The 16 Best Desk Chairs for Home Office

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Updated: 20.04.2022

Anyone who spends time sitting while performing a productive activity should own a good desk chair at some point. Whether you are crafting leather, working remotely on a computer, or repairing smartphones to make a living, you need a good desk chair. The best desk chair is the one that helps you focus by assisting in maintaining a good posture.

Now is the time to decide if you are a mesh person or a faux leather person. Armrest or no armrest? What is it that you do on your desk every day, and how much do you move around? After answering these questions, you are almost set to take action towards choosing your desk chair because we gathered all the information you will need and divided it into easy-to-scroll, bite-sized sections.

According to our extensive research, product testing, and analysis, the best product in the desk chair category in terms of the Price/Performance ratio is Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair.

Our Top Pick: The Best Desk Chair for Home Office in 2022

Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair
Overall Performance: 9.72/10
+ dynamic support butterfly back
+ helps distribute weight
– non-adjustable armrest
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It 

Duramont chairs are very trendy for more than one reason. The company is known to design ergonomic furniture to improve the human experience wherever people work and live. 

We actually love this chair with a passion! Particularly because it is designed to move with you just like your running shoes. The chair shifts its balance towards the direction you move, whether it’s up, down, or sideways and we find this revolutionary. 

Personalized ergonomics is the way to go, and therefore, we confidently crown Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair as the best desk chair for the home office in 2022.

Why People Love It

Users who experienced the product defined it as an “investment,” with everything fitting perfectly and feeling very solid. People feel the upgrade in the quality of their working time after switching to the Duramont Desk Chair, especially those who spend extended hours sitting on a desk chair every day.

Featuring a variety of adjustments until you don’t even feel there’s a chair involved in your working space, Duramont Ergo seems to be the favorite and superior style by far amongst long-term users who owned other classes of this brand before. 

Sufferers of pain due to degenerating disks in the lower back area say they are in love. You can customize this chair to your personal situation and experience a first-class flight without the in-flight meals.

Any Concerns

A couple of users mention that they’ve found the mesh of this chair too tight and therefore uncomfortable. It is unknown if these experiences are caused due to a lack of personal adjustments made to the chair.

“Worklivion provides a review service at no charge to users. We are committed to research, test, and recommend the best products. We may receive affiliate commissions from purchases made after visiting links within our content. It does not affect users’ cost of purchase. Why trust our product recommendations?

Our Top Picks at a Glance List

Image CategoryProductPriceAmazon Link
Best Ergonomic Desk Chair for PostureFlash Furniture High Back Desk Chair$$Check on Amazon
Best Standing Desk ChairSafco Products Vue Mesh Extended-Height Chai$$Check on Amazon
Best Small Desk ChairVelvet Office Swivel Chair$$Check on Amazon
Best Desk Chair for Back Pain and SciaticaWorkPro(R) Quantum 9000 Series$$$Check on Amazon
Best Affordable Desk ChairAmazonBasics Low-Back Desk Chair$Check on Amazon
Best Armless Desk ChairBoss Office Products Tiffany Modern Office Chair$Check on Amazon
Best Desk Chair No WheelSPACE Seating Professional AirGrid$$Check on Amazon
Best Desk Chair for Long HoursSteelcase Gesture Chair, Graphite$$$+Check on Amazon
Best Desk Chair for Short PersonHerman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair – Size A$$$+Check on Amazon
Best Desk Chair for Neck PainENGBER Ergonomic Office Chair$$Check on Amazon
Best Desk Chair for Tall PersonMimoglad Office Chair$$Check on Amazon
Best Desk Chair with HeadrestStaples 24328579 Hyken Technical Mesh Task Chair$$Check on Amazon
Best Desk Chair with FootrestSAMOFU Ergonomic Office Chair with FootRest$$$Check on Amazon
Best Desk Chair with WheelsOline ErgoPro Ergonomic Office Chair – Rolling Desk Chair$$$Check on Amazon
Best Desk Chair with ArmsMimoglad Ergonomic Office Chair with Flip-up Armrests$$Check on Amazon

Do You Really Need a Home Office Desk Chair

Those who ever worked in an actual office environment are familiar with at least the standard office facilities. Coffee kitchen, printers, desks, and chairs were provided for us, and they were just, you know, office furniture. Nowadays, however, office time is cut down close to none, and a considerable amount of people get their work done from home or have gone freelance at their home offices.

