How to Add a Headrest and a Backrest to an Office Chair

How to Add a Headrest and a Backrest to an Office Chair

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Updated: 01.08.2022

Every day, you’ll spend hours in your office chair. That’s why having proper support is extremely important. 

Fortunately, adding a backrest and headrest to your office chair is easy and affordable.

At the very least, it’s something that any home or traditional office worker can do without spending much money. 

If you don’t have a backrest or headrest on your existing office chair yet, 

  • find the headrest (or backrest) that is compatible with your chair,
  • check your chair and see the hole marks that you can drill for the headrest,
  • drill the holes and put the screws, 
  • place and adjust your headrest.

Alternatively, if you want to use any universal headrest, 

  • purchase two adjustable C-Clamp Mount Holders,
  • place them on the upper edge of your chair with a proper gap in between,
  • put your headrest and screw it to these clamps.

Universal Headrest Attachment

Now, let’s look at why you need a headrest and backrest and how to add them to your office furniture in detail.

Where should the Headrest be Ergonomically on an Office Chair

The proper location of the head rests on an office chair depends on several factors.

Office Desk Ergonomics

First, which function does your office chair serve? 

For example, an executive desk chair is usually used when sitting at a desk and typing or working on other paper-based tasks. 

In contrast, a reclining office chair is designed to rest your back when sitting in a reclining position for long periods.

Secondly, the type of chair you have will determine its size and shape

Some office chairs come with a backrest, while others do not. Regardless of what you have, the backrest should be ergonomically designed to fit your body contours and provide optimal support while ensuring that you stay in an accurate position.

Is a Headrest on an Office Chair Really Necessary

Even though every office chair needs a backrest and headrest, many people think they are unnecessary or just a waste.

In reality, however, our bodies need the right support to keep our posture in a sound position and remain healthy and continue working.

Headrest and Healthy Posture

Not only does it help us keep on top of tasks like work and school, and it can even prevent injury.

It doesn’t hurt to have these items in our office chairs either as it will be more comfortable or even help you to keep healthier if you sit for long periods.

So, having an office chair with a headrest and backrest is more than a luxury. 

It is a necessity.

How do you Install the Head Rest: Let’s Get our Hands Dirty

The first thing you’ll need to do is remove the plastic cover from your backrest or headrest. 

To do this, use a flathead screwdriver to take it off without damaging the cover since it will most likely break easily when you remove it.

Headrest InstallationCredit: Unsplash

Next, take a look at the backrest of your office chair. It will be different for every office chair. 

So it’s best to look at the diagrams in your manual, but it will most likely have a hole on the back where you can drill through to place the screw.

This goes very simply by holding the headrest or backrest in one hand and drilling through with a long diameter drill bit into the wood underneath.

Once the hole is large enough, put the screw through it, making sure not to tear or break any of the surfaces of your backrest. Do this for both sides.

Once you have completed this step, you will have a fully working headrest on your office chair.

Why are Headrests Removable

When you have a headrest, it will be much easier to adjust your head’s position when moving from sitting upright to reclining. 

Without the proper support, your neck and back might feel incredibly uncomfortable at the end of a long day or when you’ve been sitting for too long.

When it comes to office chairs, having the ability to remove them is critical because 

  • not everyone will find them comfortable 
  • or want to replace them with more ergonomic models. 

How do you Remove a Headrest from an Office Chair

The headrests’ measurements and comfort levels will differ for every office chair, but the core structure is nearly identical. 

To remove the headrest, 

  • Turn your office chair upside down and see which screw is holding the pad,
  • Once you have located this screw, remove that piece,
  • After taking the cover off, you should now have a hole large enough to slide your headrest.

How do I Stop my Office Chair from Hurting my Back

When you’ve been sitting in an office chair for long periods, your back and neck might feel incredibly uncomfortable, especially if you have been leaning all the time.

Unfortunately, this is widespread and even a case for massage chairs.

The reason of the pain is our backs and necks are not meant to be in this position for long periods. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to have a backrest on an office chair. It gives you consistent support and stretching chances at the same time.

Still, please don’t forget to stand up regularly and keep your body active during a long work day.

Headrest for Herman Miller Office Chairs

Herman Miller produces the most luxurious and comfortable office chairs. 

The Herman Miller office chair has a headrest available in different heights and inclinations that you can purchase. 

It is effortless to install and adjust.

In most cases, the headrest is only available separately from the chair. 

You need to purchase the headrest pad separately and attach it to the back of your chair. 

In some cases, the brand sells as part of a new set with a headrest pad included for an additional cost.


Although having a headrest is not necessary, it can be a great addition to any office chair. 

It will provide you with the comfort you need while sitting in your office chair and ensure that you continue to work productively. 

With the help of this guide, adding a backrest or headrest to your existing office furniture should not be very difficult or expensive.

Simply, purchase this additional comfort piece, and put it in your chair using the designated points.

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