The 16 Best Work Chairs for Home Office

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Updated: 20.04.2022

Most of us are a bit confused with all the freedom that comes with the WFH setup. People get all creative and try to work on anything from a fly-high yoga hanging belt to a treadmill, just to go to the conclusion that a good ergonomic chair is the Best Work Chair for focus and posture.

Choosing the best working chair is a tough one. There are ultra-high-end ergonomic executive chairs on the market. We have set it at a good balance for you, taking technology, posture, and budget-friendliness into account.

According to our extensive research, product testing, and analysis, the best product in the work chair category in terms of the price/performance ratio is the Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair.

Our Top Pick: The Best Working From Home Chair in 2021

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
Overall Performance: 9.83/10
+ Spacious and wide seat
+ Fully adjustable
– Not suitable for the petite
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

The thick padding and the breathable mesh make this chair a pleaser for long hours. The Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair supports the head, the back, and arms. It also has built-in lumbar support. Adjustable seat height, headrest, backrest, and flip-up arms are your best friend to customize the chair to your body.

Why People Love It 

Those who have been spoiled by high-end chairs at work find this chair way more affordable than its high-end brothers and almost as charming. The Gabrylly Ergonomic chair has a larger seat than most chairs in its category. It provides top-notch comfort, unrivaled quality, support, and stores in tight spaces. 

Designer quality and a darling to many, this chair deserves every penny!

Any Concerns

The armrests only offer a height adjustment feature, and they don’t move left or right.

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Our Top Picks at a Glance List

Image CategoryProductPriceAmazon Link
Best Work Chair for Back PainSIHOO Office Chair$$Check on Amazon
Best Ergonomic and Comfortable Work ChairSteelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair$$$Check on Amazon
Best Gaming and Work ChairGTRACING Fabric Computer Chair$$Check on Amazon
Best Stylish Desk ChairArt Leon Mid-Century Chair$Check on Amazon
Best Budget Work ChairAmazonBasics Desk Chair$Check on Amazon
Best Work Chair for SciaticaWorkPro(R) Quantum 9000 Chair$$$Check on Amazon
Best Work Chair for PostureSteelcase Gesture Chair$$$+Check on Amazon
Best Work Chair for Neck PainSTAPLES Hyken Technical Task$$Check on Amazon
Best Work Chair for PregnancyHON Wave Mesh Chair$$$Check on Amazon
Best Work Chair for Long HoursDuramont Ergonomic Office Chair$$Check on Amazon
Best Work Chair with Lumbar SupportFlexiSpot OC3B Ergonomic Chair$$Check on Amazon
Best Work Chair with CushionAmazonCommercial Chair$$Check on Amazon
Best Work Chair with High BackOFM ESS Collection Chair$$Check on Amazon
Best Work Chair without WheelsOFM ESS-9015 Executive Side Chair$Check on Amazon
Best Work Chair without ArmsYAHEETECH Adjustable Task Chair$Check on Amazon

Do You Really Need a Work Chair

Those who need to work on a desk or a computer to make a living need two humble tools; a desk and a chair. It’s been this way since the invention of the white collar-man except that mostly, there’s no more collar. Instead, we choose when we want to work and have a better chance to balance our work and family time. 

  • Our employer no longer provides the desk and the chair in a traditional office area. 
  • At home, the chances of your favorite work chair being swapped by a colleague are none.  

So what chair are you going to aim for? 

You’ll have your chair all to yourself and be able to make adjustments according to your personal needs and body. That alone is fantastic news!

Our Second Pick: The Best Work Chair for Back Pain

SIHOO Office Chair
Overall Performance: 9.81/10
+ five ergonomic adjustabilities
+ w-shaped design helps to center your body
– not ideal for 330+ lbs
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

You get the whole lot with this chair. It’s classic for helping you to find the most comfortable seating position for long hours of sitting. It has adjustable back support, headrest adjustment, adjustable seat height, and tilt adjustment, plus height-adjustable armrests. 

This chair strikes the perfect balance. It takes less than ten seconds to transition from sitting upright, doing work, and tilting back to a rest position.

Why People Love It 

A great chair is like a good smartphone. It allows you to customize it to become yours. 

The SIHOO Office Chair does exactly the same. It’s an investment in your back. Easy assembly and modern design make it desirable, and people aren’t short of compliments for the good looks.

Any Concerns

Just know that the chair size is suited for the average built person, and it isn’t necessarily the best match for the wide hip long-legged individual.

How To Pick The Best Work Chair – The Buyer’s Guide

First thing first, a chair is one of the vital element of any workstation settings. When we sit, the weight of the body concentrates on the sitting bones at the base of our spine. This position puts pressure on the lower back and the lumbar. 

