The 15 Best Small Desks for Home Office

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Updated: 21.04.2022

Small desks are the best option if you work from home and need a space to craft your work, but don’t have enough room for a full-sized desk. The best small desks will be compact yet provide you with the features and storage space you need.

According to our extensive research, product testing and analysis the best product in the small desk category is SHW Electric Mobile Desk. We love it because it’s very well-built and is the perfect size for most people, but still has all the features that a home office worker needs.

Our Top Pick: The Best Small Desk for Home Office in 2022

SHW Electric Mobile Desk
Overall Performance: 9.52/10
+ Multiple height adjustments
+ Perfect storage spaces
– Adjusting the height a bit noisy
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

The Best Small Desk in 2022 must have the best design, the best features, and be very user-friendly, and the SHW Electric Mobile Desk is exactly what we want in a small desk.

These desks are an excellent choice for an affordable desk for our home office. It’s made of sturdy steel, with a laminated wood grain surface to give it the finish of real wood, and it has plenty of space to accommodate two monitors.

In addition, the desk is sturdy enough to be able to place your computer on the top without any concerns of it tipping over.

The adjustable height is great if you like to stand at your desk or prefer a more traditional sitting position. The motor is super smooth, and multiple preset adjustments by the control panel make it easy to reach the perfect height.

The desk can extend from 28″ to 46″, which works well for tall users. The wheels glide effortlessly, but you can lock them in place if needed to prevent movement.

A center drawer is a perfect addition to keep your essential office supplies. It is very strong and holds all of its weight very well. In addition, two hooks are provided to hang even more stuff.

The rounded corners make the desk safe to place in a home with children. It is easy to assemble, takes us less than 30 minutes, and requires no special tools.

If you are looking for a small desk with all the features you can imagine, this product will not disappoint. With its ability to adjust in height, strong materials, and more features you can count on, this small desk is the best choice.

Why People Love It

A few customers said that ” There is no comparison to any other desk I’ve seen in terms of value. It’s easy to assemble, the motor runs well, and it looks wonderful in my home office.”

Any Concerns

The only concern we have with this desk would be the motor is a little noisy, but it is not a deal-breaker.

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Our Best Small Desks for Home Office

We’ve also included several other desks that are popular in small offices. Take a look at all 15 desks below to get an idea of what type of desk will work best for you.

Image CategoryProductPriceAmazon Link
Best Small Desk with DrawersADORNEVE Writing Desk $$Check on Amazon
Best Small Desks for Computer

Furinno Econ Computer Desk$Check on Amazon
Best Mini DeskSeville Classics Mobile Laptop Desk$Check on Amazon
Best Small White DeskGreenForest Vanity Desk $$Check on Amazon
Best Small Desk for GamingMr. IRONSTONE 31.5” Gaming Desk $Check on Amazon
Best Small Desks for ImacEE EUREKA ERGONOMIC Small Desk $Check on Amazon
Best Small Desks for Dual MonitorsTOPSKY Computer Desk $$Check on Amazon
Best Desks for Small SpacesSHW Electric Mobile Desk $$$Check on Amazon
Best Small Desks with Keyboard TraySauder Beginnings Collection Computer Desk$Check on Amazon
Best Small Desks with StorageNovogratz Computer Desk $Check on Amazon
Best Small Laptop DeskFlash Furniture Computer Desk$Check on Amazon
Best Portable Desks for Small SpacesGAJOO Mobile Side Table Mobile Laptop Desk$Check on Amazon
Best Small Desk for BedroomTangkula 2 Tier Computer Desk $$Check on Amazon
Best Small Writing DeskGiantex Writing Desk $$Check on Amazon
Best Small Folding DeskCoavas Folding Desk $Check on Amazon

Do You Really Need a Small Desk

If you need to be able to keep your focus on the items in front of you and get everything done as quickly as possible, having too much desk space can actually work against you. 

Working with a small desk isn’t just about style. It’s also about practicality.

