90 Work from Home Essentials

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Updated: 01.03.2022

In fact, it all started long ago! 

We’ve all been complaining about traffic, workplace gossip, superior-subordinate relationships, and not being able to spend enough time with our children/family – who are the ones to suffer more.

The idea of working from home has been around since the 1950s, but it wasn’t popular until the 90s. People then started to welcome the concept of the Home Office because it allowed them to have a more flexible schedule and maintain a healthier work-life balance.

You may find working in a Starbucks desk ideal in short term but now, more and more people are choosing to work from home.

Home Office Essentials

We did detailed surveys among home office workers, self-employed and freelance professionals. Based on the results, we classified Work from Home Essentials into five main categories. 

Now let’s look at these categories and the products in detail.

Absolute Musts (22 Items)

Working from home offers plenty of rewards, from time-savings and more family moments to more efficiency and productivity. 

But, like every good thing, it also causes new challenges. 

The main issue for a home office setup is the limitation of our living space. When we plan to portion out our tiny palaces between family and business life, the challenges start to grow. 

So, every square foot needs to be used wisely to maximize its potential, right? But keep this in mind, for some tools we can not avoid having them if we start to work from home properly.

Also, ergonomics is something you should consider in terms of productivity, psychological and physical endurance.

We have compiled these items under a list of 22 must-have products. 

NumberProductQuick Explanation
1Air PurifierClean Room Air
2ChairMain Component
3Phone ChargerNo Energy, No Phone
4DeskMain Component
5Desktop PCInterchangeable with Laptops
6File CabinetStorage is Needed
7KeyboardRequired for Desktop PC
8Laptop ComputerInterchangeable with Desktop
9LightingNatural Lights Prevents Anxiety
10Mobile PhoneIt is a Body Part Now
11MonitorReguired for Advanced Setting
12MouseRequired for Computers
13Multi Socket Power StripWe are Dependent on Electricity
14Noise Cancelling HeadphoneHelps to Concentrate
15PrinterMain Component
16ScannerPrinting and Scanning are Sisters
17ShelvesKeep the Office Neat and Tidy
18Software and ApplicationWithout them PC’s are Useless
19Stationery and Office SuppliesMain Components
20High-Speed InternetThe Reason for WFH Concept
21Wireless EarbudsFlawless Hands-Free Communication
22WorkstationComplete Workspace Package

Now, let’s check their details one by one.

Quick Note: Some products are interchangeable. You can have both or use only one of them.

Air Purifier

Air pollution is a problem for almost all major cities, and we can’t run away even inside our homes. It increases the risk of respiratory infections, asthma, stroke, and even cardiovascular diseases. 

The air we breathe creates an environment that spreads germs and disease and can affect our mood, sleep or work quality.

Home Office Essential - Must Have 1Credit: Xiaomi

Air purifiers are complex devices that remove these dust particles from the air using fans, filters, and other inner mechanisms. They can also help remove other pollutants such as smoke, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, mildew spores and other particles.

Clean and fresh air is a must for a well planned Home Office. Therefore, we added Air Purifier to our, for sure own, list.  

Air purifiers come in various forms and dimensions. There are portable, bedroom, and whole-house units. Some of them are designed to battle specific pollutants and viruses such as smoke, or now our common concern Covid-19—other options like ionizers generate negative ions to promote healthy breathing.


An office chair is more than an essential. Like a desk, it is the fundamental component when we visualize a home office. Therefore, it is clearly a prerequisite to start.

Home Office Essential - Must Have ChairCredit: Unsplash

Styles of office chairs may vary- some more suitable than others for specific work types, purposes or health concerns. To give you a proper roadmap, we simply categorized them under 7 different titles:

Bean Bag Chairs: Unique products to relax through break periods or make your home office cosier.

Computer Chairs: Ideal for IT-related roles. It is the main product compatible with your computer design to create a more futuristic home office space. 

Desk Chairs: The model, design and size of your chair rely on your home office desk. It can support the creation of a typical WFH workstation.

Ergonomic Chairs: Designed for your back, neck and spine. It can provide comfort and health support as you work for long hours.

Executive Chairs: These are high-end, expensive and throne-like chairs for small business owners who want to reach the climax of the entrepreneurial world. 

Massage Chairs: Another extra commodity that you can add to your home office. It is an effortless way to relax or improve your circulation after a tiring workday or a pleasant escape for a short break during the day.

Pu Leather Chairs: Pu Leather is an artificial and vegan option for those who want a leather chair without harming any living creature. 

Work Chairs: Other chair types can be multipurpose, but the work chairs are specifically designed to use throughout your work hours. These don’t look so attractive but do their duties flawlessly.

A good home office chair should support your spine, be flexible and multipurpose. It also has additional features such as armrests, wheels, and an adjustable seat height.

Each of these models comes with its own styles and characteristics. So please check out our detailed guidelines and suggestions, and choose the most suitable one for your dream home office.

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Phone Charger

As the name implies, it helps to charge your phone by converting alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). 

Some chargers work with multiple devices like laptops or tablets. And now, there are even wireless chargers that work through Qi technology, which means you can charge your device without plugs or cables. 

All you need is a Qi-compatible device and Qi wireless charger pad to get started.


When we think of the term Home Office, the first image that comes to our minds is the desk positioned on the fancy edge of the room. But it is even more than that. 


Well, it actually shapes your way of work (or study), defines your productivity and efficiency, mimics your aesthetic energy.

Home Office Essential - Must Have - DeskCredit: Unsplash

But, the options are limitless on the market, and you will notice that the decision making process can be very daunting. 

You are very lucky that we step in at this point, and will give you our secret formula. First, let’s see our classification of WFH Desks.

Computer Desks: These are uniquely fabricated with special parts for better computer use, such as a keyboard tray and a monitor arm. 

Corner Desks: Typically smaller than conventional desks. The aim is to use the limited room space more efficiently. They can be L or regular shapes.

Ergonomic Desks: Posture health is critical for productive work life, and that’s why it’s vital to take care of it—ergonomic desk targets to protect your posture.

L-Shaped Desks: The name comes from its shape. These desks often provide more space than regular desk frames. As a result, they fully fit in a confined home office area and offer more privacy to you.

Small Desks: Ideal for humble areas. It is best for the majority that tries to survive in small apartments.

Standing Desks: If you don’t want to remain in a sitting position all day long, a standing desk is an excellent alternative. It prevents back or joint problems, chronic diseases and boosts energy and concentration.

