The 12 Best Heat Press Machines for Home Office

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Updated: 18.05.2022

Good on you if you are thinking of producing hand-pressed merchandise for school clubs, local sports teams, family reunions, or church groups. 

Even better if you’re contemplating taking your game to the next level to run a small business from home to earn some extra income. Whichever you choose, we have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you out.

Similar to traditional printers, Heat Press Machines are used to imprint a design or graphic on a fabric or other solid surfaces.

According to our extensive research, product testing, and analysis, the best product in the Heat Press Machines category in terms of the price/performance ratio is the FancierStudio Digital Heat Press.

Our Top Pick: Best Heat Press Machine for Home Office

FancierStudio Digital Heat Press
Overall Performance: 9.88/10
+ large size
+ teflon coating
– industrial look
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It 

If you’re a creative startup or a home-based business seeking the finest heat press machine, having the correct equipment is critical to producing your best work. And the FancierStudio Digital Heat Press delivers excellent results every time. 

With a 15×15″ plate offering the largest surface within the home heat press category, this 1800 Watt press has the capacity to roll your orders for shirts, clothes, tote bags, or anything else you fancy personalizing. 

Despite the large plate, this heat press is quite compact with a clamshell design opening upwards, taking up less room.

The FancierStudio Heat Press is one of the most popular heat presses among those looking for a straightforward application for pressing shirts. 

Affordable and convenient, it will pay off your investment on your first small order. 

We are upbeat that the Fancierstudio Digital Heat Press is the most promising Heat Press Machine for Home Office in 2022.

Why People Love It 

Many users have been using this heat press regularly for over two years, at least once a week. They have made thousands of shirts on it without any issues at all. 

“The least expensive, most effective heat press when you get to know it.”

Vinyl business owners also recommend this heat press because you never have to change anything, and it comes in various colors.

It warms up quickly and consistently and maintains the temperature, delivering inconsistent results. 

After unpacking, most first-time users got the heat press up and running in less than 10 minutes. Having this heat press has shortened up business turnaround times while also improving the quality of small business items. 

Fantastic Press! 

Any Concerns

We would recommend buying extra Teflon sheets for a smoother application.

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Our Top Picks at a Glance List

Image CategoryProductPriceAmazon Link
Best Multifunction Heat Press MachineTUSY Heat Press Machine$$$Check on Amazon
Best T-Shirt Heat Press MachineRoyalPress 15″x15″$$Check on Amazon
Best Heat Press Machine for Small BusinessSlendor 5 in 1$$Check on Amazon
Best Swing Away Heat Press MachineF2C Pro Heat Press$$$Check on Amazon
Best Commercial Heat Press MachinePro 5 in 1 TUSY 12×15$$$Check on Amazon
Best Heat Press Machine for CricutCricut Easy Press 2$$Check on Amazon
Best Heat Press Machine for BeginnersEasyPress Mini$Check on Amazon
Best Heat Press Machine for HatsF2C Pro 5 in 1 Combo$$$Check on Amazon
Best Heat Press Machine for VinylPowerPress Industrial-Quality$$$Check on Amazon
Best Heat Press Machine for ComicsSuper Deal Pro 12″x10″$Check on Amazon
Best Heat Press Machine for MugsCricut Store Mug Press$$Check on Amazon

How To Pick The Best Heat Press Machine – The Buyer’s Guide

There are different features and benefits of each heat press. But, the fact is that you have to choose the one you need. 

The three ingredients to achieve seamless applications are; 

  • Time, 
  • Temperature, 
  • and Pressure. 

All three components will vary depending on the press you choose and the material you use.

In this article, we aim to provide you with an overview of the different styles and features that heat presses should contain so that you can make an educated decision on what product to purchase.

The Style: Except for the mini, iron-like presses for small vinyl projects, there basically are two different heat press styles being; 

  • a Swing-Away 
  • and a Clamshell. 

The major difference between those is the way the heating element opens up. 

A clamshell press has a heating element that lifts up to 70 degrees, whereas the heat plate of a swing-away press is consistently spaced down and can swing the heating element well past 180 degrees away from the silicone pad. 

A big advantage of choosing a swing-away style over the clamshell is its ability to accommodate thicker materials such as tiles. 

Clamshells, however, take much less space as you just lift up the heated plate.

Size and Weight: All is fine if you are a hobbyist and only need a mini or a lighter heat press. 

If you, however, are a more serious crafter or run a small business, you’ll have to go for one of the heavier presses. 

Heat presses are generally heavy and may damage the surface they are placed on in time, so consider how often you are likely to move your press and be informed about how much it weighs before making a buying decision.

Function: This feature is pretty straightforward. Heat presses with a flat surface are suitable to press on fabric and flat stuff

If you are predominantly producing hats or mugs, you’ll need a specific heat press or the adjustment parts of a flat press for a more complete small business setup.