So take advantage of the opportunity to work with a small desk that can still perform effectively and give you the functionality.

A smaller desk gives you more opportunities to optimize the available space, which is why it’s a smart choice for people who don’t have much room in their home or office to spare. You might actually find some advantages in having less desk space.

Maximize Storage

Storage is a significant factor in the most practical desks you can choose. With space at a premium, maximizing storage to avoid clutter and frustration is crucial.

The trick is to keep your desk as uncluttered as possible. By using simple slots, shelves, or drawers on a desk, you’ll not only keep things organized but out of sight.

Ergonomic Desk Solutions

Many desks have been designed with ergonomics in mind, meaning that they’re made with comfort in your mind. Ergonomic desks are designed to help minimize long-term stress to your body, and by keeping things simple, you’ll be able to keep things comfortable during your work.

Choose Your Own Style

Having a small desk also means you can make it however you’d like. You can make a small desk as functional as you need, but keep it looking good with plenty of storage options and other features that will work for your home office or business needs.

Make Performing Tasks Easier

A smaller desk size makes it easier to work with if you have a lot of things going on in your day.

When you have to work with many different tasks, having the desk space right there in front of you makes it easier to keep track of everything you have going on and ensure that you’re getting things done as quickly as possible.

Keep You Organized

According to National Association of Professional Organizers, wespend one year of our lives looking for lost items and waste an average of 40% of their workday

Keeping your desk organized is much easier with a smaller desk. When you have a lot of space, it’s easy for things to get messy and disorganized if you don’t keep on top of it, but with a smaller desk, there’s less room for clutter.

Save Money

Finally, you might consider buying a smaller desk because it can save you money.

Recent inflationary economic situation forces us to keep our budget steady. With a smaller desk, you can avoid buying extra features that aren’t necessary.

The more bells and whistles in your office furniture, the higher the cost is likely to be.

Our Second Pick: The Best Small Desk with Drawers

ADORNEVE Writing Desk
Overall Performance: 9.20/10
+ Versatile with detachable hutch drawers
+ Compact size with lots of storage space
– The design may not be suitable for boys room or office
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

We love this Adorneve Writing Desk because it is in tune with the current minimalist trend and very well suited to a small study room. It is handy for a writing desk with various compartments. 

All panels are made of MDF which is anti-scratch and easy to clean. It has a compact size, but with the additional detachable hutch drawer, it provides extra storage. The drawers slide smoothly and softly.

There are 6 or 7 small drawers, but they are big enough to put the essentials. If you like to study by placing your laptop on the desk, you can detach the hutch drawer to gain more space. 

The height is just right, at 43 inches tall, but still a nice height to lean over and write. The desk leg is also thicker and feels solid.

It is easy to assemble with a detailed instruction manual and a screwdriver provided, and it only takes about 15 minutes to install.

The key feature of this desk is convenience which provides a very stylish desk with functionality at an affordable price.

Why People Love It

Most people praise “this desk for its spaciousness and being able to detach the hutch drawers when more storage area is needed. The desk itself is very sturdy, and the quality of the wood is great. It comes with detailed instructions to assemble, and it took me less than an hour to put everything together”. 

Any Concerns

We think the design is cute and too feminine for a boy’s room. However, it only depends on a person’s preference. 

How To Pick The Best Small Desk – The Buyer’s Guide

First thing first, you should have a basic knowledge about types of office desks and be sure that a small desk is what you need.

We will cover some factors to look at when picking out a small desk, so it is crucial that you narrow down which features you need and want before making an investment.

Type of Small Desk

There are various types of small desks you can choose from. It will differ depending on your personal preference and what kind of purpose it has to serve in your home.

From writing to computer programming, different kinds of small desks are available, and you should consider the one that best fits your needs.

Useful Tips: If you are using your computer a lot, consider getting a computer monitor stand or keyboard tray with this kind of table so you won’t need to reposition yourself every few minutes as it allows your hands and eyes to stay fixed.

