to a thousand pages, which is just bliss in the printer world. If you don’t like savings, this printer is not for you.

Why People Love It

It does everything it says, delivering good quality prints and exceeding expectations in the photo quality department. 

Users are very pleased that the printer comes with a complete set of color ink bottles and three bottles of black ink. Replacement Canon brand bottles are about the cost of one ink cartridge but last so much longer!

Any Concerns

There are some reports about the lack of direction and detail about the setup, which can easily be googled.

How To Pick The Best Canon Printer: The Buyer’s Guide

We are spoiled with too many choices and models about a simple product with the primary function to print out documents and photos. 

The Canon printer has a history of nearly forty years, and one thing is for sure; it’s evolved. 

Choosing the best fitting Canon printer amongst too many alternatives is a tremendous job. Before you start filtering down the options, note down some simple points to guide your purchasing decision. 

  • What do you primarily need to print? Is it for your WFH workstation or for a sizable small business/start-up? 
  • Who else will be using the printer? 
  • Which functions do you need, and what is your printing budget for a financial year? 

Getting a grip of what makes one printer different from another will help you find the one that will do the job for you. We will list the major features of the new-age printers to untangle the heap of technical terms. 

Laser Printing: If you’re printing content-dense documents in abundance, go for it. Suitable for the home office, no ink, no problem.

Inkjet Printing: The safe go-to choice for the home office that produces various projects that mingle color graphics, fliers, text, and photos. If you are a high-res photo printer, definitely choose the inkjet. 

All-in-One: We are unaware that one can still find a single-function printer these days, but if you don’t mind the extra perks, printers also fax, scan, and copy. It may be worth spending a little extra on one of these to skip the fax and the copy machine altogether. 

Pricing and the Cost of Ink: The Canon PIXMA Pro series is probably the most expensive line, catering specifically to the needs of professional photographers. 

Replacement ink cartridges make up most of the operating costs of a printer. Canon also has inkjet printers with ink tanks which we love. The PIXMA G-Series MegaTank comes with ink equivalent to 30 conventional ink cartridges. 

These printers do cost more upfront but do the serial printing job well without worrying about replacing costly ink cartridges.

Connectivity: Most printers support Wi-Fi these days. This means that you can print from anywhere in the vicinity of your connection. With wireless printing, you can print from any device on your network. 

Some printers also offer Bluetooth connections. If you see the terms AirPrint and Google Cloud Print, these are features to print without installing printer-specific drivers. You connect to an AirPrint/CloudPrint compatible printer via the wireless LAN.

Supplementary Perks: The touchscreen LCD, the auto duplex printing, the second tray, the borderless printing (useful when printing photos), the auto document feeder, the memory card slot are all features you never knew you needed but can live without.

These are all you need to know about the Canon printer models available on the market to make a quality purchasing decision.

Our Third Pick: The Best Canon Pixma Printer

Canon Pixma iX6820 Wireless
Overall Performance: 9.51/10
+ airprint and Google Cloud print
+ fine print head technology
– no scanning function
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

Two words – Fantastic printer! 

The ink won’t clog even if only used a few times a year. Economic and produces very high-quality prints. 

Takes all types of papers, including cardstock. Good looking and high-tech and that’s about all we need from a printer.

Why People Love It

Works well for pretty much everyone from filing junkies, serial printers to artists. 

The common reason everyone’s in it seems to be the ink-saver super tank, endorsed more times than your favorite Hollywood star.

Any Concerns

A few reported cases of difficulty in setting up the wireless function which were resolved almost immediately.

Our Fourth Pick: The Best Canon Photo Printer

Canon Selphy CP1300 Photo Printer
Overall Performance: 9.48/10
+ sleek, portable, compact
+ direct print from memory card
– only prints in card and postcard size
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

This little Selphy is impressive! 

Print your pictures stored in your phone connecting to the printer via Bluetooth, and that’s it. Photos, Christmas cards, handmade gifts, you name it, Selphy prints it. 

It stands at a bargain price range too.

Why People Love It

Super easy to set up and use. People love the WiFi options. Makes the most amazing and memorable gift for loved ones.

Any Concerns

The highest resolution takes a little while to print the photos but definitely worth the wait.

Final Words

A printer was just a printer back in the office, and you had technicians to service and resolve printer issues. All by yourself with a printer at the home office, we recommend choosing it wisely and for good. 

We went out of our way to waste a heap of ink and test some great Canon printers for you.

Considering your financial situation and needs assessment, feel free to follow our guidelines to choose a suitable printer for your situation. 

Following the fun times of getting our hands inky, we vote for the all-rounder Canon PIXMA G4210 for the best Canon printer in 2021.

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