The 12 Best Computer Desks for Home Office

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Updated: 22.04.2022

Since many people are now working from home, a suitable computer desk is ergonomically practical for the best work environment. The best computer desk will serve dual-purpose, add comfortability and security to your computer. Many people that own a high-quality computer desk feel productive and confident in a clutter-free work zone.

The ideal computer desk must be well-structured and roomy. It should provide a neat yet effortless look to your bedroom or workspace.

According to our extensive research, product testing, and analysis, the best product in the computer desk category in terms of the Price/Performance ratio is Homieasy 47 Inch Computer Desk.

Our Top Pick: The Best Computer Desk for Home Office in 2022

Homieasy 47 Inch Computer Desk
Overall Performance: 9.72/10
+ can look stylish in any room
+ large and reversible storage space
– unlabeled and missing pieces
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

The desk is produced in a way that optimizes the area usage from an interior design perspective. It fits perfectly in the corner of any suitable place in your home office, with its minimalist design.

The desktop part is large enough to use two computers, put your files and stationaries. You will feel motivated and be able to work efficiently with ease.

Why People Love It

Customers love its simplicity, flexibility, and effectiveness. The common opinion is that it is an excellent computer desk for its price.

Also, another main compliment is the manufacturer company- Homieasy- has exceptional customer service and communication. 

Any Concerns

General criticism comes to the instructions for assembly procedures. Buyers claim that getting started with the table is extremely complex and time-consuming.

But the good news is that the customer service is notably helpful and once installed; no one has any complaints about the quality of the product.

But you still need to understand that you are going to buy a mid-cost desk. So limit your expectations accordingly.

“Worklivion provides a review service at no charge to users. We are committed to research, test, and recommend the best products. We may receive affiliate commissions from purchases made after visiting links within our content. It does not affect users’ cost of purchase. Why trust our product recommendations?

Our Top Picks List

Image CategoryProductPriceAmazon Link
Best Computer Desk for GamingVitesse 63″ Ergonomic Gaming Desk$$$Check on Amazon
Best Small Computer DeskTOPSKY Computer Desk/23.2”$$Check on Amazon
Best Budget Computer DeskAuAg 55 inch Computer Desk$Check on Amazon
Best Computer Desk with StorageCubicubi Computer Desk 47 inch with Storage Shelves$$Check on Amazon
Best Computer Desk for Multiple MonitorsTribesigns Large Modern Computer Desk$$$Check on Amazon
Best Computer Desk for ProgrammersNost & Host Programmer Desk$$$Check on Amazon
Best Computer Desk for BedroomSAIJI Adjustable Desktop Lap Desk$Check on Amazon
Best Computer Desk with Keyboard TrayLITTLE TREE Rotating Computer Desk$$$Check on Amazon
Best Computer Desk with Cable ManagementTOPSKY 55” Computer Desk$$$Check on Amazon
Best Computer Desk with HutchTribeSigns Way to Origin Computer Desk with Hutch$$$Check on Amazon
Best Computer Desk for Dual MonitorsOUTFINE Computer Desk Monitor Stand$$$Check on Amazon

Do You Really Need a Computer Desk

You might be thinking to yourself, is a computer desk necessary? or even a new desk do you genuinely need to work from home?

“I can work from my bedroom, kitchen table, and living room: there is plenty of place to sit.”

A computer desk might seem like an unnecessary purchase when you have a chance to save money by utilizing your bed, a nearby chair, or even the floor. As you can imagine, one of the common issues is the space in our tiny, tiny apartments, after all. 

But still, having a good quality computer desk will bring a kind of freedom, confidence, and dedication towards your job, along with an organized work-space.

Does the best computer desk have full utilization and compatibility? Will you still have free space to live and work

Now don’t get me wrong, some minimalist people enjoy purchasing simplistic contemporary furniture. However, this computer desk serves one fundamental purpose: to work on a laptop, and that’s it for sure.

Ideally, the main expectations for buying a home office computer desk should be finding the match between your tasks and the desk. Let’s say you have a small t-shirt business that requires a 3D printer. In that instance, you’ll need a computer desk with a large enough surface.

A computer desk is one of the essential pieces for your home office setup. It is critical for your physical health and productivity. Working from a desk tricks your brain that you are in a conventional office setting and forces you to be productive and remain engaged in your tasks. 

Our Second Pick: The Best Computer Desk for Gaming

Working from home gives you more time to have fun. No daily travels, expensive journeys and lunches. So, we have more money now, and as a gaming addict we sure are going to spend that for a new setup.

