Can Massage Therapy Help to Treat Vertigo

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Updated: 21.06.2022

Vertigo is a terrible sensation that can disorient your entire world. But, Can a Massage Therapy help to treat it?

The disorder mainly affects the patients’ balance. You could be standing perfectly still, and Vertigo will make the whole room look and feel like it’s spinning. 

Naturally, no one wants to go through this, but what you should do to treat it.

Fear not; massage therapy can help effectively treat or at least reduce the misery caused by Vertigo.

According to a recent study, both Shi-Style Cervical Mobilizations (a segment of Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Traditional Massage Treatments are practical therapies for Cervical Vertigo (a neck injury-related vertigo) when applied 6 sessions over 2 weeks.

Is There a Pressure Point to Reduce the Symptoms of Vertigo

Yes, there are pressure points that reduce vertigo symptoms. The terminology gives these points TW17, GB20, and P6 codes. 

In a study conducted in 2008 about acupoint massage and vertigo relationship, the flow velocity of the subjects decreased significantly after the 1-week treatment.

This result showed that the therapeutic effect of acupressure massage is scientifically proven. 

Where do You Massage for Vertigo

Acupressure Using for Vertigo Treatment

  • The first acupressure points, Triple Warmer 17 (TW17), are behind the ear lobes on both sides of the head,
  • The second points, Gall Bladder 20 (GB20), stay at the skull and spine intersection line on both sides of the spinal cord,
  • You can find the third and the last ones, Pericardium 6 (P6), an inch below the wrists on your inner forearms between the tendons.

Applying pressure to the ear lobes, gall bladder, or pericardium firmly will help ease the symptoms of Vertigo. 

Massage therapy of any sort -basic finger pressure, a therapy session, or home massage tools does this very action.

Can a Neck Massage Help with Vertigo

Neck Injuries and Vertigo

Tight neck muscles can cause Vertigo or make the existing one worse. The specific type of Vertigo caused by chronic neck pain or a neck injury is categorized as Cervical Vertigo.

Studies proved that consistent massage therapies could help if you have Vertigo originating from a neck problem. 

A neck massage can lessen the pressure in the neck, promote circulation and allow the arteries to carry more blood to the disturbed areas.

Can a Massage Chair Help for Vertigo Treatment

Yes, massage chairs can help fight symptoms of Vertigo. Massage chairs with all these innovations and adjustable pressure levels can mimic many massage techniques. 

Technologies like; 

make electric-powered massage chairs similar to actual therapists. 

The sensations passing over the necessary pressure points on your body can provide instant relief. 

If your Vertigo is permanent for you, then a massage chair is something to invest in.

Can a Massage Gun Help to Treat Vertigo

Yes, if a massage chair is out of your price range, then a massage gun is definitely your next best option. 

In fact, a massage gun may be the better option due to its ease of use and portability.

Targeted Massage for Vertigo

And the best thing is you will be able to focus more on detailed areas than massage chairs. Simply place the massage gun on the pressure point and expect the miraculous effects of massage therapy on your Vertigo.

The other advantage of having a massage gun is you can take it anywhere, even on a plane ride. The FAA and TSA allow you to bring a massage gun with you if there is no visible damage or battery issue.

Can You Use Massage Gun for Craniosacral Therapy

A message gun is a perfect tool for craniosacral therapy. Craniosacral therapy intends to relieve pain and tension through the gentle manipulations of the skull. 

Massage guns are ergonomically more potent than human fingers unless you’re a professional. Therefore, a massage gun is a must for a higher-quality home massage therapy.

Common Causes of Vertigo

We know Vertigo is terrible, and we know how to treat it through professional massage therapy or home tools like massage chairs and massage guns. 

But what are the common causes of Vertigo? What makes Vertigo real or existing one more severe?

  • Migraine Headaches,
  • Certain Medications,
  • A stroke,
  • Arrhythmia,
  • Diabetes
  • Any Head Trauma or Head Injuries,
  • Neck Injuries,
  • Spinal Injuries,
  • Deep Water Pressure,
  • High Atmospheric Pressure,
  • Log Travels,
  • AC or Draught,
  • Extended bed rest.

As you can see, Vertigo has many potential triggers and causes. But often, it may be a symptom of an underlying issue rather than just the problem itself. 

Seeing as Vertigo is a common issue, it is best to have some kind of massage device at hand just in case of sudden relief.

Can Massage Make Vertigo Worse

While experiencing dizziness after a massage is typical, this is not an indicator that Vertigo has worsened. Massages shouldn’t make Vertigo worse than usual.

Massage strokes help the blood flow through our bodies. A massage session, especially a long one, can cause short-term wobbling. 

Still, if you are already suffering from Vertigo at the time of the therapy, you are supposed to experience a decrease in the symptoms of Vertigo. Not an increase. 

Regardless, you have to be cautious about adjusting your massage tools if you don’t work with a professional massage therapist. 

The settings, intensity, duration, positioning, and maintenance of the machine should be ideal.

What are the Best Practices for Vertigo

Initially, you need to understand what Vertigo is and the main reason for Vertigo in your personal circumstance.

Defining the problem is the key to reducing or diminishing the attacks and symptoms.

How Vertigo Feels Like

If your Vertigo is because of another illness, the most logical thing to do is to use your prescribed medicines to lower that causing issue first.

Vertigo is about balancing and inner ear fluids. 

  • So, sitting on the edge of your bed and turning your head 45 degrees to your right can help reorient your inner ear with what you see. 

Remember, the leading reason for motion sickness and Vertigo is when there is a disconnection between what you see and what your inner ear is experiencing. 

  • Another quick vertigo best practice is lying down on your left side and remaining in place for 30 seconds. After the time limit has expired, you sit up slowly and repeat the process with your right ear. 

While these home remedies do work, you can also try to receive massage therapy. 

To Sum Up 

It is scientifically researched and proven that repeated massage therapies can help reduce the symptoms of Vertigo

The massage can come from a massage chair, pad, gun, or regular massage sessions as long as the therapy targets behind the ear lobes and other acupressure points.

It is highly assertive to claim that massage 100% treats Vertigo. But, it is one of the best ways to make a sudden relief against a Vertigo attack. 

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