Quality: When it comes to printing quality and lifespan, the greatest heat press machines always outperform other image transfer techniques. 

The first thing you should consider when purchasing a heat press machine is the quality. As much as you want to invest your money in long-lasting equipment, you must ensure that the machine has the highest quality and won’t break in a couple of months. 

Your heat press machine must also be able to resist the constant clamping and motions required.

Pressure: If you choose to purchase a clamshell-style machine, make sure the pressure knob is easily adjustable and allows you to manage how much pressure you apply to your shirt. 

If you use too little effort and pressure, the image may not be fully transferred to your fabric.

The Heat Plate: When transferring your design onto a garment, the heat plate is one of the most critical aspects. 

The heating element should be distributing the heat consistently.

Our Second Pick: Best Multifunction Heat Press Machine

TUSY Heat Press
Overall Performance: 9.77/10
+ LCD screen
+ pressure adjustable
– single flat plate
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

Suitable for home, small business as well as industrial use, the TUSY Heatpress features a good size plate and its unique handheld design ensures high accuracy. 

It is suitable to use for t-shirts, clothing, tote bags, mouse pads, puzzles, tiles, banners, blankets, and other flat items.

Why People Love It

Easy to use, product reviews about this press mention users launching their clothing line and producing quality apparel. Others use it to produce comic books and for their t-shirt business.

Any Concerns

Some reviews mention uneven heat distribution which may signal two things; a faulty product or incorrect prep timing to heat up the press.

What is the Difference between Heat Press and Screen Printing

To apply vinyl to textiles, the heat press employs a mix of heat and pressure. 

Screen printing is the method of creating a large stencil of a pattern by cutting screens.

In contrast to heat-pressed ink, which just lays on top of the cloth, the ink becomes part of the fabric during the screen-printing process. That’s why it creates more durable graphics on the surface of the fabric against washing and drying.

Heat transfers have more resolution than screen prints, but they are less cost-effective in large volumes which is unlikely for home-based businesses. 

Most consumers prefer unique designs rather than seeing their shirt on someone else unless it’s a group/event t-shirt.

Our Third Pick: Best T-Shirt Heat Press Machine

RoyalPress 15″x15″
Overall Performance: 9.72/10
+ industrial grade
+ LED panel
– single flat plate
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

The RoyalPress Heatpress is a decent medium size machine that has an advanced digital temperature and time control system panel with memory function. 

It also has an automated countdown and alarm.

Why People Love It

It is a very user-friendly device as it sets to the temperature you need and will maintain steady heat. 

Pressing is very simple and will beep when the time is up.

Any Concerns

Some users returned the product due to the 15×15 plate heating up their craft room when it was 100 degrees outside. It’s a shame the heat press doesn’t come with an AC.

What is the Difference between Heat Press and Sublimation

Sublimation is a procedure in which the ink becomes a part of the fabric rather than being applied as a coating on top. The heat used during pressing releases the gasses in ink during the sublimation process. 

It also allows the material’s fibers to open. When the pressure is released and the temperature drops, the gas changes back into a solid and dyes the fabric. 

As a result, the transfer is unrivaled in terms of longevity and feel; however, sublimation is only possible on white or light-colored garments.

Heat transfer paper, on the other hand, adds a layer on top of the clothing. Once you have your pattern printed on paper, you may transfer it by applying heat to it. 

That’s where the heat press steps in. The paper is then carefully pulled away.

The two techniques use different materials, ink, equipment, and approach to summing it up.

Our Fourth Pick: Best Heat Press Machine for Small Business

Slendor 5 in 1
Overall Performance: 9.62/10
+ Multifunction Combo
+ 360 Degrees Rotation
– Cone Mug Press N/A
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

Despite the many attachments, we find this heat press very user-friendly and also beginner-friendly. 

It features a 12″x15” flat heat press, a mug press, a hat press, and two different sizes of plate presses. 

You could basically start your own label with all the different products this heat press can transfer to.

Why People Love It

Easy and reliable are the magic words. This is basically an all-in-one bundle that includes all of the must-have attachments.  

Any Concerns

This heat press takes about 5 minutes to heat up the flat heat plate, but it’s because it’s heating up a considerable surface.

Final Words

Doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned crafter, enthusiast, a small business owner, or a newcomer to the world of heat transfer printing; you’ll need good heat press equipment to explore the possibilities. 

We tested to present our view on high-quality heat presses for beginners, hobbyists, and home-based business owners in this guideline to help you make more informed decisions.

We have gone through every essential element and all you need to know about heat presses—hoping to have provided you with the knowledge base so that you can choose the best suitable heat press machine for your crafting or new business venture. 

In terms of quality, value, and performance, we particularly like the FancierStudio Digital Heat Press and think it’s the best overall heat press machine.

If you need to, go back and inspect our reports and evaluate your monetary status before making a buying decision based on our guidelines.

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