There are millions of models of home office desks out there with many distinctive features. We recommend taking a look at our guidelines to find the perfect one for you.

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Desktop PC

A Desktop PC is an advanced computational processor, by its nature, not portable but generally more powerful than a laptop or tablet. It mainly consists of a monitor (or multiple), box and keyboard.

These devices have larger screens, more ports, better manuals, and bigger storage spaces. The newest models also come with a wide range of features such as touch screens, stylus pens for drawing or note-taking, or even 3D technology.

However, they are no longer the only option for users who need more technical and professional artistry. With the new investments and the help of external SSD card and storage technology, now, brands like Apple, Samsung, HP, LG and Dell produce more powerful Laptops and tablets. 

File Cabinet

Having trouble finding your important documents? or Lost the pen your loved ones give you?

We know it is incredibly annoying when you can’t find what you are looking for. It is a waste of your precious time and energy.

But, with an addition to your smart office and methodical working style, a file cabinet can assist you to store documents, work papers, and other office items.

Home Office Essential - Must Have - File CabinetCredit: Unsplash

They are frequently made out of wood but can also be metal or even hard plastic. A typical file cabinet has five drawers to store files in; each drawer has an associated label for the category of the files stored inside.

The earliest versions date back to the late 1800s, with the most recent innovations being made in the late 20th century. The aim is to organize your workstation in a way that you can access your documents instantly.


Modern days! Lots of writing!

We need to answer emails, search for the silliest questions on Google, write the most clever pieces on Twitter. How about the Word documents, Excel files, oh my! those PowerPoint presentations. 

Typing is an inescapable part of our digital world, and you know you don’t need a mouse to benefit fully from your computer. A keyboard can do anything a mouse gives you.

If you have a laptop, it comes with the keyboard for sure, but still, you may want an ergonomically designed keyboard as an additional piece for your home office. 

It will also be useful to convert your smartphone or tablet to a nice and shiny computer screen in emergency conditions.

Laptop Computer

Historically, well, a short but crazy history, laptops have less processing skills compared to desktops. But modern tech changes in light-speed and the capacity of our laptops (or even our mobiles) exceeds the abilities of the last generation desktops.    

So, what makes laptop computers our favorite?

Mobility! That’s why we love laptops.

They are portable. Even when you are stuck in your home all day, it is nice to know that you can change your spot without losing your work.

It is the main, actually the only, thing when you work from home (if you have a white-collar position, of course). 

We can confidently assume that it is the digital bible of freelancers, digital nomads, flexible and remote workers

The laptop market is competitive, fast-changing and gives more product range than you need, honestly. 

So, choosing the right one is not a piece of cake. Please follow our PPWHS pyramid and try to make the optimal decision for your needs.

Hierarchy of Purchasing Decision Making Items


We all know the basics. Our body needs natural light, and it should come from our left. Natural light is proven to be more stimulating and pleasant for us while we’re working.

Home Office Essential - Must Have - Natural Light ImitatorCredit: Unsplash

However, if you live in the North or are a nightcrawler, catching the sunlight is not always probable. And even though artificial light has been shown to interrupt the body’s natural circadian rhythm and may negatively impact our health, we somehow find proper lighting to brighten our workstation. 

The best way to do so is to look for lighting options that offer natural light effects.

Mobile Phone

I think we cannot survive one day without our smartphones. Thanks to the development of mobile technology, it is no longer a necessity to go out and earn a living or socialise. We can do all in our home now. 

Same case in our business tasks. For example, through VoIP we can join international conference calls and talk to our peers even from the bathroom (with a green screen behind).

Modern smartphones have the capability of a squeezed computer. 

The devices typically use advanced operating systems and can run multiple apps to make your job easier. They also have professional level cameras and personal organizer features, such as address book and calendar.


A monitor is a device that displays and visualises the processed data from a computer to the end-user (our eyes). It has a screen (can be part of or separate from) for viewing graphics and text. 

It comes in different screen dimensions from 7″ all the way up to a staggering 65″ and can be connected through several agents like VGA, HDMI, and DVI

Modern monitors also use new technologies such as touch screens and eye care. Depending on your business or job title, using dual or triple (let’s say multiple in general) monitors is also a common practice.

Home Office Essential - Must Have - MonitorCredit: Unsplash

Monitors are essentials if you are planning to use a desktop PC in your home office. But you can use it with laptops by using a basic HDMI cable. In that way, you can go back to your designated workspace whenever you need to process more visual data without sacrificing the main advantage of laptops, your mobility.

As we know, it is pretty hard to mark out your home office borders. However, a monitor (or especially multiple ones) may allow you to divide your personal living area from your work spot and help to breathe the real office feel and concentrate more easily.


Home-sized computer development has been a wild process, and the invention of the mouse was one of the turning points. The computer mouse was invented in the ’60s.

This peripheral device gives computer users the opportunity to control a cursor on a screen. 

Up until the 2000s, the typical mouse was wired to the computers and often came with a disk to store the programs you used. In a way, it limited mobility and flexibility, but after the recent developments of wireless technology, it has been much more effortless to work with.

Frankly, buying a suitable mouse depends on what you need and your budget. But finding an ergonomic one is vital if you want to ask our opinion. 

An ergonomic piece has a more angled and/or curved tail and a wider space between the two buttons. It is designed in an oblong form with a grip in the middle of the mouse. So when you use it, your hand stays in a neutral position, and the amount of movement in your wrist, which prevents stiffness and pain in your joints, decreases.

Multi Socket Power Strip

Even though wireless technology has been developed recently, we still rely on plugs and cables. I still confidently spell that even in modern workstations, tangled cables are the single most annoying element.  

To solve this major issue, we need a cable management system (which typically features an office desk) and a power strip.  

Multi socket power strip is a tool that allows us to plug in and use multiple electronic devices simultaneously. It is dramatically efficient because it eliminates having numerous power outlets for all electronics that we need to work. 

Noise Cancelling Headphone

When you start working from home, you will (or have already) realize that a home can be a noisy place, especially during daytime. The reasons for these noises might be internal, such as your kids, pets and a talkative partner, or external, like loud neighbors and construction work.  

We know it is almost impossible to do your thing when you cannot focus. But we have a life-saver, called Noise Cancelling Headphones (not typical cheap headphones).

