The 19 Best Epson Printers for Home Office

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Updated: 20.09.2021

Multifunctional printers are everywhere to the point that there might be an oversaturation in the market. But only Epson makes multi-award-winning multifunctional compact printers designed for the home office. 

Quality derives from established brands and devices you never want to part from.  

According to our extensive research, product testing, and analysis, the best Epson Printer in terms of the price/performance ratio is the Epson EcoTank ET-2750.

Our Top Pick: The Best Epson Printer for Home Office in 2021

Epson EcoTank ET-2750
Overall Performance: 9.84/10
+ cartridge-free
+ auto 2-sided printing
– no fax
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It 

Epson EcoTank series offers revolutionary cartridge-free printing with easy-to-fill, supersized ink tanks. But the Ecotank ET-2750 has vamped it all up with wireless and auto double-sided printing features. 

The printer is the definition of value for your bucks, making it a fantastic tool for the best quality prints at best possible price. 

It includes up to two years of ink in the box based on an average monthly print volume of about 150 pages. That’s an incredible amount of ink, enough to print up to 5,200 pages and equivalent to almost 30 ink cartridge sets.

So, you end up saving eighty per cent on ink with the low-cost replacement bottles. Too hard not to love and adore!

Epson’s EcoTank ink system has one of the best yields for inkjet printers and competes with laser printers. As a result, we are pleased to choose the Epson EcoTank ET-2750 as the best Epson printer for the home office in 2021.

Why People Love It 

Described as the dream printer of obsessive paper spenders, users love the affordable refill ink tanks to keep printing without the fear of ever running out of an expensive cartridge. 

Gone are the days when printer companies made their big profits from selling cartridges. 

No-guilt printing while saving money is quite a reason to get hooked on this device. 

It is also fantastic for sublimation crafting (but be cautious because you won’t be able to go back to standard printing after introducing sublimation ink to your printer). 

This model has a crazy good scanner too. The scanning software that comes with the printer makes scanning multi-page documents a breeze, easily scanning multiple pages into a single pdf. 

Above and beyond!

Any Concerns

Some expect it to be completely quiet, but it’s a machine that prints. We find the printing sound very reasonable.

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Our Top Picks at a Glance List

Image CategoryProductPriceAmazon Link
Best Epson Printer for SublimationEpson EcoTank ET-4760$$$Check on Amazon
Best Epson Ecotank PrinterEpson EcoTank Pro ET-5880$$$+Check on Amazon
Best All in One Epson PrinterEpson EcoTank ET-2720$$Check on Amazon
Best Epson Photo PrinterEpson Expression Photo HD XP-15000$$Check on Amazon
Best Epson Ink Tank PrinterEpson EcoTank ET-4700$$Check on Amazon
N/ABest Epson Laser PrinterEpson has ceased making laser printers altogetherN/AN/A
Best Epson Printer for Heat TransfersEpson WorkForce WF-7710$$$+Check on Amazon
Best Epson Workforce PrinterEpson WorkForce WF-7720$$$++Check on Amazon
Best Epson A3 PrinterWorkForce WF-7210 Wide-Format Printer$$Check on Amazon
Best Epson Airprint PrinterEpson Workforce Pro WF-4830$$Check on Amazon
Best Epson Budget PrinterEpson Workforce WF-2860$Check on Amazon
Best Epson Expression PrinterEpson Expression Premium XP-7100$Check on Amazon
Best Epson Printer for CricutEpson Workforce Pro WF-3820$Check on Amazon
Best Epson Printer for StickersEpson Expression Photo XP-970$$Check on Amazon
Best Epson Giclee PrinterEpson EcoTank Pro ET-5850$$$+Check on Amazon
Best Epson Printer for Graphic DesignersEpson SureColor P700$$$+Check on Amazon
Best Epson Printer for Greeting CardsEpson Expression Premium XP-6000$Check on Amazon
Best Epson Label PrinterEpson TM-T20II$Check on Amazon
N/ABest Epson Printer L SeriesA very old series and doesn’t seem to exist in the USN/AN/A
Best Epson Monochrome PrinterEpson EcoTank ET-M1170 Monochrome$$Check on Amazon

Do You Really Need a New Printer

With more of us working from home and the illusion of the office fading away, we have to set up our own workstations. 