Also, if you prefer to play or enjoy computer games, some types of small desks are made explicitly for this purpose. They can help you play comfortably with their ergonomic design, and some have a shelf for storage too.

If you need it for writing materials and other stuff, then you should consider getting a table with drawers. Thus, if you want a space saver, small desks with drawers are the best option.

Useful Tip: Although it’s not really necessary to have a small desk with drawers, they are helpful for storing your laptop and other personal items.

If there are many books that you need to store, I suggest getting a few small shelves at the bottom instead of drawers as it can help you save space.

If you are a graphic designer or programmer that needs a desk for monitors, the best option is to get a small desk with a monitor shelf.

Also, don’t forget about your safety because some small desks have sharp corners and edges. Consider purchasing a small table with rounded corners or covered edges for your safety.

Another plus point is its portability because some have a frame made of aluminum or wood, making them lightweight and easy to carry around.


The most common material used for small desks is wood, it’s solid and durable, but it needs regular maintenance as wood becomes old after a few years of use.

You may find a lot of small desks are made from engineered wood or composite wood like MDF. These types of wood are more resistant to termites and don’t need much maintenance.

Frames made from metal or steel are also quite common as they can help support heavy demands like a computer monitor, paperwork, laptop, printer, and other essential work items.

Opt for hardwood like oak, maple, or cherry wood because it’s durable and it looks good.

Try to get a small desk made of metal or steel as it has high durability, resists rust, and holes don’t form on them that easily. It also has a stable look making your table look sleek and modern.

Also, you can choose a small desk made of acrylic as an alternative because it looks like glass, but it is considerably lighter in weight, and it’s easy to clean.


Dimensions should always be your priority over design and features when choosing a small desk.

You should consider measurements such as desk height, width, and length to get the best one.

Although there isn’t necessarily a standard size, there are some guidelines to keep in mind.

A minimum of 18″Wx24″L is good for casual work while 24″Wx32″L is good for more serious typing and computer work, and try to get one that’s a minimum of 28″ high.

Also, adjustable desks are a great option if you want them to adjust according to your needs because they have the ability to extend or contract their size.


Small desks are usually rectangular, triangles/L-shaped. So depending on your room’s layout and available space, you can choose from these options.

Triangular small desks are great for tight corners, and they create a very personal workstation also good to use in conjunction with another table in the same room.

Rectangular small desks are great because they have more workspace, and they are good if you have dual monitors.

When choosing from these two shapes, make sure you measure the area first to get the most suitable one.

If you are looking for a corner desk to fit into a small room and there is no other wall space available, then using that space as an L-shaped desk would be great.

If you aren’t sure what shape best suits your needs, small rectangular desks would probably be the safest option.


Most small desks have a price range between $25 to $200. You can choose a cheap or expensive one depending on your budget.

While small desks are not literally that expensive, they can be pricey if the material is solid hardwood and its design has intricate details.

Usually, mid-range prices are reasonable because that’s good enough for most people, primarily when a small desk serves as a place for both work and study.

A high-end small desk that costs $200 more has numerous unique features and superb design, and it’s made of solid materials. It will be a good investment if you want a small desk that can last for years.

But if you are tight on budget, then consider getting one under the $100 range because they are affordable, and you can get a good quality one with a superior design.

Choose one that will be best for you based on its quality and features.

Don’t get a cheap and low-quality small desk just to save some money because, in the long run, it would cost more than buying a good one in the first place.

Also, don’t choose one that’s too expensive because you can find others with the same features but at a lower price.

But if you want to splurge a little bit, then the choice is all yours. Even though a high-end small desk might look good, it’s not always necessary because your comfort and functionality are the most important things.

Other Features

There are several additional features that you should consider before making your purchase. If it has drawers, check to see if the drawers have stops so they won’t get stuck while sliding. 

Also, look for small tables that have locks for these drawers.