Home Office Essential - Must Have - HeadphoneCredit: Unsplash

These specifically designed sound blockers target to reduce the ambient noise either passively or actively. 

As the name gives a clue, passive noise-cancelling headphones are the noise-isolators. They simply create physical barriers to block the sound waves passing through your ear canals. 

The more advanced noise-cancelling technology, active headphones, on the other hand, dynamically search and explore the outer sounds and destroy them before reaching your ears. 

But How?

These products have tiny receivers that collect and neutralize outer sound frequencies by forming exact polar frequencies called antiphase.

Passive or active, noise-cancelling devices give you the chance to block out the world and enjoy a more peaceful workday.


Printers are a fundamental part of any size home office. They can generate hard copies of documents, pictures, and now with a 3d technology, almost anything you dreamed of.

Printers come in a wide range of price tags and technology, but most printers use one of four printing technologies: inkjet, laser, impact, or 3d.  

There are many different printers that you can use in your home office, and it can be challenging to decide which one is best for you. Fortunately, we have a magic code called the PPWHS pyramid that makes the decision making process more manageable. 

It’s logical to categorize the printers by their main functionality, brand or defining technology.

HP Printer: One of the most popular brands. They offer big business and home-sized printers.   

Canon Printer: They have been around for over a century and have a massive range of products to satisfy different budgets.

Brother Printer: Leading manufacturer of printers and other related products. They have designs for individual, small business, and classroom levels.

Epson Printer: A Japanese originated brand specializing in home, office and industrial printers.

3D Printer: Turn a digital design into a physical object. A 3D printer works from the bottom to the top, slowly adding material until an object is constructed. It can work with materials such as plastics, metals and wood.

Photo Printer: Prints your images with the highest resolution possible for all kinds of products such as photo prints, magnets, posters and more.

Sublimation Printer: Transfers your designs onto a piece of fabric. This method is used predominantly in the textile industry.  

Laser Printer: The laser printing process uses electrophotography to create a latent electrostatic image on a photoreceptor, then attracts toner particles to its surface. The toner particles used in laser printers are made of plastic or resin powder with pigments and dyes. 

All in One Printer: Integrates digital and print media and eliminates the need for different devices or software. 

Wireless Printer: Two main methods of wireless printing – Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. These methods allow users to print without the need to be connected to a computer.  

Inkjet Printer: Uses liquid ink (water-based or oil-based) sprayed onto paper, plastic, or other surface types. Inkjet printers can produce high-quality prints very quickly because they can print with one or more colors on a single pass.

Heat Press Machine (for Home Office T-Shirt Business): Offers high-quality graphics, images and text on various surfaces and sheets. It’s perfect for custom t-shirts, jerseys, banners, signs and more. 

So, the market offers countless models and designs. We recommend checking our recommendations before buying your home printer.

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A scanner is an electronic device that transforms physical information (e.g. text, images, paper documents) into digital ones (e.g., digital files). 

It is basically a reverse engineering of printer tech (or, as we always say, “they are sisters”). There is one inevitable truth. If you use a printer, you will definitely need a scanner for your business setting.

Modern scanners are now affordable, home-sized and easy to use. They’re also highly versatile, allowing you to digitize all your hard copy files. 

If you want to keep your vital records safe inside the digital world, scanning technology is the absolute way to do so. Once you scan your documents, you can store them on your computer or an external storage device like a USB flash drive or a hard disc.


Small flats, limited spaces, but we are still trying to optimize our work area usage and organize a bunch of documents, stationery, cables, packages, so on and so forth. 

Shelves are an easy way to organize your confined home office space. 

Some home office type desks offer shelf units as an additional feature. However, these offerings generally are not enough for busy WFH folks.

Our biggest advice is to picture and design your workstation beforehand, estimate your shelf and storage needs, and not go so cheap cause you don’t want to see a collapsed workspace one morning.

Softwares and Applications

You know the common saying, “Computers were useless before the internet. It gave the meaning to have one at home.”

We can claim the same thing for the relationship between efficient work from home patterns and software technology. Now, these tools define the job itself. Can you imagine a data analyst without Excel, a software engineer without Python (or other programming languages), or an HR professional without SAP?

Software and phone applications are an indispensable part of modern business life. The idea behind these tools is to make our work days easier. With the help of these modern tools, it is possible to automate complex calculations, do record keeping, simply achieve more with less time and effort.

We have been preparing one of the most comprehensive article about all essential Software and Digital Tools for Home Office and Remote Workers. You can find the article here, soon.

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Stationery and Office Supplies

Small things make the difference!

Stationery (or, in a broad sense, office supplies) is one of the most critical components in a home office. Note cards, envelopes, pens, pencils, markers, rulers, notebooks, staples and many more…  

If you have these in your stock, that’s great news. You don’t even realize that you have them. But once you really need a scissor and couldn’t find it in your drawer, then it becomes priceless.

Plus, these days, stationery can also be kinda digital, like a touch screen stylus.

Uninterrupted High Speed Internet

Remember the phrase “Computers were worthless before the internet”? Uninterrupted high-speed internet and a decent modulator-demodulator (a modem) are keys for running your job from your sweet home. 

Many aspects of running a business require a high-speed internet connection, including emailing, web browsing, video conferencing, accessing company databases, downloading software updates, and more. Therefore, a lack of an internet connection can be costly to any business.

Wireless Earbuds

Every invention happens to satisfy a particular need. Cordless earbuds are not the exception. They connect wirelessly to the main device (like your phone or computer) through Bluetooth or NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology.

Home Office Essential - Must Have - EarbudsCredit: Unsplash

Our multitask nature wants to talk (or listen to something) and use our hands freely to do something else at the same time. If the work is the case, time and mobility are equal to money and efficiency. 

The need was defined, a solution provided, but it didn’t stop there. The next thing, we asked for an artistic touch, and modern earbuds came with style and intimidating price tags.


We use the workstation term in two different senses.

Home Office Essential - Must Have - WorkstationCredit: Unsplash

The first one clearly defines complete work from home office borders (shaping it around the desk but consider everything we mentioned in this article- all forms the complete workstation together). 

The second meaning refers to a high-end and highest-performance computer system typically used only by specialists and absolute professionals. 

These systems have the topmost quality components like multiple monitors, the most powerful graphics card, microprocessor, etc., to provide the best possible computing experience and execute the most demanding tasks.

Secondary Necessities (29 Items)

Secondary products are extras that are not fundamental for your home office but will undoubtedly benefit your business if you have them. 