It’s like ditching public transport altogether for private cars, but what is there to do other than applying a hands-on approach to get things done? 

The basic needs of a home office are, in fact, quite simple, starting with a PC and a printer. 

We find that growing apart from the office may result in better environmentally friendly practices since no one will overprint things they don’t need at home at their own expense. 

Even if your profession doesn’t require you to print a lot, we all have annual reporting, accounting, and tax papers to prepare, along with documents we need to print out, sign and scan. 

Getting the yes, you do need a printer answer out of the way with proper reasoning; we are here to help you familiarize yourself with the best Epson printers available on the market. 

Check out also our complete Printer Buyer’s Guide here

It may be the case that you still own a working printer and get back to this page later in the year when you need to purchase a brand new one. 

With that in mind, remember that materials and supplies you buy to use in your home-based business as a sole proprietor may be tax-deductible, which can get you a better printer with the same budget.

Our Second Pick: The Best Epson Printer for Sublimation

Epson EcoTank ET-4760
Overall Performance: 9.81/10
+ fast
+ dramatic ink savings
– no SD card slot
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

A multi-function printer that works perfectly, displays a touch screen and is finally big enough to push the buttons. 

Watch the ink levels hardly going down to witness the wonders of this money-saving beauty. 

In case the printer/PC contact is lost, Epson’s software utility shows up and fixes it. Who doesn’t love minimal fuss?

Why People Love It

Unboxing and setup are so super quick and easy that the longest part of getting the printing ready is filling the EcoTank with the supplied ink. The “supplied” ink, that is! 

Any Concerns

This printer doesn’t have a fax function. We don’t know who is still faxing stuff these days anyways.

Best Sublimation Papers for Epson Printer

Sublimation paper is a specialty printing paper that absorbs and holds ink. 

When placed on a blank surface like textile or a mug and then heated, the sublimation paper releases the ink onto the material. It is therefore vital to use good quality sublime paper to achieve good results on the end product.

A good quality sublimation paper will ensure consistent results and transfer at least 90% of the ink. 

If the paper does not transfer well, more ink will remain on the paper instead of penetrating the textile. 

Sharpness and definition depend on how well the paper transfers to the printed image. A good quality paper will result in a good quality image and vice versa.

A-SUB Sublimation Paper is famed for its great quality. Koala Sublimation Paper works in great harmony with Epson printers, along with the S-RACE Sublimation Paper.

Our Third Pick: The Best Epson Ecotank Printer

Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5880
Overall Performance: 9.78/10
+ low running cost
+ supports heavy workloads
– wide format N/A
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

This printer is the #1 best selling SuperTank printer. It’s also all-in-one so that you can work like a pro! 

It features a very easy and clear touch screen interface which just makes more sense. 

Produces great prints on photo paper.

Why People Love It

Easy to set up and cheap to use. Users are pleased to have moved on from expensive ink cartridges to an ink tank. 

Makes an outstanding choice for the home office or a small business. 

All in all, it’s a crowd-pleaser, and users are delighted to have spent some extra for a quality product with expected savings of time and money from reduced trips to the office supply store.

Any Concerns

It may be the most expensive printer ever purchased for many, however cheaper printers that drink up cartridges are, in fact, way more costly, so it’s all relative.

How To Pick The Best Epson Printer: The Buyer’s Guide

There is a reason behind why we use certain tools and brands. For example, Epson printers have always been the popular choice among the art community, photographers, graphic designers and crafters. And it has been adding to its fan club since the invention of the InkTank. 

So now, we will try to explain what you should be looking for when hunting for the right Epson printer for you. 

