How to Protect Walls from Office Chairs

How to Protect Walls from Office Chairs

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Updated: 12.08.2022

When designing a new office, especially in your home, it is best to ensure that the outer cover of the walls is a durable material.

These materials can withstand the wear and tear caused by day-to-day use. 

But still, you will need extra precautions to protect your walls from the impact of your office chair

The following are the methods to protect your office walls from the possible damage caused by your office chairs.

    • Use Wall Coverings
    • Add Bumpers or Felt
    • Use Non-Slip Furniture Mats
    • Use Rugs Underneath Furniture
    • Install Chair Rails
    • Cover-Up Chairs
    • Install Soft Wall Panels
    • Outsource the Office Space

A few basic tricks, but the above list makes your walls clean and damage-free.

Protect Office Walls from the Chair Credit: Unsplash

You should always follow these easy but effective maneuvers when creating the ideal office space for your business. 

Let’s look at the details of the above protections one by one.

1. Use Wall Coverings

You can always use wall coverings to help insulate and protect the walls.

When installing these wall covers, ensure they fit snugly around the edges so you can easily clean them up when there are any spills or crumbs on them. 

When there is any damage to the wall, you can peel the coverings off and replace them with a new one. 

2. Add Bumpers or Felt

You do not necessarily have to buy new furniture for your office if the old ones are still serviceable. 

Protecting Office Floors and Walls

Adding bumpers or felt pads to your old office chairs can add extra padding to the seat, making it much more comfortable and safe. 

You can also remove these accessories whenever you need to move an office chair around. 

So, you can remove them anytime before moving the chair from one corner to another. 

3. Using Non-Slip Furniture Mats

You can also use non-slip furniture mats glued to the floor if you have a carpeted floor in the office. 

This way, you will protect your walls and have a damage-free office surface.

The material of these mats is washable and will prevent the office chairs from moving around when you sit and work for long hours

4. Using Rugs Underneath Furniture

Another, more traditional tip for protecting office walls from being damaged by office chairs is to place rugs underneath the chair wheels. 

Again, you can pull and clean these rugs whenever you need to.  

It also helps to protect the flooring against unnecessary wear and tear. 

5. Install Chair Rails

Chair rails are an excellent alternative to protecting your walls from any dents and scratches caused by office chairs.

The design of these rails is suitable to fit the contours of an office chair perfectly.

So that they will never cause any damage. 

You can place it at any height, depending on your size and your chair’s position. 

6. Cover-Up Chairs

If your office chairs are already dented and scratched, you can easily conceal them with seat covers. 

These covers can protect the original upholstery on your office chairs, as well as your walls, from the constant collision. 

So both your chairs and wall paints will stay wear-free for longer. 

These covers come in many textures and patterns. So you can also style your office space with the one that best matches your interior design. 

7. Install Soft Wall Panels

A cheaper alternative to chair rails would be soft wall panels. 

These panels have been designed especially for offices and should be able to protect walls from getting damaged by office furniture accidents. 

The good thing about these panels is that they are added to the cost of the walls, so you can negotiate a better price when buying them.

8. Outsourcing the Office Space 

The easiest way to get away from any office owning problem is to outsource the spacing. What I mean is that you can use places like Starbucks or hire a virtual office or a dedicated office desk

Not the right answer for most, but it can save some of us. 

Who knows.

How do I Stop my Office Chair from Marking the Wall

If you continue to use your office chair the same way, the marks will get bigger and bigger. This is similar to the wave impact loads.

The frequent collisions of the chair edges and the wall may also leave permanent scratches on both sides. 

You must take several steps to stop the chair from marking the wall.

  • One of the first things you must do is regularly clean the chair

Using a specific type of polish and a cloth will help prevent dirt from getting stuck on your chair. 

The cleaning will make the marks smaller and keep them from being so visible in the first place.

  • The second thing you can do is regularly check your chair for loose screws, which could be why it has been marking the wall. 

Try to tighten up all those screws at regular intervals and see if this helps reduce the marks.

  • The third thing you can do is regularly clean up any spilled liquid in your office space. 

Even if the spillage isn’t your fault, cleaning it up before it stains the wall will always be better than waiting for it to become a permanent mark.

What Can I Do About a Scratched or Dented Wall in My Office

There are possible solutions to heal a scratched wall. 

As a start, you can repaint the wall. If you don’t have the budget to paint it all, you may consider having it spot-painting. 

You can always choose a different color that matches better with the rest of your office decor.

The next thing you can do is to cover up the part of your office that has been damaged by moving your furniture to another place in the room. 

You can always cover the wall with a set of shelves or wall shelves.

You could also use a wall section for an art display or for your team to create their creative work displays. 

You can even get those creative workers to paint, draw, or write all over the wall. 

This artistic development may give your office a distinct look while hiding the marks and keeping it safe from further damage.


Office chairs may cause damaged walls. In order to protect your walls: 

  • Regularly clean your office chair. Try to use a specific kind of polish and cloth so you do not get dirt stuck on it. It would help if you did multiple things to prevent your office wall from getting damaged. 
  • Check all the screws in your chair regularly and tighten them up regularly. 
  • Clean any spilled liquid off the wall or floor before it stains the wall. 

If you follow these simple directions, your office wall will remain damage-free.

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