Your WFH workstation is a place (or collection of your favorite spots) where you spend at least 8 hours a day. 

Having the right ingredients and equipment can improve your comfort, ability to work and productivity.

NumberProductQuick Explanation
1Blue Light Blocking GlassProtect Eyes from Digital Screens
2Book StandErgonomic Reading
3Cable OrganizerNo More Tangled Cables
4CameraTo Look Better on Socials
5Chair MatExtra Floor Protection
6Desk FanLight Breeze on Summer Days
7Desk (Reading) Lamp Reading and Boost Attention
8Desk OrganizerSmall Storage for Stationery
9Desk Pad (Surface Protector Mat)Non-Slip Surface
10Extension CordDon’t Stay Away from the Outlet
11Fingerprint PadlockKeep Dirty Secrets Safe with High Tech
12Fire ProtectionsStop the Fire
13Fire Safe BoxKeep Important Documents Safe from Fire
14Home Assistant

Not a Real Person
15HumidifierMoisture the Air
16Lap DeskLet’s Make It Bed Office
17Laptop StandErgonomic Laptop Use
18Massage ChairFancy Way of Relaxing
19Massage GunAffordable Way of Relaxing
20Massage PadTurn an Office Chair to a Massage Chair
21Memory Foam PadPressure Relief
22Phone StandErgonomic Mobile Use
23Seat CushionSoft Touch
24ShredderFor Secret Documents

Some Background Music
26Stylus Digital PenPerfect for Tablet Owner Designers
27Tablet ComputerPerfect for Design Tasks
28Tablet StandA Need Once Buy a Tablet
29Wake Up LightA Morning Boost

Blue Light Blocking Glass

These are specially designed glasses that help filter out short-wavelength light from the blue spectrum that is emitted by electronic screens. 

These waves have adverse effects on the eyes and disrupt sleep patterns. Our bodies react to blue light by suppressing the production of melatonin – the hormone that regulates our sleep/wake cycles. If we expose ourselves to blue light more than we can handle, it can cause insomnia, sudden mood changes, and an increased risk for Alzheimer’s.

So, there is no escape from looking at those computer and smartphone screens throughout the day. Just buy a blue light protector glass.

Book Stand

A book stand is a metal, wood or plastic holder that you can put on a book or any document paper and read without holding it. Again, it gives you free hands and an ergonomically designed workstation.

A book stand is a particularly useful tool if you need to read documents and take notes at the same time. 

The stand does its job and holds the files, and the angle of the files can be adjusted according to your posture and natural stance. 

So, hopefully, no more neck pain.

Cable Organizer

Simple but effective solution. This small piece of plastic can save you from tangled cords, organize and store your cables. 

By keeping your cables organized, your desk looks neater. You will undoubtedly start working more smoothly and be able to find more elbow room.


The camera industry has evolved dramatically for the last century, but the main type of cameras that we want to mention is computer cameras (or webcams) as we can use in our home offices. 

Webcams can be used to attend video conferences, record videos and computer screens (crucial particularly for online educators). They are usually connected to one’s computer using a USB cable or through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Infrared radiation.

Even though modern laptops and smartphones have high-resolution cameras, it is still an extra feature that you can add a separate camera to your home office wish list.

Chair Mat

Chair mat is a perfect product to protect your flooring. These mats will cover the area where chairs typically move and keep the ground underneath free of scratches, scrapes, or spills.

Moreover, the non-slippery feature helps to prevent home accidents. Almost a million people are hospitalized every year in the US because of injuries resulting from slips and falls. Interestingly, around 75% of the accidents occur in our home or surrounding area. And even more surprisingly, most accidents happen at surface level, not on stairs or steps. 

So, maybe we should add this item to our must-have list. What do you think? 

Desk Fan

These are small, lightweight fans that can be set on top of your home office desk to provide light breeze and cooling relief. They can be electric or battery-powered.

Desk fans are a simple, low-cost way to keep you cool in the summer days. Just be careful! They might dry the air and cause headaches when held directly to your face.

Desk Lamp

We already called your attention to the importance of natural lighting, but you may also need a small desktop style lamp for concentration purposes. It boosts your focus on a certain part of the workspace or a document

Again a quick warning! It can cause eyestrain, so use it sensibly. 

Desk Organizer

As you can see, when it comes to organizing small items, we have plenty of choices. You need something for your cables, another product for papers, and another one for your stationery. 

Desk organizers typically have little compartments for holding your pencils, pens, paper clips, etc. They also often include a space for storing things like coffee mugs and cups.

Desk Pad 

These protector mats are designed to cover your desk surface. They are made of soft, anti-static and anti-bacterial materials such as neoprene and rubber that stop scratches and spills and keep the work area spotless. 

They also make your desk surface non-slippery and help to use your mouse with higher performance.

Extension Cord

Extension cords enable us to plug in any appliance that is not near an outlet. It gives a kind of flexibility to set up our home office workstation in any suitable area. 

They come in different measurements and designs and can range from a few feet to more than 200 feet long. We can also use proper ones to control our electric ratings and European plugs.

Fingerprint Padlock

Are you still using the old boring locks and keys? They are history now. There is a new player in the town, fingerprint padlock.

Fingerprint padlocks are the new standard in securing your precious materials. You don’t need to worry about remembering passwords or finding your keys. Or worst, anyone finding your keys can open your safe without your existence. 

They are more personalized than traditional safe opening options (every fingerprint is unique) and therefore offer an extra security layer of protection for your dirty secrets.

Fire Protections

Fire is a constant threat to all buildings, but it can be riskier if you spend more time in your home office. 

A basic home fire protection system combines fire extinguishers, fire blankets, smoke and fire alarms, and sprinkler systems. The whole arrangement together aims to minimize possible fire-related damage or injuries.

Fire Safe Box 

When it comes to fire, it doesn’t matter how many precautions you take or fire protection systems you use. You can’t be too careful.

Fire Safe box is a container that is made of fire-resistant materials. It is designed to keep the contents of the container (like vital papers, digital storage devices, identification, deeds, certificates, wills, actually any precious subject) intact when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Home Assistant

No, we are not talking about a butler. You are not Batman. 

AI, at least a primitive version, is not science-fiction anymore. Big Brother has built a home version, and maybe you already have one. She lives with us now. You might have heard of Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri, right?

In recent years, companies have produced intelligent devices that can connect to the internet and manage your smart house appliances such as your lights, tv, security system, fire alarms, etc.