Spending long hours every day, whether on a desk, just reading a good book, or knitting, the pressure starts causing discomfort and pain as our spinal health deteriorates

There are several features of a good work chair. Let us explain in the order of their importance to help you make good choices:

Seat Height: This is a must unless the height of a non-adjustable chair fits you perfectly—otherwise, a no-discussion zone. Plus, your folks and guests may want to adjust the seat height to suit their own needs.

Seat Depth: We can’t stress enough how vital seat depth is. Remember, some chairs are made in China, and the size of an average person in China is not the same as people in the West. 

Hence, pay attention to the chair size and the seat depth. In that way, you don’t end up with a chair with half your thighs sticking out.

Posture Support: A great work chair must be impressively supportive of a healthy posture. The back of your chair should support the inward curve of your lumbar spine. You will need to adjust your work chair to ensure your back maintains contact with the chair back.

Adjustability: The more adjustable small parts, the better. Highly customizable work chairs sit on top of the ergonomic value chain.

Fabric/Foam: Make sure to purchase a chair with breathable materials and good quality memory foam if you choose a cushioned seat. 

Our Third Pick: The Best Ergonomic and Comfortable Work Chair

Steelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair
Overall Performance: 9.78/10
+ fully adjustable
+ back support
– not ideal to use directly on the floor
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

When it comes to preaching to the world about comfort and spine health, we just had to talk about the Steelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair, which we have proudly chosen as one of the best. 

With an accomplished brand and team behind your chair, all you do is focus on your work because this chair takes care of the rest.

We don’t want to sound like mad fanatics, but it is “The Chair.” 

It features a LiveBack flexor system that conforms to your body and moves with you to support the spine as you change postures. As you sit and move, the chair responds automatically to provide comfortable resistance. 

This particular model is fully flexible to customize to your body with an adjustable seat depth, fully movable arms, stretchable lumbar support, pneumatic seat height adjustment, and weight-activated recline tension arrangement. 

Why People Love It 

Gamers seem to be in this chair other than the desk dwellers, which is great news because some gamers won’t leave their chairs for days. 

High-end ergo-tech lovers who don’t want to risk one grant on a similar chair are super happy with their Steelcase. Hunchbacks report to have grown taller (for real), and others claim it sets the gold standard for ergonomic work chairs. 

Its full adjustability explains why different individuals agree on the same feature; comfort. One size does not fit all, but a well made fully adjustable ergonomic chair does.

Any Concerns

It isn’t a budget chair, so you want to make sure you get the most out of it by playing with all its adjustable parts until you feel that you could just live in it.

Our Elegant Pick: The Best Stylish Work Chair

Art Leon Mid-Century Modern Swivel Accent Chair
Overall Performance: 9.58/10
+ ideal for humble spaces
+ both classic and contemporary aesthetics
– faux leather
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

Upholstered with high-quality polyester-cotton fabric, the exquisite tailoring brings out the design. 

It is definitely multi-purpose. Use it as a make-up chair, work chair, or record social media content. 

It’s going to be comfortable, and it is going to look great! 

It has fixed high arms with a bright hue for a versatile look.

Why People Love It 

A vanity chair that looks and feels just right, the shades that come out of the shipment box match the gorgeous colors on the pictures, so you get what you see. 

Users of the chair mention the super-easy assembly over and over. 

A comfortable and beautiful modern addition to the home office, probably the best stunning obsession you can have in your daily life.

Any Concerns

You need to pay attention during assembly to get the swivel function right.

Our Special Pick: The Best Gaming and Work Chair

A good gaming chair is clearly worth its investment for those who spend long hours remaining in front of a computer screen. Gaming chairs should be designed to address jellyfish-like sitting habits and assist in sitting with the correct posture.

GTRACING Fabric Computer Chair
Overall Performance: 9.58/10
+ great stability and mobility
+ comfortable seat cushion
– suitable less than 300 lbs
Check Amazon for Best Price

Why We Love It

It fits for the traditional office, home office, gaming fun time, watching TV, the tool shed, and the dining table if you wish. Padded armrests are adjustable for optimal support of the forearm to relieve wrist pressure and muscle strain. 

The combination of nylon textile and polyurethane leather reduces wear and tear. 

Remember! There’s a good chair behind every winning game.

Why People Love It 

Good looking, posture improving, comfortable. 

This chair has many content shoppers who aren’t gamers and use it simply as a work chair. 

People are discovering gaming chairs as an ergonomic and comfortable option so expect to assist your uncle in placing his order. 

They said it is a prominent alternative when getting work done at home and equally great when you want to lay back and take a break. Most users report that they have spent a lot more and gotten a lot less.  

Any Concerns

Just make sure to get the chair in size suitable for your height and weight.

Last Words

Investing in yourself and prioritizing comfort in an era of WFH aren’t luxuries. But, these are our daily necessities. 

Creating your convenient, comfortable, and functional workspace can take some time until you get the things right. We’ve been WFH laborers and reviewing these products for many years, so going through our best of the best compilation will save you lots of valuable time when looking for the best-suited work chair for you.

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