The 17 Best Standing Desks for Home Office

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Updated: 22.04.2022

The standing-desk hype is real. It’s not that standing at length is extra healthy, but the unhealthy consequences of arching over a laptop screen are bad for you, and it is more likely to happen when sitting at a desk.

The good news is; you can alternate between sitting and standing at an adjustable standing desk while working in your workstation

A sturdy standing desk or a standing desk converter is capable of adding more movement to your working life. Switching between sitting and standing will help circulation and prevent spinal compression to your lower back.

According to our extensive research, product testing, and analysis, the best product in the standing desk category in terms of the price/performance ratio is Flexispot Quick Install Standing Desk.

Our Top Pick: The Best Standing Desk for Home Office in 2022

Flexispot Quick Install Standing Desk
Overall Performance: 9.79/10
+ quick-install in 5 minutes
+ sleek and elegant
– mechanic parts have life-spans
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It 

The number one reason why we were sold on this particular desk immediately is the simplicity of the control panel that offers concise operation with two buttons. 

Our second reason lies in the ties. We don’t like cables. We don’t even know why they still exist in a high-tech world.

The Flexispot Quick Install Standing Desk comes with four adhesive cable ties that let you keep your cables out of sight and not ruin the aesthetics of this beauty.

Finally, an overall reason is the quality and durability of this solid desk. Of course, if you like something, you want it to last forever, and nothing is forever except for diamonds.

But this desk is a keeper.

Why People Love It

A standing desk isn’t the gym, but it does give you that extra freedom to walk around and away from your computer during a call, for example. The Flexispot Quick Install Standing Desk is a quick and easy assembly product that made everyone proud of themselves, feeling like a genius. 

It’s a simple but solid companion. The desk comes in different sizes and has admirers ranging from small apartment dwellers to multiple monitor traders. It also caters to individuals of all heights, from petite to extra tall. 

Any Concerns 

The only concerns raised are upon arrival. This has little to do with the quality of a working product and may be connected to shipment issues.

“Worklivion provides a review service at no charge to users. We are committed to research, test, and recommend the best products. We may receive affiliate commissions from purchases made after visiting links within our content. It does not affect users’ cost of purchase. Why trust our product recommendations?

Our Top Picks at a Glance List

Image CategoryProductPriceAmazon Link
Best Adjustable Standing DeskVIVO Adjustable Stand Up Desk$$$Check on Amazon
Best Electric Standing DeskVari Electric Standing Desk$$$+Check on Amazon
Best Budget Standing DeskFenge Standing Desk Converter$Check on Amazon
Best Mobile Standing DeskFURNINXS Mobile Standing Desk$$Check on Amazon
Best Standing Desk for Tall PersonFlexispot EC1 Electric White Standing Desk$$$Check on Amazon
Best Standing Desk for Short PersonFlexispot Electric Standing Desk$$$Check on Amazon
Best Standing Desk for 2 MonitorsStand Steady Standing Desk$$Check on Amazon
Best Standing Desk for 3 Monitors
Eureka Ergonomic Standing Desk$$$Check on Amazon
Best Standing Desk for GamingFEZIBO Height Adjustable Standing Desk$$$Check on Amazon
Best Standing Desk for Small SpacesELLASSAY Mobile Standing Desk$Check on Amazon
Best Standing Desk for Music ProductionOn-Stage WS7500 Series Wood Studio Workstation$$Check on Amazon
Best Standing Desk for LaptopWorkEZ BEST Adjustable Lap Desk$Check on Amazon
Best Standing Desk with StorageAmeriwood Home Coleton Standing Desk$Check on Amazon
Best Standing Desk with DrawersSHW Electric Adjustable Standing Desk$$Check on Amazon

Do You Really Need a Standing Desk

In short, you do…

  • Why not own a height-adjustable desk which can be used as a standard desk and a standing desk in one?
  • It’s like using headphones with an integrated microphone. Why wouldn’t you?

Standing desks are fun in many ways, and possibilities aren’t endless, but they unarguably win over standard desks. You can practice simple standing yoga poses, stretch more often, even get your feet off the ground by using a skateboard or roller-blades.

More movement means a happier you with sharper brains.

Our Second Pick: The Best Electric Standing Desk

Vari Electric Standing Desk
Overall Performance: 9.78/10
+ the largest range in height adjustability
+ commercial grade built to last
– not suitable for a wider workstation set-up
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It 

This is an electric standing desk which means height adjustment happens through a control panel. You might want to sit and stand every hour, so it better be a quality panel that is not going to let you down after a few months of use.