Well, even though these intelligent tools are helpful and obedient, you still need to call your kids or train your dog to bring an after-work beer.


Often confused with an air purifier, a humidifier is a device that makes the air moisture. 

Home Office Essential - Secondary Necessity - HumidifierCredit: Xiaomi

Humidifiers can be used for both residential and commercial purposes, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

In our case, we mention the home size ones that make our home office air more breathable. 

Humidifiers help to reduce the long term effects (respiratory illnesses) of breathing dry air or short term discomfort of dehydration and dry throat.

Lap Desk

Perfect for bed office (or couch office) workers, laptop desks are light, portable, but sturdy products that provide a limited but well-designed surface area.

A lap desk may consist of a non-slippery surface, mouse pad, smartphone holder, and an ergonomic hand and wrist placer. 

Laptop Stand

If you are a laptop user, you might need an extra ergonomic adjustment. A laptop stand props your computer up at just the right angle. With this bit of arrangement, you can spend long hours on your home office desk and experience fewer spinal issues in the end.

Just don’t get confused! The laptop stands and lap desks are not the same things. Their angles, features and designs are entirely different. 

Massage Chair

Initially looked extravagant, a massage chair is not just a joy of shopping malls and nail salons. After a long work day you can enjoy a short treatment in the comfort of your home. 

Still it sounds like an unnecessary luxury?

Thinking of the average medical spending on orthopedic therapies may change your mind.

It gives the users relief on muscle tensions and pain, improvements on blood circulation. It can be extra beneficial for people who have chronic conditions such as type II diabetes, hypertension and heart problems.

Massage chairs can have specific features such as:

Now you can check out our detailed reviews and recommendations.

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Massage Gun

If you can’t afford a massage chair or don’t want to spend too much, you may want to check the more budget-friendly options like massage guns or massage pads (see below). 

So, I heard what you asked. What is a massage gun?

Home Office Essential - Secondary Necessity - Massage Gun
Credit: Unsplash

This funny looking device has relaxing effects on your body by applying pressure movements and vibrations to your muscles and tissues. Being portable and affordable, a massage gun can be a good addition to your complete home office setup.

Massage Pad

Another way to turn your regular office chair into a massage therapist is to put a massage pad on it. A massage pad is an electronic piece that covers the chair surface and gives therapeutic touches to your upper legs, back, neck and shoulders. 

A massage chair pad provides instant relief and continuous support to your posture while you work. With a more pleasant sitting experience, you will surely be more productive and bright. Also, your overall mood and concentration will grow.

Memory Foam Pad

A memory foam pad is a non-electronic option to help relieve pressure points on your body. It adapts to the shape of your focused body parts and helps decrease stress, which in turn can lead to less discomfort and pain. 

It is used in many different forms, but we should look for something to support our spine from hips/lower back to head in our case.

Phone Stand

It is like a laptop stand (but smaller); a phone stand gives you free hands and ergonomic watching options of your phone screen. Some home office desks offer a phone stand as an extra feature, but still, it is surprisingly a life-saver. 

We all have struggled to find something to put on the back of our phones when we try to eat our lunch and watch Youtube.

Seat Cushion

It is not memory foam or a pad. It is just a cottony touch that saves your tushy from sitting on a hard chair for long, long hours. 

The best ones are often made from durable and breathable materials that can withstand constant use from you, any other adult in your house, your kids, and of course, our precious pets.

So you have plenty of options if you want to protect your bones, muscles and spines. We highly advise having at least two of them (one for during work and the other for the breaks and after work relief).


A paper shredder cuts paper into small pieces. It can be bought to use in your home office, which helps protect your personal files and documents from identity theft—also, your business records and drafts from any malicious intent. 

There are also shredding services out there but it is still safer to keep a shredder inside your home against a last-minute IRS bust, just in case.


If you are an amateur musicologist and cannot work without background music, your precious ears sure need clear sound waves. 

Speakers, mostly Bluetooth, are often used for producing high-quality sound for in-home use. It also helps hands-free phone or video calls. Smart models can even answer your questions- it is actually a fun way to liven up the party. But, for the real deal, check out the Home Assistant section above.

Stylus Digital Pen

A stylus is a pen-like apparatus that is dressed with a rubber or plastic tip that allows users to interact with digital touch screens. It can be held like a real pen and is often used for navigating, selecting, drawing, writing, correcting documents and signing digital content on the screen. 

Of course you can do the above touchscreen features by your fingers but the pen lets you have a more natural, fluid writing and drawing experience on your device. 

Tablet Computer

We didn’t add the tablet computer to our must-have list because it is like the last choice when considering the abundance of substitute options.

They are easily portable touch screen devices that are size-wise somewhere in between a smartphone and a laptop. If you have a design-oriented profession and like to work with a stylus to create the coolest drawings, a tablet computer offers more than you expect.

Tablet Stand

Well, what were you thinking? If you have a tablet computer, you should know that we are going to offer you a tablet stand. 

Similar functionality features to a phone or laptop stand, this magical product offers you hands-free and pain-free use. These stands are usually designed to be portable, so they are often made of light metal, plastic or wood. 

Wake Up Light

Think of yourself. What is the hardest part of the day, unless there is an external stimulus that compels you. 

It is waking up and getting out of your cosy beds. Our circadian system has evolved to wake up and take action with the sunrise. However, modern business life and standard working hours cause us to struggle with our body’s biological clock constantly.

We have something to trick your brain, called wake up light. 

This miracle alarm clock creates an artificial daylight effect when you need to wake up, allowing you to get up much more comfortably and energetically. 

We tested this machine on our work-shy ones, and we can unquestionably say that it should even be on your must-have lists.

Easy Kitchen (8 Items)

Working from home can help you to avoid expensive breakfasts and lunches and save some extra cash. But, on the other hand, spending too much time on cooking while working at home is not an ideal scenario.

Below we have compiled a few life-saving products that will speed up the morning and afternoon eating and drinking rituals for you.

NumberProductQuick Explanation
1Coffee MakerCan’t Wake-Up without Coffee
2Coffee MugA Blanket and a Coffee Cug
3Microwave20th Century Miracle
4Mini FridgeKeep Your Fizzy Close
5Mug WarmerAlways Hot Drinks
6Panini PressFor a Quick Lunch
7ToasterPeanut Butter and Jelly
8Vacuum-Insulated BottleAlways Cool and Fresh Water

Coffee Maker

For all coffee lovers and those who cannot come alive without an espresso shot, these appliances would be an indispensable part of your home.

