Does Goodwill Accept Office Chair Donations

Does Goodwill Accept Office Chair Donations

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Updated: 09.08.2022

Goodwill stores are in charge of accepting donations and reselling them. 

Most of their items are clothes and household items, but they will also receive home and office furniture

You need to know a few specific things before donating anything to Goodwill, but it is well worth it.

Yes, Goodwill accepts office chair donations. They even have a donation pickup program that many people use. All you have to do is call them and schedule a pickup from your home. 

Many offices and businesses even offer employees the opportunity to donate their work chairs to Goodwill. 

You can even find coupon codes for free service by donating large amounts of computers or furniture.

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Steps for Donating your Office Chair to Goodwill

Step 1: Make sure your office chair is in good condition. 

If it is broken, torn, or damaged, then Goodwill will not accept it as a donation.

Step 2: Find the location of the nearest Goodwill store. 

You can find them on their website if you do not know where one is.

Step 3: Call them and schedule a pickup. 

Some locations will offer to pick up your chair for you, but be sure to ask first.

Step 4: When they come to pick up your chair, they will give you the option of donating it or reselling it. 

  • If you are ready to donate it, follow their instructions for packing and shipping it. 
  • If you choose to resell it, remember that Goodwill takes 20% of the proceeds from the resale price and then pays taxes on all sales.

Goodwill will accept any office chair in good condition, but they cannot guarantee that it will sell. 

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It all depends on the location and items currently being sold in the store. 

Some things can take weeks or months to sell, while others can go within days of arriving at a store. 

What Can I Do with an Unwanted Office Chair

If you have an office chair that you no longer need and is not damaged, it can be donated to Goodwill. 

They will accept all types of office chairs, including ergonomically designed ones. 

They also take ordinary office chairs that are in good condition. 

If you donate a chair, make sure you can take it to where they take furniture donations.

The Goodwill Donation Guideline

Goodwill is a multinational, non-profit organization. They accept donations all over the US and will come to you if you need them to.

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The following is a guide Goodwill uses for the price they pay for your items:

  • Accepts new or gently used clothing, shoes and accessories, home goods, and small appliances.
  • Does not accept large appliances, mattresses or box springs, cribs and playpens, books, or toys.
  • Must be clean and in good condition.
  • They often receive used furniture but take gently used furniture donations.

What Items does Goodwill Accept as Donations

Goodwill accepts, 

  • clothes, 
  • vehicles, 
  • computers, 
  • housewares and appliances, 
  • maternity clothes and infant items, 
  • shoes and accessories, 
  • jewelry, 
  • sports equipment and toys. 

They offer a free pickup service for large donations of furniture or electronics. 

They also offer special discounts for people who do not have transportation. 

For large donations such as a massage chair, they will come to pick up the donation from you and provide you with a receipt for your tax purposes.

What Furniture does Goodwill not Accept

Goodwill does not accept furniture that is broken or damaged. As simple as that. 

This is a case-by-case rule that is enforced by each location. 

  • The best thing to do is check with the store before you donate it. 
  • You can also read their listings online to find out what they will or will not accept.

Although they do not accept broken or damaged furniture, Goodwill does not throw away anything that comes in as a donation. 

They sell it all and use the proceeds to fund their non-profit organization. 

Furniture that is not accepted is sold in a “retail” shop. You can find retail shops all over the country or online.

How to Prove Your Goodwill Donations for Tax Deduction

For tax purposes, you must record all the items you donate to Goodwill. They also provide you with a receipt for your tax deductions.

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Once take the receipt, you can claim any deductions from IRS by using the necessary forms.

They use this information to determine how much tax they will have to pay on your donation. 

Although it is a hassle, there are ways that you can make this easier for yourself.

If you donate through the mail, ensure that you include as much detail as possible. This includes, 

  • what type of item is being presented, 
  • where it was bought, 
  • and how long it has been used. 

The IRS likes to see a detailed receipt or invoice that can be verified and will determine the value of your donation. 

Goodwill recommends that you keep an itemized list of all the things that are donated. 

This is one way the IRS can verify your donations and your deduction, but it is not mandatory for tax purposes. 

The IRS and Goodwill require you to donate items in good condition. This means they should be free from tears, stains, and holes. 

Alternatives: Where can you Donate Office Chairs and Other Business Furniture

Apart from Goodwill, there are many other places where you can donate your office furniture. 

Many foundations are willing to take office chair donations as long as they are in good condition. 

Retail stores and auction houses also take office chair donations, as do other businesses. 

  • Salvation Army, 
  • Furniture Bank, 
  • and Habitat for Humanity,

are the other major places where you can donate your office furniture. 

Most furniture donation organizations have a mailing address where you can send your donations. 

If you do not know how to contact the company where you want to donate your item, you can visit their websites to find out. 

For example, if you find a location for Goodwill Donation and do not live in an area where Goodwill offers local pickup, you can always ship your item. 

Visit the Goodwill website to find a location near you and contact them for pickup.


Goodwill is a great place to donate your item if it is in good condition. 

They do not accept all the things you would want them to, but they are willing to take anything that is clean and can be resold.

Furniture in good condition is taken and resold, but broken or damaged furniture is auctioned off in a retail shop. 

To ensure that your donation goes through to Goodwill, you need to ensure that they will accept the item you are donating. 

The best way to find out where you can donate office chairs and other business furniture is to contact the respective organization. 

You can also read their websites for more information, and don’t forget to take your receipt for possible tax deductions.

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