Remember that the vast majority of people who complain about their purchase haven’t identified their needs to match the printer’s features. That is exactly what we advise you to do so that you don’t end up buying a printer that doesn’t support the auto double-sided feed when that’s something you absolutely need. 

Reading through the following info will save you time by choosing the right Epson printer. Then you don’t have to return products and break your nerves. 

Let’s jump right into it:

Printing Speed: Color printers that can print high-quality photographs won’t be printing 20 pictures per minute. 

If speed and serial prints are your priority, you should opt for the WorkForce or the EcoTank series. 

You can easily see each printer’s per minute printing capacity when you search through products.

Modern Connectivity: It is a feature that enables ethernet and wireless, plus hands-free, voice-activated printing in some printers. You can easily print from your smartphone or tablet without being near your printer. 

It may be that you are an interior designer and want to be able to print decor ideas on the go to later go through them. 

Perhaps your home office is set in the attic, and you want to print an invoice you just received on your smartphone without climbing up the stairs. 

That’s what modern connectivity does.

Cartridge-Free Printing: Epson’s EcoTank models feature high-capacity ink tanks that use ink bottles. They are great gadgets for dramatically saving up to 90% with replacement ink bottles vs ink cartridges. 

So if you are printing a mix of black and white as well as color but not particularly photos or other high-resolution visuals, this technology is worth considering. 

Applicable for both frequent and infrequent users to forget about cartridges forever.

Extra Features: Most printers also come with additional functions such as scanning, copying and even faxing. If these are features you are likely to use other than the printing function, pay attention to what each printer offers. 

Beware that not all all-in-one printers offer the same features to choose wisely.

Paper and Ink: Most printers will only take standard printing paper. If you need your printer to print cardstock, photos or sublimation prints, make sure the printer you choose operates with these different paper genres. 

Same with ink, remember that standard ink differs from sublimation ink, and once a printer is converted to sublimation ink, it’s irreversible.

Make sure you assess each of these points and define precisely what you need from a printer before making your buying decision. Try to learn as much as possible about the printers you’re eyeing.  

If you do your research homework, you can’t go wrong.

Our Fourth Pick: The Best All-in-One Epson Printer

Epson EcoTank ET-2720
Overall Performance: 9.67/10
+ impressive print quality
+ cartridge-free
– no fax
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

This printer is of outstanding value for all that it does and saves. Voice-activated printing, ink tanks, and the 1c cost per color ISO page make it an absolute winner.

Why People Love It

Print quality is excellent, to say the least, and it’s far superior to any printer that uses cartridges. User friendly and reportedly quite alright for sublimation printing as well.

Any Concerns

The paper is top loading which is a bit outdated. But doesn’t hurt.

Our Special Pick: The Best Epson Photo Printer

Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000
Overall Performance: 9.58/10
+ ultra HD photo quality
+ wide format
– no touchscreen
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

This is probably the most compact wide format printer on the market—a great buy, especially for artists. 

Produces extremely satisfying beautiful prints on good quality paper.

Why People Love It

Designers who get paid to impress people with images are thrilled. Of course, the ink isn’t cheap, but the quality of each print is so good that you can actually use it to sell your own art prints!

Any Concerns

Some users complain that the printer causes banding. 

It is essential to scale the prints correctly for printing, keeping proportions and DPI adequately scaled. 

After doing that, the printer produces beautifully clear and sharp prints without any banding at all. 

Let’s Summarize

Epson is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of computer printers and imaging related equipment. They unquestionably excel in what they do. 

Furnishing our home offices and small businesses with quality printers over many decades, they now offer attractive high-tech models that also happen to save you money! 

They are pretty reliable at designing compact devices that take up very little space but do a lot. 

It is also relieving to know that the company has a fantastic reputation. Trusted by millions of users over and over.

Thanks to you, we got to get our hands on each of the printers on this product guideline to provide you with an objective review. 

So now, please use your own judgement to choose the ideal product for your lovely office. 

Following our research and trials to name the best Epson printer overall, we go for the Epson EcoTank ET-2750 is the best Epson printer in 2021.

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