Home Office Essential - Easy Kitchen - Coffee MachineCredit: Unsplash

There are many different types of coffee makers: Automatic Drip, French Press, Percolator, Vacuum Pot, Aeropress, Stovetop Percolator, Turkish Pot, Stovetop Espresso Maker, and many more. 

Of course, price tags can go from a few dollars to a fortune, depending on budget and level of love, I guess.

Coffee Mug

We are civilized beings, and we need something to hold our precious coffee (or tea if you prefer) for us to drink. 

A coffee mug can be ceramic or porcelain with a handle that allows it to be easily picked up and carried around while it’s full without burning your hand.

Home Office Essential - Easy Kitchen - Worklivion Branded Coffee Mug

Personalized coffee mugs can be a constant reminder of your life purpose, your family or your motto. It may seem like an insignificant gesture, but this simple touch can make all the difference in your life. By placing your coffee mug at your desk, you’ll be reminded why or for whom you have to move on.


Microwave ovens are still the most used appliance in modern homes today. They use microwaves (a form of electromagnetic radiation) to heat up ready meals or leftovers from yesterday. 

Microwaves generate vibration on food molecules and create heat, which cooks the food from the inside out in a short period. 

Microwave ovens are very handy in home offices. They are more energy-efficient than electric stoves and can be used at any time of the day for a quick feast.

Mini Fridge

We have massive fridges. But they are in the kitchen. How about if we want to keep our favorite fizzy drinks (or a beer for after-work) nearby. 

Mini fridges are great additions to our fully packed home office rooms. 

Of course, it is also an ideal solution for people who live in small spaces and can’t fit a large fridge. But our focus is on those who have a private room and want minimal contact with the household during work hours. 

Mug Warmer

We are addicted to coffee, and as our addictions grow, our coffee mug sizes grow together. But big mugs mean colder coffees towards the end, which we don’t like at all, right?

A mug warmer is an electrical mount designed to keep your cup of coffee or tea hot all the time. 

This tiny wonder typically offers the best possible drinking experience (yes, drinking coffee is an experience- watch “The Bucket List”) by keeping your hot drink at the desired temperature and enhancing the flavor and taste.

Panini Press

A panini press also called a sandwich press can be used to make coffee shop style sandwiches. You can use them to grill cheese, meat, and vegetables to melt and soften the flavors together. 

It is an easy and fast way to prepare your late breakfast or lunch.

A panini press typically includes a top plate with a grill-like surface which is heated up to toast the bread before pressing it down onto the cooking surface below. 


A toaster is another kitchen appliance used to make your bread slices hot, crunchy and delicious. It is a great way to start your day French style (but with an American touch) with peanut butter and jelly.

The difference between a toaster and a panini press is the former warms up your bread slices separately with its two slots. Then, after removing the hot bread slices from the slots, you can add whatever you want between them. 

Vacuum-Insulated Bottle

A vacuum insulated bottle is an advanced level thermos. With its airtight structure, the product can keep all sorts of liquids hot or cold for hours.

But we already have a mug warmer and a mini-fridge, this one seems like a splurge. Still, it is a good way to make a daily dose of caffeine in the morning and pour it into your coffee mug, sip by sip. 

Home Gym (13 Items)

Having a few dumbbells and a treadmill at home doesn’t make you Mr Olympia, but it can make up for the physically inactive work hours of the day.

At this point, it is necessary to talk about a false perception. In conversations about setting up a home gym, the majority claims that a home gym saves you from paying membership fees to the gym or outdoor sports clubs. 

However, we all know that it is almost impossible to dedicate ourselves to regular physical activities in the long term (alone at home). 

Then, what is the point of having home office exercise tools? 

Well, let’s list all possible reasons:

  • After years of inactive lifestyle, they can give us the necessary stimulation,
  • They can be complementary to a gym membership, allowing you to do light exercises on your gym free days,
  • If you like to join outdoor activities, they can keep you fit during winter days (possibly snowy times),
  • You can do some light dumbbell lifting and flexibility exercises before work (it can be time-consuming to go to the gym early mornings – remember we love the home office work model to save us from morning travels)
NumberProductQuick Explanation
1Dip StationBe Ready for the Next Olympics
2Dumbbell SetProtect your Bone and Muscle Density
3EllipticalBeat the Gravity
4Exercise BikeCycle to Nowhere
5Jump RopeReach the Sky
6Pilates BallMore Useful than you Think
7Pilates Reformer MachineCore Body Strength
8Pull-up BarReady to Climb
9Resistance BandsEndurance and Flexibility
10Rowing MachineRow your Imaginary Boat
11ScaleDon’t Look at Everyday
12TreadmillRun to Nowhere
13Yoga MatWork, Meditate and Love

Dip Station

The dip station is a body-weight exercise device that allows you to work on push and pull movements, such as push-ups, pull-ups, L-sits and jump drills.

A dip station can be a good choice for your home gym if you are young and ready for intense workout sessions. It mainly alerts your core and upper body. It’s also an easy way to sculpt your arms, chest, back, and shoulders.

Dumbbell Set

Weightlifting is not only used for muscle gain. It also helps to protect your muscle mass and bone density. Therefore, it decreases the risk of injuries and osteoporosis.

A good dumbbell set is a useful piece of equipment for every home gym. The weights are sold in pairs and range in weight from 5 lbs to 200 lbs. So if you’re just starting, you’ll want to purchase a set with lighter weights.


Elliptical has bicycle-like pedal spinning systems that move in a circular motion without a seat. Elliptical is ideal exercise tools for the elderly and people with joint problems or muscle weakness due to health conditions.

The spinning motion in the standing position improves your leg, arm, and abdominal muscle strengths without applying gravitational pressure to your ankles and knees. Also, elliptical spinning is a full-body work-out. Therefore, it is more convenient to use compared to treadmills or bicycles. 

Exercise Bike

Similar to an elliptical, exercise bicycles use the same spinning movement to alert the muscles and improve physical fitness. It is less effective on the upper body but still provides pressure-free exercise.

Using the device is pretty straightforward, and it is ideal for overweight people to exercise while sitting. 

But be careful! If you don’t adjust the seat length accurately, you may harm your knees. 

As a more advanced option, you may buy a spinning bike that is manufactured for higher-intensity cycling exercise.