These are notable life changes because now, we are in charge of something we used to take for granted: The desk chair… The desk chair is perhaps the most essential element of the home-based workstation. The search for the perfect desk chair has begun, now that most of us work at least partially from home.

Some companies provide a budget for work-related home office equipment; others don’t. In any case (paid by your employer or not), it is you who is in charge of choosing your own desk chair. 

We are here to provide you with the most accurate information filtering through tens of thousands of products. We try them out and give you our honest opinion. We want you to be happy, healthy, and comfortable. You will be amazed how mood-changing it is to sit on the right desk chair for you.

Our Second Pick: The Best Ergonomic Desk Chair for Posture

Flash Furniture High Back Desk Chair
Overall Performance: 9.54/10
+ marriage of comfort and upgrade any working space
+ easy assembly
– may not be super comfy for bigger folks
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It 

This chair is a classic. A great executive soft leather chair that has all the basic functions and more. Designed for exceptional comfort, the waterfall front seat edge removes pressure on your lower legs to help improve blood circulation during long hours at your desk. 

Padded armrests and the full swivel function just add to its perfection. If you need ergonomic comfort and padded coziness during long working days, this classic chair will not disappoint—spinal peace of mind all day long, day after day. 

Bonus: Elegant and confident boss chair look (without being too much) perfect for your video call pitches. 

Here’s a different perspective other than the technical and ergonomic perfections of this chair… There’s something classy about classic chairs. Where you sit for work is important for two main reasons:

1. Health and comfort,

2. A presentable, put-together look if you have video calls embedded into your daily working life.

One might think there’s no office etiquette in a home office, which might be true, but… Remember that we only receive the respect we have for ourselves. Most of us never get to meet our work connections and clients in person, and they don’t really know who we are.

By sitting on a good quality, solid, leather desk chair, you show respect to yourself and give out the message that you have standards. 

Why People Love It

Users repeatedly use the word “gorgeous,” and we agree. Comfort, adjustability, and ergonomic features seem to dominate over others. It seems that people who bought this chair were already happy as their natural state or the chair made them really happy.

For some reason, people just keep loving this chair without listing too many technical or pragmatic reasons. Maybe the manufacturer has put a spell on it to make people feel happy…

Any Concerns

We came across comments stating the back does not tilt. Not sure if it’s a couple of faulty products, lack of reading the instructions manual, or spell-proof users.

How To Pick The Best Desk Chair – The Buyer’s Guide

You need to understand that your desk chair is an item that will have the most physical contact with you. Unlike a kitchen tool that you’ll use momentarily and put back in the drawer, your desk chair is your companion.

Especially if you’re spending anything more than an hour a day in a seated working position.

Our bodies are prone to degenerate if held in unsuitable positions for some time. The longer the time, the harder it will be to fix these neck, shoulder, and lower back issues.

We can no longer blame the desk chair provided by the office either since most of us are working from home. This means that we are personally responsible for choosing and acquiring our own desk chair and getting organized at our workstation.

While having a good understanding of the leading technical features you should be looking for in a chair is essential, you will have to consider other, more personal aspects as well.

Let’s briefly go through each specification you should be looking for in a desk chair when making a buying decision. The more boxes ticked, the closer you are to your personalized desk chair:

Ergonomy and Support: We live in a high-tech modern world, so you should make every effort to find a desired product designed and optimized ergonomically. Just like a good partner, a good desk chair will provide support even during long hours of sitting. 

Quality: Depending on your budget and expectations, try to go as high as possible in the quality department. You don’t want to search for a new desk chair every three months or constantly fix parts that aren’t efficient.

Adjustability: When you receive your chair, you will need to read the instructions manual well to find ways to personalize your chair to cater to your needs.

You might be working at a minimized movement variety with only typing motion one day and packaging goods with your arms all over the place the next two days.

Can you get the armrests out of your way if you need to?

Is the chair customizable for different positions and motions?

You need to think about all that and more before you buy.

Your body type: Every single person was created in their own perfection and uniqueness. This includes our body types, shapes, and weights. If you are taller than an average person or heavier than a standard chair can carry, definitely take this into account.

