The 16 Best Computer Chairs for Home Office

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Updated: 20.04.2022

Aren’t we all in search of the best computer chair on a tech-infused planet? Every single person and their mom use a laptop or a PC, mostly in a seated position, so we all crave that heavenly chair. Before you get too excited, understand that in Chairland, one size does not fit all, so please read on…

We are vertebrate beings in a cyber world and thus need back support, especially from our computer chair. If you really want to find the chair of your home office life, manifesting techniques might help, but research is even better.

According to our extensive research, product testing, and analysis, the best product in the computer chair category in terms of the Price/Performance ratio is the Oline ErgoPro Ergonomic Office Chair.

Our Top Pick: The Best Computer Chair for Home Office in 2021

Oline ErgoPro Ergonomic Office Chair
Overall Performance: 9.87/10
+ Sleek design
+ Non-sweat mesh material
– Might be narrow to fit 3XL+ hips
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

Folks that spend more than two hours a day sitting on a computer know that ergonomy is the sought-after quality to land on a comfy chair.

The reason why the Oline ErgoPro Ergonomic Office Chair is the best computer chair for the home office in 2022 is simply because the TLC is mutual.

Why People Love It

Easy assembly and high quality are the common satisfaction zones of those highly recommending the Oline ErgoPro Ergonomic Office Chair. Life can always get better when you find your best match.

Any Concerns

Extra-wide hips are admired in many cultures but might not feel extra comfortable in this particular style.

“Worklivion provides a review service at no charge to users. We are committed to research, test, and recommend the best products. We may receive affiliate commissions from purchases made after visiting links within our content. It does not affect users’ cost of purchase. Why trust our product recommendations?

Our Top Picks at a Glance List

Image CategoryProductPriceAmazon Link
Best Ergonomic Computer ChairGabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair$$$Check on Amazon
Best Computer Chair for Long HoursHomall High Back Computer Chair$Check on Amazon
Best Gaming Computer ChairGTRACING Gaming Chair$$Check on Amazon
Best Computer Chair Reddit
SPACE Seating Deluxe VeraFlex$$Check on Amazon
Best Budget Computer Chair
Sytas Computer Task Mesh Chair$Check on Amazon
Best Computer Chair for Back PainTicova Ergonomic Office Chair$$Check on Amazon
Best Computer Chair for Big GuysNewnno High Back Swivel Computer Chair$$Check on Amazon
Best Computer Chair for PostureSteelcase Gesture Chair$$$+Check on Amazon
Best Computer Chair for Short PersonHerman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair – Size A$$$+Check on Amazon
Best Computer Chair for Tall PersonSOHO Soft Pad Drafting Chair$$$Check on Amazon
Best Computer Chair with FootrestComermax Gaming Chair Massage$Check on Amazon
Best Computer Chair with HeadrestOak Hollow Furniture Aloria Series Ergonomic Executive Computer Chair$$$+Check on Amazon
Best Computer Chair Lumbar SupportFurmax Office Mid Back Swivel Lumbar Support Chair$Check on Amazon
Best Computer Chair with Leg RestGTPlayer Gaming Chair$Check on Amazon
Best Computer Chair without WheelsAmazon Basics Classic Faux Leather Office Desk Guest Chair$Check on Amazon

Do You Really Need a Computer Chair

Imagine you grab an old kitchen chair from the garage and start spending hours in front of the computer day after day. The first week, you decide to add a cushion to it. By the end of the first month, you can no longer ignore the discomfort resulting in deepening back and neck pain. You find yourself with an online shopping trolley searching for a neck massager that costs around the same as an ergonomic computer chair.

You decide to buy both an ergonomic chair and a neck massaging tool at the end, to prevent further pain and damage to your posture. You are smart. Better late than sorry.

Although it may not be necessary to accessorize your whole computer workstation at once, you can choose to prioritize a few crucial health and comfort related purchases. Needless to say that starting with a good computer chair is the way to go. Our lives are made of moments, and when looking back, we should thank ourselves for our conscious decisions.

Our Second Pick: The Best Ergonomic Computer Chair 

This ultimate high-back chair is perfect for a long day sitting session. It’s breathable sweatproof with proper lumbar support, and we can not think of anything else that can be expected from a chair.