Jump Rope

Jump rope is one of the cheapest home exercise tools that you can use for full-body training. The product consists of the actual rope part (usually made of cotton or nylon materials) and two handles.

Jumping rope is a cool looking aerobic training that can be used to improve cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance. It is a high-intensity and continuous joint pressure type exercise. Therefore, we cannot say it is for everybody.

The exercise doesn’t require a big space, but you still need a high and chandelier-free ceiling. 

Pilates Ball

Even though it looks hilarious when we use it, a pilates ball is actually a great item for physical therapy, core training, or just flexing the tense muscles!  It helps to execute body-weight exercises in an effortless and more ergonomic way.

A pilates ball’s surface has multidirectional grooves that allow the user to exercise without any discomfort. In addition, using it regularly is an excellent way to strengthen the core, increase mobility and circulation.

Pilates Reformer Machine

This advanced (and expensive) piece of home gym equipment has been used in Pilates methods for many years and assists in performing specific exercises while practicing the discipline. 

Home Office Essential - Home Gym - Pilates Reformer MachineCredit: Unsplash

The reformer machine provides resistance that helps develop and tone muscles, improve alignment, and promote better posture.

Pilates is a form of exercise used for stretching, strengthening, and conditioning the abdomen, back, and hips while focusing on core strength. It also helps to increase muscle endurance, flexibility and even makes you look taller (due to flexed posture effect).

Pull-up Bar

A pull-up bar is a device that will help you do pull-ups and muscle-ups (if you are strong and trained enough). 

They came with a variety of models, such as a doorway and wall-mounted style. Plus, if you buy a dip station, it will offer a pull-up section.

Pull-up is a body weight exercise that strengthens the muscles in your back, arms, and shoulders. The training sessions involve different styles of pulling activities against the gravitational force to build upper and core body strength and joint flexibility.

It is an ideal tool for young WFH professionals with limited spaces (it just needs a doorway) and want to look naturally fit and shredded (rather than puffy muscled).

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are cheap, easy to use exercise tools that can be adopted in strength training, physical rehabilitation, stretching and relaxation sessions during breaks from work. 

Resistance bands come in various colors and resistances, making them a versatile addition to any home gym. It gives you simple but effective pilates workout options, but you can also use it before and after workout stretching.

Rowing Machine

In a rowing machine, you mimic the motion of rowing a boat. Home rowers typically get a position in a sliding seat with leg support and propel themselves back and forth. A flywheel is used to create resistance and the sense of being on the water.

Home Office Essential - Home Gym - Rowing MachineCredit: Unsplash

Home sized rowing machines have been around for a while now. They offer a low-impact workout that combines cardio and strength training elements. Therefore, it is ideal for the whole family members of any age and health conditions.


Scales measure the body weight, calculate your body mass and fat. Modern ones are usually digital and have a display screen.

Keeping track of your body mass and fat percentage is undeniably beneficial for your health. All you need is a scale to set healthy goals and follow your improvements over time. 

However, constantly measuring your weight will not help you; on the contrary, it might negatively affect your motivation and diet.

Fortnightly or even monthly measurements will be enough to follow your physical development.


When we think of a fitness machine for our home, running on a treadmill is the first image that comes to our minds. 

Treadmills are heavy but sturdy machines that enable us to do cardio exercises, such as running or fast pace walking. 

The advantages of using a treadmill in our home are; 

  • setting our speed, the inclination, and the distance of the belt easily,
  • watching the news or listening to podcasts at the same time,
  • staying inside- active on a cold and rainy day. 

Oppositely, treadmills can put a lot of pressure on the joints and knees if used for running. Therefore, you should be careful not to harm yourself.

Yoga Mat

For the majority, yoga is a pseudo sport, but scientifically, it helps boost flexibility and joint strength. Yoga mats are cheap and essential tools for practicing yoga properly.

A good yoga mat should be non-slippery and provide enough cushioning while still being light enough to roll up and carry with you.

Some Extra Touch (18 Items)

We designed our home office with must-have items and additional pieces that make our work life more manageable. Then, we got the kitchen and gym supplies. 

The last thing left is to add some style and personal touch, turning our home office into a homey place. 

Of course, we have a list of items for this purpose. Let’s look at them together.

NumberProductQuick Explanation
1Arm and Wrist RestExtra-Extra Ergonomy
2Aroma Candles and OilsNose to Peace
3ArtworksFeed your Eyes and Soul
4BlanketSnuggle Snuggle
5Daily PlannerOrganize your Day
6Fingerprint Door LockKeep Your Room Untouched
7Foot WarmerNever Get Cold
8Keyboard Cleaning GelDie Germs Die
9OdorsKeep the Room Fresh
10PlantsRoom Sized Small Forest
11ProjectorMassive Screen
12RGB LedChange your Mood with Colors
13Slider PadMake your Office Movable
14SlippersBeauty of Work from Home
15Soundproof StripKeep the Noise Out
16Stress Relief ToysRemember Fidget Spinner
17White BoardBrainstorming Sessions
18White Noise MachineSleep by the Ocean

Arm and Wrist Rest

Arm and wrist rest is an apparatus mounted to your work desk for a more ergonomic typing or mousing experience. These devices are often curved or angled so that the user’s arm is resting in a natural position.

As we all work long hours in unnatural positions, we are basically desperate for any extra help. This simple innovation can aid us to avoid tennis elbow, carpal tunnel or knuckle problems.

Aroma Candles and Oils

Aromatherapy oils help you relax and reduce your stress level (especially during a busy workday), and the candles are made with these essential oils. 

Aromas promote the feeling of well-being and mindfulness. You can use;

  • Lavender for calming, 
  • Orange for extra energy, 
  • Peppermint for reducing stress,
  • Cinnamon for emotional stimulation.


Art! The source of life and the expression of our inner self.

When decorating your home office with gorgeous drawings, paintings, photos, and sculptures, you will have a chance to reveal yourself and show your personality. 

These fine pieces can be reminders of something meaningful such as your baby girls first drawing or a million-dollar masterpiece. Whatever you add to your collection, it will shape the soul of your home office.


A blanket (or a snuggle) is an integral part of cosy winter days and nights. A thick, fluffy, and warm blanket is a must-have comfort hack. 

Traditionally, having too much comfort during work is not offered by experts. But in reality, starting your cold workday mornings with a cup of joy and a blanket on you are the real beauties of working from home. 