Think about it as if you’re buying your best pair of jeans which you will wear every day. You want to feel good and comfortable in them. It is the same when finding the best suitable desk chair for yourself.

Our Third Pick: The Best Standing Desk Chair

Safco Products Vue Mesh Extended-Height Chair
Overall Performance: 9.47/10
+ breathable mesh back to keep you cool
+ solid five star base
– probably too small for bigger folks
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It 

Working at a standing desk doesn’t mean you should be standing all the time. Get a good tall chair to support you. Alternate between different positions so that your working time is healthier and more fun.

Safco Products Vue Mesh Extended-Height Chair has many functions to support you in your standing desk journey.

To start with, a chair that can be used at a standard desk as well as at a standing desk height is superior in its functionality. It also covers all the basics of a working chair, such as a waterfall edge to help improve circulation, a seat back with tilting function, footrest, and more. The quality five-star base adds to its stable and robust nature, given that a wobbly tall chair can indeed be dangerous. 

Hint: we use it at the kitchen counter and around the small home-bar gatherings also.

Why People Love It

Suitable for standard height and taller people, this solid and sturdy chair seems to cover all the basics and more. Offering plenty of padding and adjustable features, users are happy to customize the chair to their individual situations and needs.

Shorter users also favor the fact that the footrest can be adjusted freely. 

The seat back tilt locking function provides a feeling of safety. You can lean back in the chair when in a locked position and not feel like it will flip over.

Easy assembly and the swivel function are additional reasons why people are satisfied with the Safco Vue Mesh Extended-Height Chair.

Any Concerns

A small number of users talk about a bit of disappointment in the comfort department. Given that it is recommended to change between standing and sitting positions when using a standing desk, it is about setting your expectations between ultimate comfort and good enough support.

Our Fourth Pick: The Best Small Desk Chair

Velvet Office Swivel Chair
Overall Performance: 9.22/10
+ elegant, modern, and solid
+ gorgeous colors to choose from
– non-adjustable seat back
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It 

This might be reverse logic, but if you have a small-sized desk, it doesn’t mean that you have to squeeze yourself into a mini desk chair. Your chair can be the size of your desk and fill in the gaps in your comfort zone. That’s why The Velvet Office Swivel Chair isn’t necessarily a very small or narrow chair, yet it fits perfectly behind any table.

There’s an often unspoken element of coziness and beauty in objects we use daily. This chair is definitely a heartwarming one. You might catch yourself sitting on your old chair staring at the beauty of the soft velvet texture, thinking how instagramable this chair is.

At the end of the day, why not sit at a vanity chair if you can. Having used the dark-colored stereotype chairs in our office days for years, we prefer to let in the spring breeze to our home workstation with this beauty. Just as comfortable as its dark and plastic office brothers, this chair changes the entire mood in the room.

Why People Love It

People find that it’s a very comfortable and inviting statement chair. High-end quality combined with the looks, users are reportedly very cheerful about this chair’s affordable and functional beauty.

Any Concerns

Due to the nature of velvet textiles, daily use without a cushion may cause baldness on the chair seat in time.

Our Fifth Pick: The Best Desk Chair for Back Pain and Sciatica

WorkPro(R) Quantum 9000 Series
Overall Performance: 9.28/10
+ solid and fully ergonomic
+ non-fatiguing comfort
– users manual must be followed strictly for personalized adjustments
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It 

Made with top commercial-grade quality, this chair clearly helps to put yourself together.

  • Designed to impress.
  • Built to last.
  • Easy to assemble.

Simply because this chair provides significant comfort and support for back injuries, it is also less than half the price of its equivalents, so we’re left without any reason not to love it. Of course, cool and high-tech design is a nice bonus too.

Why People Love It

Those who appreciate value are very satisfied with their purchase.  It is entirely customizable by adjusting the total height, armrest height, and the distance of the seat from its mainframe. 

The mesh seat is satisfyingly more comfortable than the standard desk chairs. Overall, it’s a great purchase in terms of the price/performance value.

Any Concerns

Some users mention a strong chemical smell.

Quick Sum-up

Elegant, executive, or high-tech, it is up to us as individuals how we want our desk chair to look, whereas ergonomic support and comfort are features worth in-depth research to find the perfect desk chair. Do not give up until you find yours. It will be worth the effort to upgrade your quality of life.

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