If it has a monitor shelf, check to see if it will fit your monitor because most of them are big and can’t be placed on all small desks. Also, look for ones that have keyboard trays and allow cable management so that you can hide your wires and keep your desk tidy.

If you are a multitasker, get one that has smaller shelves so it won’t take most of the space and instead put them on its side or put a laptop stand there, which is another popular option for people who are always busy with their laptops.

Also, think about whether you’ll be moving your desk often or whether it will remain stationary throughout its life.

You can also check out adjustable standing desks if you’re willing to spend extra.


When choosing the best small desk for your home, color should be your last consideration. 

The most commonly used colors for small desks are black, white, and brown, but there is a wide range of other colors to choose from as well, like blue, red, or silver, and it has advantages because you can coordinate the colors with your home décor.

Remember that color will affect how well you can see what’s on top of the desk, so choose something neutral like black or white but don’t pick hard colors because it may cause you headaches and other problems.

Our Third Pick: The Best Small Desk for Computer

Furinno Econ Office Computer Desk
Overall Performance: 8.70/10
+ Sturdy construction
+ Adjustable height
– Cable management could be better
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It:

Furinno Econ is a fabulous desk that’s both an awesomely functional and aesthetically appealing product. It has a sleek design, it’s very sturdy, and the height-adjustable mechanism works like a charm.

The construction feels solid. It’s made of steel that can comfortably accommodate a dual 32″ monitors setup, and it has a fair bit of space to keep all your stuff organized. The cable management is also a nice touch.

The top is made from wood grain MDF, which looks absolutely good. The width of the desk is enough to hold a full-tower PC.

These desks can be adjusted up to 48″ and comes with a very quiet motor and easy-to-use controls. In addition, it has a lot of locking positions, which allows you to find the one that fits your needs best.

It weighs about 80 pounds, so it’s not easy to move around, but if that’s not an issue for you, then it’s an exceptionally small desk in terms of ergonomics and aesthetics.

Why People Love It:

People who bought Furinno Econ Computer Desk said, “A game-changer. It’s large, solid, and the electronic mechanism works well. It’s fitted with two monitors, a docking station, a laptop, mouse, keyboard, and notebooks with plenty of room left.

This desk can dramatically upgrade your life if you have a computer-intensive lifestyle.”

Any Concerns

Cable management is great, but it’d be better if the holes were a little more spaced out. This way, they wouldn’t be so hidden by your cables.

Our Special Pick: The Best Mini Desk

Seville Classics Mobile Laptop Desk
Overall Performance: 9.20/10
+ Adjustable height
+ The steel frame makes it firm
– Tilt feature is useful, but not strong enough
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It:

Seville Classics Desk is the best value mini desk. It is a fine choice for those who need to stay mobile.

We were able to adjust up to 32″ the desk height easily with a twist lock knob, and when we needed to move the desk around, we found that the wheels worked smoothly on both carpet and hardwood floors.

The tilt feature could be valuable in many ways. You can adjust this desk to any height with an easy twist-lock. The surface of the desk is large enough for most tasks and a laptop.

The frame has been made using steel, and the top is made using MDF. The steel frame is quite sturdy. We found no issue with paint chipping or the quality of materials used on the desk.

Overall, this is a reliable desk that can be adjusted to accommodate your height and needs. It has a simple design, and it’s easy to assemble without the need for tools.

Why People Love It:

A customer review of this desk says, “I give this small rolling desk 5 out of 5 stars because of its ability to roll under the couch while using it. It’s easy to assemble, and you can use it with a MacBook and notebook. It also has enough space for a mousepad and a book.”

Any Concern:

If you are worried about the flimsy tilt feature, don’t be. It cannot hold too much weight, but it should handle most standard laptops.

Bottom Line

SHW Electric Mobile Desk might be our top pick, but any of the desks on this list will give you a great home office space. Our top picks are all compact and offer plenty of beneficial features.

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