Blankets also help you get a short nap on your lunch breaks (we always recommend a 20 minutes afternoon nap time).

Daily Planner

We know a well-organized life is kinda boring! But if you are a home office worker, planning your workdays and prioritizing your tasks beforehand are critical for an efficient shift.

A daily planner is a diary book/calendar with sections to make notes and organize your day. It allows you to prioritize your duties and plan your appointments to manage your time better.

Experts have created countless planning models, and we are pretty sure one of them would be a perfect match for you. 

There are also digital planners on the market that basically offer the same services through your computer. However, having a physical planner works more effectively in our experience.

Fingerprint Door Lock

Like the padlock, but a more comprehensive solution, a fingerprint door lock prevents unwanted trespassers from entering your home office (assuming you have the whole room).

It also allows you access to your private room without the use of keys or remembering a pass code. Instead, it will identify who you are based on your fingerprint and unlock your door accordingly.

If you are a WFH Secret Service Agent (or you want to feel the same vibe), a high-tech room protection lock keeps your work computer and files safe, for sure.

Foot Warmer

Another 21st Century wonder, a foot warmer, aids you in keeping your feet hot and healthy. During a long, physically inactive workday, our blood circulation decreases that affect the nerves starting from the bottom. Therefore, the first and foremost symptom of low circulated blood is our cold feet.

Of course, our first advice is to stay active by taking 5-minute breaks after every hour of work. But as a lazier and cosier way of relaxing your feet, a foot warmer can also be used. It is a heated pad placed under a person’s feet (or covers the whole foot) to keep them warm. Obviously, they are handier in cold winter months.

Keyboard Cleaning Gel

A computer or laptop keyboard is 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat on average. And all of us know the fact that it is not an easy task to clean the gaps between those letters. 

Keyboard cleaning gel is a liquid that you put on your keyboard to clean it. The liquid is typically slimy with cleaning products in it. When the liquid completely dries, the dirt and grime (such as bread crumbs, fizzy drink remnants, seeds and any other things, you name it) gets stuck to the slime instead of your keyboard.


Similar to the aroma candles, room perfumes are artificially pleasant odors and change the sensation of your home office, as well as your mood.

When you spend long hours in a confined space, it is almost inevitable not to smell a foul scent. We already presented more efficient solutions such as air purifiers, humidifiers, and aromatherapeutic candles (as an addition to these air fresheners).

But, home fragrances can also help to change the scent. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make your home smell fresh and inviting.


Although we mostly ignore reality, we are an extension of nature, even a part of it. As we spend more time indoors, our moods start to fall and affect our mental well-being.

Room plants are naturally relaxing items that can brighten up any room with varied colors and textures. They require minimal care and maintenance, and naturally improve air quality. 

Plants release oxygen during the day, and as you know, oxygen is the life source of our brains. 

Another greatest benefit of having indoor plants is that they help purify indoor air from chemicals and other pollutants.


As HD technology evolves, we have wanted bigger and better performance on our screens. But for a screen, there is always a size limit. 

So, to overcome this obstacle, we are a secret weapon (well! not a big one, honestly). 


Projector technology has been here even before the screen tech, but smaller home-sized versions have become widespread in recent years. 

The beauty of these devices, you can reflect your mobile, tablet, computer or TV screens to get larger and high quality moving images. If you have a profoundly visualized job or project, it would be an invaluable addition to your home office setup.

RGB Led Stripts

Colors have the ability to feed our imaginative side. As another mood changer, RGB (red-blue-green) Led Lights give our work spaces an imitated energy to promote coziness and enhance productivity.

The red, blue, and green LED diodes are each individually controlled by a microprocessor, with adjusted intensities. You can select your desired colors and depth (search the effects of colors on humans) to be displayed by selecting the corresponding LED’s.

Slider Pad

Our home offices are often made up of small and easily transportable parts. But you will clearly need these furniture slip pads when you want to make a real change, such as adjusting the position of the desk, sofas, file cabinets and TV units…

These small items can be placed under the feet of heavy furniture, allowing them to slide more smoothly and without damaging the surface.


One great thing about working from home is not to dress up with suffocating suits and dark shoes every single morning. Just get up and start with your pajamas and slippers (unless you have a Zoom meeting). 

Some motivational preachers advise you to start your home office working day just like a traditional office day. 

We won’t do that.

We acknowledge what makes the difference when it comes to staying motivated and productive, and suiting up is not one of them. Just put your slippers on, relax and focus on real things to succeed.

Soundproof Strip

As we already offer some mobile solutions to possible noise issues, a soundproof strip can also be used to prevent them from penetrating your home office room. This thin, primarily white, plastic strip can be applied to the doorways and window openings to dampen and reduce annoying outside noises.

If your walls are also soundproofed, you can easily turn your office into a rumble-free workspace with this simple addition.

Stress Relief Toys

Do you remember fidget spinners? How about 90’s favorite stress balls? A YoYo, a small basketball hoop, or a Rubik’s Cube…

Actually anything that you can squeeze, stretch, pop, fold, scatter and assemble, naturally reducing your anxiety level can be included in this category. 

It doesn’t matter which ones but, you should keep some of them within easy reach.

White Board

You might be a lonely soul, or maybe you have a small team to work together. Whatever your circumstance is, you need to visualize your ideas or create mind maps during the brainstorming sessions. 

Whiteboard is a classic to write your daily/weekly goals, make your scientific calculations (why not, right) or just see your visions and strategies all the time.

Although now technology offers alternatives, we still believe that a good old whiteboard works better for reflecting your intellect.

White Noise Machine

Sounds remind us of the beauties of nature, just as the colors do. A white noise machine is a small device that generates natural, peaceful sounds like the sound of the ocean, a calm forest, or a gentle drizzle. These sounds help people to relax and focus.

Once you keep your workstation free from irritating sounds, using a white noise machine will elevate your inner well-being and breath of life.

So, What Did We Say

To sum up the whole article, we mentioned how a complete work from home workstation should have. Our initial categorization split the 90 pieces of equipment into 5 main classes (details above, please read, don’t be lazy!)

  • Must-Have Products,
  • Nice to Have Materials,
  • Quick Eat and Drink Tools, 
  • Home Exercise Equipment,
  • Stylish Touches.

We are aware that it is almost impossible to have all of these items, but please do not hesitate to try buying them all. 

Should we say, Challenge Accepted!

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