Vari Electric Standing Desk is exactly that and more. You can, in fact, save your favorite four different height settings in its memory, and the motor whispers quiet.

We think this combination deserves a standing ovation and therefore announce the Vari Electric Standing Desk, the best standing desk for the home office in 2022.

Why People Love It

Vari seems to have an unusual number of satisfied users. You know how the homo-erectus likes to find the slightest “but” about anything and everything unless there’s an exceptional product that just has a charm about it. 

Shipping, assembly, sturdiness, looks, customer service, every subject touched is simply tops. Some users take it to the clouds saying they wish they could rate it a million stars, but hey… everything is in moderation.

Any Concerns 

This standing desk is heavy. It’s heavy for a reason, though, and most users seem to understand why. Unless you’re constantly on the move, remember that you only set it up once and for good.

How To Pick The Best Standing Desk – The Buyer’s Guide

You can determine the type of standing desk that will work for you by defining two major needs: desk space and mechanism. Everything else is hidden in details and extra functionalities, which in fact, should not be underestimated.

Desk Space: Some just need a single tablet or laptop desk, preferably as compact as possible. Others require an L-shaped standing desk to accommodate multiple screens and laptops at once.

Most standing desks come in various sizes, so make sure you’re choosing a standing desk that responds to your territorial needs.

Mechanism: There are three options to move your standing desk up and down; hand-cranked, pneumatic, and electric. It’s a very personal choice. 

Smooth Adjustment Process: You want your desk to move up and down when you want without any problems as smoothly as possible. For electric mechanisms, just be sure the motor works quietly unless you like it otherwise.

Extras: You can choose between a mobile desk on wheels or a fixed one. Look for features you can benefit from, such as a footrest, cable organizer, or the ability to memorize your favorite height settings.

Our Third Pick: The Best Adjustable Standing Desk

VIVO Electric Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk
Overall Performance: 9.45/10
+ offers plenty of room
+ goes from sitting to standing in one smooth motion
– assembly instructions must be followed closely
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It 

The large desk surface and the smoothest ever run up and down are very impressive. You can set your favorite heights on the memory once and just push the button thereafter.

The scratch-resistant surface makes it even more likable, to be honest. This desk isn’t only large but holds a good load.

Sturdy and robust, great value for money. Period!

Why People Love It

Exceptional desk for frequent sit/stand swingers. The motion is jaw-droppingly smooth. The spacious desk surface seems to be a desirable feature for many.

On top of the height memory, there’s also a timer to help you be actively mindful of your sitting and standing time.

Heavy-duty hidden behind sleek views, this perfect adjustable work desk also won hearts in the affordability department. 

Any Concerns 

The assembly could be less challenging, but it’s unquestionably doable and worth the effort.

What Others Think

There are some valuable platforms and websites with a trusted community of users and contributors. We had a close look at what serious and serial users think about the best standing desks for home office use in 2022. 

We value product reviews from all trusted sources and make it our duty to inform you about them. So here are the most reliable standing desk recommendations from Wirecutter and Reddit.

Wirecutter – The Best Standing Desk

UPLIFT Desk V2 Bamboo Standing Desk
Overall Performance: 9.22/10
+ Environmentally friendly
+ 10-year, all-inclusive warranty
– medium difficulty assembly
Check Amazon for Best Price

What do We Think

Wirecutter folks absolutely love this desk despite the interesting controversy between lovers and haters. Fanatics are way more in numbers and on the quieter side, whereas haters seem to be just a few but loud.

It sits at an upmarket price range which sets the expectations certainly high, hence the 10-year warranty. For us, it’s a solid purchase for those wanting to splurge a little.

The Best Standing Desk – Reddit

ApexDesk ET60-OAK
Overall Performance: 9.53/10
+ adjustable for people from 5’4″ to 7′
+ includes two desktop grommets
– three pieces shipment
Check Amazon for Best Price

What do We Think 

Reddit users seem to favor top-notch, durable, and quality products, and we agree. Made with sustainable materials in mind, it’s made easy for users to set default heights. 

We find this desk simply classy, ergonomic, and pleasing.

Quick Sum-Up

All in all, standing desks shouldn’t be seen as magic wands to burn the extra calories, but they help keep a balanced screen time.

Studies are in favor of the back and neck pressure eliminating aspects of a standing desk. Just the way you wouldn’t run a marathon without any practice, start your standing desk adventure slow and sweet to build it up in time. 

We believe that standing desks will soon be available in every office, home office, and coworking space.

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