The type of gaming desk you choose can significantly impact your performance as a gamer—confinement to a cramped desk is no fun. But in our case, we are also interested in desks with a dual purpose.

The Vitesse 63” Ergonomic Gaming Desk
Overall Performance: 9.61/10
+ has a strong steel frame
+ very spacious
– not enough design options
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

You will be really impressed when the desk brings a futuristic look to your office/gaming space. The high-quality steel frame gives stable support for multiple monitors, as we, gamers, love flattering with our big junks. There is a lot of surface space to put your snacks in and leg space for long gaming nights.

Why People Love It

One of the big praises about this desk is its anti-skid design -meaning your phone or gadgets will not randomly slide off the desk-. It’s also anti-scratch which is fantastic because no one wants to pay a lot of money for something that will scratch easily.


Some concerns, as always, are box content-related: missing parts and manufacturing issues when the customer first received the product. If you face a similar problem, simply claim an exchange.  

How To Pick The Best Computer Desk – The Buyer’s Guide

When buying a computer chair, you have to follow our step-by-step formula. Now, let’s line up the key concepts you should consider in order of importance.

Price: Most people live on a budget. Therefore, it’s only practical to start determining the price range that you can afford. 

Quality: After choosing a logical price range, the quality concept comes in. As a logical buyer, you want to buy the best possible computer desk. In that part, you should take a look at our suggestions and make your decisions based on your budget. 

But still, do not forget: a durable computer desk that lasts a long time will make your investment more valuable.

Usage and Storage Space: Functionality is the key. The best computer desk must-have is storage space to hold your computer equipment, desktop, monitor(s), printer, documents, etc.

Comfort: You are going to spend long hours in front of your computer desk, which means it’s essential to find the right one, suited to your body shape for the best comfort- majority call it “the ergonomy”-.. 

Design: The last point to take into account is the style of the computer desk. 


Well, cause aesthetic is nothing but everything. If you have a style-oriented personality and want to make sure that your social media photos look marvelous, you cannot avoid thinking about the design. 

It is also crucial because you want a desk that will transform your workstation into a fun and nourishing space.

Our Third Pick: The Best Small Computer Desk

TOPSKY Computer Desk/23.2”
Overall Performance: 9.48/10
+ multi-functionality
+ removable shelves
– can be a bit wobbly
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

The TOPSKY brand has some great products on the market. But TOPSKY Computer Desk/23.2” has authenticity and versatility that differs from the others. It has a pull-out keyboard tray and built-in shelves, as well as a cable channel.

It is an ideal desk if you need a single laptop or monitor. We tried the rustic brown one, which is the most stylish from our end.

Why People Love It

When you ask former buyers and check the reviews, the first praise that they credit is the material quality. It is not a thin chipboard panel, it is a tough real piece of wood. 

Any Concerns

Some customers conveyed that the keyboard tray is not large enough.

Our Special Pick: The Best Budget Computer Desk

AuAg 55 inch Computer Desk
Overall Performance: 9.36/10
+ modest and practical design
+ has a store bag and an iron hook
– no keyboard tray
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

AuAg 55” Computer Desk is by far the best product to get on a budget if you know what you expect. It’s simple, and it is straightforward. It comes with two attachable side storage bags and hooks to hold headphones or keys.

This is the best budget computer desk because it has all the main functionalities of an expensive desk with a reasonable sales price.

Why People Love It

Fellow customers love the simplicity of the product a lot. They said even the assembly instructions are only a page that exhibits how it is a hidden gem in a self-made appliance world. Ultimately, most of us don’t want to specialize in furniture assembly. 

It is IKEA’s way!

Any Concerns

Some buyers claimed that the desk is small (duh!). If you still want the same design specifically but need a bigger desk, you can simply check the other sizes. They have 47” and 55” options with higher prices.

Last but not Least: Choose the Computer Desk for You

When selecting the best computer desk, consider the price and the surface space

First, ask a simple question!

Can this desk hold multi-monitors?  

Or start with a simpler one?

How many monitors do I have?


  • What are the features of this desk that you like?
  • Does it accommodate all of your electronics?
  • Does it have a pull-out keyboard tray?
  • Does it have a place to put on your PC?

Again, these are valid questions based on your preference.

So whatever amount of money you choose to spend on a computer desk, quality is always of the utmost importance. So make sure the desk is up to your standards and get the most use out of it. 

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