Herman Miller Mirra vs. Aeron

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Updated: 27.08.2022

If you’re considering an ergonomic office seat makeover, you’ll likely be stuck between two options: the Mirra and Aeron seats.

But choosing between these two high-end office chairs can be tricky because of their striking similarities. 

So, it gets down to identifying the best features on each seat before settling down on a single product. 

Among the reasons you should choose a Herman Miller Mirra is that you won’t need to choose three different seats to match the large, medium, and small body sizes. 

Instead, it’s a three-in-one office seat that allows size adjustment. 

But if you fancy a chair that supports your lumbar, arms, and hipbone, the Aeron posture-designed SL arrangement will better serve you. 

After, long hours of working in an office can only be countenanced with a good backrest. 

Finally, if you fancy design and colors, you are bound to prefer Aeron for its varied hues that make an office look less traditional. 

As for user-friendliness, the Mirra is a bit less complicated than the Aeron since it features fewer knobs. 

Even so, you will have your way around the Aeron in no time. 

In this guide, we’ll explore the feature differences of each chair and try to justify our selection in detail. 

Why Should You Choose the Herman Miller Brand 

Founded in 1905, Herman Miller, Inc. is an American company that produces office furniture, equipment, and home furnishings.

You must look for the Herman Miller brand chairs if you are in the market for sturdy, resilient, ergonomic, and adjustable office chairs.

Herman Miller’s iconic chairs define contemporary office supplies. Suffice it to say that the brand stands out from rival office furniture thanks to its highest quality design and production—features like armrest and back bundle, the greatest recline, and adjustability.

Furthermore, Herman Miller ensures you will get the best of the best. Therefore, it offers a 12-year warranty, the most extended term you can find on the market. 

Just be aware that you can only replace your chair twice within this period. Still, it all Hinges on how often you use it. 

If we break the cost, it means you are going to spend $100-$185 annually on replacement parts. 

Compared to a minion mid-range chair, bawling annual replacements only last for half a decade, the Herman Miller office chairs, with all its models, stands out pre-eminent. 

Herman Miller Mirra vs Aeron 

Now let’s get to the real deal. Herman Miller makes both Mirra and Aeron chairs for ergonomic comfort.

The Aeron is tailored to your shape, especially if you choose the back variant with Butterfly Adjustment

While the Mirra allows height and depth adjustments, the Aeron restricts its users since the seat depth is set. As a result, you might need to select chairs of different sizes

Both seats allow an easy flow of air. But, the Aeron’s back is softer and more comfortable. The only shortcoming is the lack of spine support if you work for extended periods. 

While the Mirra provides this function, you can also get it with more expensive versions of Aeron, which have height and depth adjustments to enable the SL setup for spine and sacral posture support.

So, in terms of comfort and adjustability, you should look for a Herman Miller Mirra office chair.

Herman Miller Mirra vs. Aeron: Configuration

Unfortunately, the Aeron seats are not adjustable. You have to buy three differently sized seats. 

This is where Mirra beats Aeron, as they offer one size for all

The Mirra chair has the upper hand on the backrest configuration because of its firm, perforated, and sturdy TriFlex Polymer backrest and the butterfly backrest. 

The Butterfly option provides extra comfort by adding a fabric layer with polymeric vasculature that serves as a shock absorber cushion and conforms to your body. 

This option is best suited for folks who want a little extra support and padding!

On the Aeron models, the 3D armrests pivoted to move forward and in the left and right directions, fully embracing the height-adjustable configuration. 

The Mirra chair’s 4-way adjustable armrest outperforms the Aeron as it offers backward and outward intractability. 

Herman Miller Mirra and Aeron’s Color Differences 

Both Herman Mirra and Aeron are recognizable office seats. But Aerons seem more conventional and practical than Mirras. 

As such, they are a good match for a traditional office layout. 

  • The Aeron has three-color options: dark gray, charcoal, and gray. 
  • The Mirra is livelier and more laid-back in appearance, with a far larger spectrum of colors, such as tangerine and cyan.

The Aeron chair has been around for a while, which makes it more iconic than the Mirra. It seems like the Aeron is meant to be used in boardrooms and offices by people who wear suits. 

And what’s left for the Mirra is the target for the non-suit-wearing home office population. 

Herman Miller Mirra vs. Aeron: Size Differences

We define size considerations on an office chair by the flexibility that the Aeron lacks. 

The Mirra models are forgiving, with adjustable chair depths ranging from 16.25 to 18 inches. Thus it’s a perfect function for folks with long legs. 

The Mirra’s edge is made with a waterfall design to promote proper blood flow and prevent your legs from becoming too weary or numb after lengthy periods of sitting. 

The chair’s height may be elevated to the length of your preference or lowered to a more natural position. 

Unlike the fixed-height Aeron, this seat’s height ranges from 14.75 to 22 inches.

You can not adjust any of the three Aeron designs for depth which makes it bested by the Mirra designs. 

Still, this doesn’t mean that Aeron strictly restricts chair height alterations. The chair size determines the degree of adaptability. 

Suffice it to say, the size A or the smaller Aeron seats of 14.75 inches is adjustable up to 19 inches, and the medium size, 16 inches to 20.5 inches. 

Lastly, the larger size C of about 18 inches can extend to almost 23 inches. 

The variations between the three chair configurations aren’t very noticeable (particularly for choices B and C), yet they have a more substantial role in adjusting your seat position. 

Conversely, the Aeron seats also have waterfall designs, just like the Mirra, allowing you to use them for extended office periods without any strains or backaches.


If you are looking for an ergonomically warranted seat that will last at least a decade, the Herman Mirra and Aeron are eventually what you are left with on the chessboard. 

Still, based on the customer satisfaction and our trials, we can confidently say that Herman Miller Mirra II offers a better seating experience overall

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