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
Overall Performance: 9.51/10
+ Flip-up armrest
+ Tilt-back
– Not suitable for shorter people
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

It’s a proper, solid chair with an adjustable headrest, and that’s enough for us to love it, but the chair happens to offer much more than that. Perhaps the most loveable characteristic of this chair is the fact that it will never smell like sweat, ever. Just being honest.

So, there you have it, we couldn’t be more honest to tell you that the Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair is the best ergonomic computer chair for the home office in 2022.

Why People Love It

Reportedly, exactly the same as its posh sisters but cheaper. Designer quality and comfort, functional and good looking. Not bad for a chair, given that an average object doesn’t usually receive this many compliments.

Any Concerns

A small number of users report concerns about the tilting being a little loose.

How To Pick The Best Computer Chair – The Buyer’s Guide

Our bodies come in different shapes, sizes, and weights so there is a suitable, healthy, and feel-good computer chair for each person. It’s just not going to be the same chair.

Searching for what feels right for you, there are conscious and technical decisions you can take. Choosing a good computer chair happens only every so often, so if you are on a certain budget, look for the best ergonomic chair that supports a good posture within your price range. You might want to prioritize:

The Design Technology: The support provided by your chair for your neck, arms, and lower back.

Quality: Your chair will bear your weight for many hours every day. Making sure of its lasting quality will plant peace of mind and freedom of movement.

Materials: Chairs are what they’re made of, meaning they’re also hard to repair if there’s an upholstery rip or a broken caster wheel, so material quality is what you should look for.

Lumbar support: It’s a delicate area of your body. Intervertebral lumbar discs help distribute your body weight, provide flexibility, and maintain the natural curve of the lower back. To prevent stress from being built on the lower back, you’ll need your chair to have proper lumbar support, especially if you spend many hours in front of your computer.

Our Third Pick: The Best Computer Chair for Long Hours 

Featuring an integrated backrest and headrest, this is a long-hour chair that hugs the back as a whole. As a result, it fits the body perfectly while relieving back stress.

Homall High Back Computer Chair
Overall Performance: 9.72/10
+ Easy assembly
+ Ergonomic design
– Faux leather might feel hot in summer
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

A stylish and comfortable computer chair where you’ll spend long hours is basically your nest, and a nest doesn’t come at a better price given the quality of this chair.

That makes the Homall High Back Computer Chair the best computer chair for long hours for the home office.

Why People Love It

Sturdy and cushioned, this chair seems to be a people pleaser. Those who married and divorced with computer chairs before say this one’s a keeper as long as it lasts. Most users seem to have realistic expectations for the price range and are quite satisfied with what they’ve found in the Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair.

Any Concerns

Back recline isn’t all that much.

Our Special Pick: The Best Gaming Computer Chair

If you missed out on playing musical chairs during the lockdowns, this gaming chair comes with two Bluetooth speakers. Perfect for enjoying your music, mobile game, or a movie on a chair that mimics cinema-like sounds from the comfort of your home.

GTRACING Gaming Chair
Overall Performance: 9.32/10
+ Strong metal frame
+ Removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion
– Not a lightweight chair
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

Gaming costs money, and so do gaming chairs. Multi-functional and heavy-duty, this chair exceeds expectations for what it’s worth. We like it a lot; it performs its job description, providing comfort for long gaming sessions.

Plain and simple, the GTRACING Gaming Chair is the best gaming computer chair for the home office in 2021.

Why People Love It

Everyone seems to be impressed with this gaming chair. Comfort, style, and overall quality make it a favorite. Color options seem to cater perfectly to personalize the chair.

Any Concerns

Bluetooth speakers might lag a second or two at times.

What Others Think – The Best Computer Chair Reddit

You might want to consider the experiences of other consumers who share their thoughts about the best computer chairs for home office use in 2022. We value the product reviews and selections published on several trusted platforms.

Here is the most reliable computer chair recommendation from Reddit.

SPACE Seating Deluxe VeraFlex
Overall Performance: 9.32/10
+ One-touch pneumatic seat height adjustment
+ Built-in lumbar support
– The tilting function doesn’t exceed expectations
Check Amazon for Best Price

What do We Think

This computer chair is a classic allrounder computer chair manufactured with high-tech materials. Definitely worth a look.

Last Words

Computer chairs these days have almost become like our clothing; we wear and tear them every day. We explained in detail how to choose the best-suited computer chair for your personal needs, sitting length, and body type.

Most people try out a few chairs until they find their best computer chair match, so remember that setting priorities and doing your research homework will pay off in comfort.

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