How to Become a Digital Nomad?

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Updated: 09.08.2021

Become a Digital Nomad is a modern-day dream for the working population. In its simplest explanation, become a digital nomad today is about having a high level of computer literacy and being familiar with the ways of making money online.

Unlike the usual working concept, Digital Nomad conducts his/her work with the help of internet technology. With this freelance work style, they do not depend on working hours or office environment.

Digital Nomad enjoying the sunsetCredit: Unsplash 

They often continue their business outside traditional offices, even their hometown. All kinds of public places such as cafes, libraries, co-working spaces can be Digital Nomad’s working environments.

When you live and work as a digital nomad, you need three things.

– Your computer to help you run your business,

– Your smartphone for healthy communication,

– And your internet connection to stay connected.

As long as these are with you, you can work regardless of your location or working hours. While you are working as a freelancer, you can travel the world at the same time.

As the boundaries of the internet and the digital world have reached their climax, new forms of work and business lines have arisen.

Concepts such as Freelancer and Digital Nomad appear to be the most popular forms of work in the future. They have just emerged in the working ecosystem but will dominate it pretty soon.

Studies on young people clearly show that Generation Z wants to work without being tied up to any confined space. They can continue their work digitally instead of spending their work in a closed office environment.

This inevitably leads to the birth of new ways of working.

How Do Digital Nomads Work?

Digital Nomads do not need a home or office address to work. They don’t put their work at the center of their lives. Instead of living according to their career goals, they adapt professions to their freedom-oriented lifestyles.

Freedom of Digital NomadCredit: Unsplash

There are many different digital nomads, and everyone is free to add a new genre to that list.

If we talk about the types of digital nomads, we can summarize as follows:

Freelancers, working as content editors and copywriters, social media managers, and people who provide online resources to their customers.

Business Services, providing online or remote services such as legal assistance, accounting, and consulting.

Entrepreneurs, managing their freelance teams digitally.

– Freedom Seekers, working remotely for one or more companies.

– Technology Services, selling their own digital products. (it includes blogs, software, e-books, online subscription services, etc.

– Mixed- emotions, Unsure Masses about following only one type Digital Nomadism (they follow a combination of one or more of the above.

What Are The Advantages Of Being A Digital Nomad?

There are many advantages of being a Digital Nomad.

+ Digital Nomads have opportunities to redefine themselves by being familiar with different cultures and local communities.

+ They can set their own working hours and can turn any environment into a workplace. The only need is a powerful internet connection.  Here are some advantages of being a Digital Nomad;

+ Undoubtedly more freedom feeling. Digital Nomads can sustain their lives in their own unique ways while carrying out any tasks,

+ They’re away from all the stress sources of the modern world.  Like Crowded and polluted cities, traffic chaos. They do not have to wear uncomfortable clothes and colorful ties.

+ Since they work as a freelancer, they can set their own work routine. Many digital nomads can shape their shifts as they wish.

+ There is no fixed space and no fixed expenses, there are fewer bills to be paid. A car may be a necessity for a city dweller. But Nomads don’t need any material possessions (except a laptop).

+ Digital Nomads are more fortunate to discover innovations. They can create a vacation plan for themselves and continue their business while on vacation.

+ They always have a chance to see new places, join a vibrant Nomad network and save exciting memories.

+ Digital nomads have more chances to save money than someone who lives in fixed routines (and with fixed expenses).

What are the Disadvantages of Being a Digital Nomad?

Being a digital nomad should not be confused with taking a vacation without constant work.

Sure, it is a fact! Digital Nomads spend time away from their homeland and live an active lifestyle. But when we compare it with a  regular traveler, digital nomads do it slowly.

 Credit: Unsplash

For the first group, traveling across an entire country can take just a week. But, it can take more than a few months for digital nomads to complete such a trip.

× Digital Nomads not only pass through a place but also deeply experience the reality of the area. In times of crisis, this could be a problem

× Another thing is, an active lifestyle may not be for everyone. You need to remotely maintain your business and other things like family, friends, and your loved ones away from you.

× It may seem like a dream come through! But working on the beach may not always be as cool as it looks. Nature affects the human body, especially if you are in a tropical land.

    • Heavy Rains,
    • Intense Sunlight,
    • Different Foods,
    • Dangerous Bugs and Animals,

for instance, can give you a hard time.

× Your devices might also be affected, like your phone or laptop screen may not seem so clear.

× Besides, your charge may not be enough for working on the beach until the evening, and you may need to spend more on extra battery power.

× Your internet connection may not always be as good as you expected.

In short, your environment may not be well-suited to work. It requires serious motivation to focus and try to complete your tasks while people around are on vacation.

As noted in interviews with famous digital nomads, the most significant disadvantage of being a digital nomad is that you are alone. No matter which beach or historical place you are in, you have to be alone to maintain this lifestyle.

This loneliness can sometimes make you like it, but other times it can bother you.

So, let’s go back to our main question:

How to Become a Digital Nomad?

Undoubtedly, as we mentioned above, working as a Digital Nomad is not for everyone. If you want to go beyond the limits of your routine and adopt this lifestyle for yourself, you must meet the following conditions.

A Talent Suitable for Digital Work

Suppose you want to survive as a Digital Nomad. In that case, you need to have a demanded talent that is valid in any industry. Also, your skills should be coherent with the digital world of business.

That is highly unlikely that a carpenter or a hairdresser can survive as a digital worker.

To start your digital nomad life, you need to have one or more of the skills in some specific branch such as,

    • Content Writing,
    • Article Writing,
    • Social Media Marketing,
    • Graphic Design,
    • Email Marketing,
    • Coding,
    • SEO Consulting,
    • Blogging,
    • Accounting,
    • Time Management,

and many more.

Essential Technology for Digital Nomads

A Digital Nomad needs to have portable technology.

    • a Laptop
    • a Smartphone
    • Power Units
    • Energy Converters
    • Programs and Softwares
    • Memberships

So, you are considering travel while trying to do your business. It would be best if you had the latest model laptop that meets your need. How about a fully functional smartphone to keep you connected with customers or applications that help you do your job.

You should buy these products, which are basic fixtures to keep your business running, in your own standard and in a way that meets your needs.

Internet Connection

Being a digital nomad without an internet connection.

No way!

Whether you’re far away abroad or just in your local Starbucks, you need a secure and uninterrupted internet connection. You can buy a good internet package from a reliable provider for your digital devices.

Alternatively,  you can use your mobile to maintain your business primarily from it under challenging times.

But still, it would be best to do your research before flying to strange geographies.

Everything looks perfect! Well, how about where you work?

Working Space

Working from home or a cafe all the time can make you burned out and may slow down your pace after a while.

As a solution, you can work with other like-minded people in shared workspaces called “Co-working Space.” By using Co-working Spaces, you can sit with other people and do your work in quiet, work-friendly environments.

While you can find most shared working spaces only in big cities, remember that there are over thirty-three thousand Co-working spaces worldwide. And the number keeps ever-growing.

So! The presumption is:

You don’t have to wait until your retirement to travel and discover the wonders of our beautiful world. With the right

    • Mindset,
    • Ambitions,
    • Skills,
    • and Tools,

you can get rid of the imprisonment of traditional office layout.

While you can earn money by doing your beloved job, also can enjoy your voyage as a Digital Nomad

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