How to Fix a Chair that Won’t Close

How to Fix a Chair that Won’t Close

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Updated: 29.07.2022

Before you resort to throwing your favorite recliner chair out just because it won’t close as it should be, you can try to repair them. 

All the things required to fix it are most often available in your home, and it will also help you save money by buying a new chair.

The tearing of internal mechanisms typically causes a recliner chair that doesn’t close. It is not alarming and won’t cost you a lot of money. 

All you’d have to do is examine the tightened or loosened parts and see what you can do to fix them.

Parts of a Chair that Might Cause the Problem

Different internal parts of the recliner chair can be said to cause the issue. 

For instance, it could be in the cable release, latch mechanism, recliner springs, screws, or electric wiring

Parts of a Chair that Might Cause the Problem

Since most recliner chairs can be easily disassembled, you will not have difficulty examining the internal parts. 

If your recliner chair is of a newer model, you may discover that it has detachable seat backs

Another way is by lifting the rear in between the fabric panel. 

Overall, many parts can cause recliner chairs not to close normally.

Possible Reasons Why Your Recliner Chair Won’t Close: Defining the Issue

Outdoor recliners, rocker office chairs, recliners for back pain, and other versions are just some of the numerous reclining chairs you can purchase today.

Recliner Chair General AppearanceCredit: deluxdeco

In most cases, a damaged recliner may be traced to one of the following factors

However, there may be exceptions depending on the recliner mechanism placed in your recliner.

  • Inner components have been burnt and affected other parts.
  • Recliner springs are loose because of overuse.
  • The latch mechanism has loosened.
  • The cable release was torn and broken down.
  • There is no more lubricant or oil in the inner components.
  • Electric wiring has worn out because of old age.
  • Screws are worn out or getting loose.

How to Fix an Office Chair that Won’t Stay Up

To fix a broken chair, you need to have a toolset. While starting repairs, gather the following:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Oil for lubrication
  • Small wrenches
  • Old rags
  • File
Basic Toolkit for Recliner Chair RepairCredit: Unsplash

Recliners have two fixing procedures. 

Procedure 1: For Small Issues

Step 1: Turn the chair over and examine the inner screws. Ensure each screw is tight and secure.

Step 2: Wrap the chair’s upholstery using rags before repairing it. This effort protects this from oil or grease.

Step 3: Put lubricant on all the seat’s working components. If you don’t really have sprayable oil, use an old rag.

Step 4: Clean and oil the handle, so the footrest moves quickly. This way, you can prevent corrosion.

Step 5: Clean up again any oil spills with a clean rag.

If the first technique fails (or the problem is bigger), try the following actions. 

Procedure 2: For Big Issues

Step 1: Turn the chair towards the side without a handle.

Step 2: Stretch the footrest with the handle. The stretching exposes an underlying spring.

Step 3. Check for a burr on the “L” rod supported by the spring.

Step 4: Once detected, carefully remove it with the file. Smooth it till it’s even.

Step 5. Replace the recliner’s springs and put the footrest back.

Step 6: Lubricate the mechanism for easy movement. Absorb oil with a cloth.

Basic Repair Needs and Suggestions

Check Weight Limit: Examine the chair’s load capacity and ensure the weight and balance you are placing in are not greater than the limit stated. 

Many users also cause extra stress and damage to the chairs.

Find Loosed Screw: Examine the area for any loose screws or nuts you can tighten. 

Office chairs used many times may no longer work due to this problem.

Examine Latching System: Inspect the latching system for any broken pieces. 

If the chair still retains spring tension, it means that the transmitter is still functional. 

Look beneath the recliner to determine if a bar has been placed into the receiver.

Seek Professional Help: When nothing works despite hours of attempting, contact local support or the manufacturer for further information.

Advanced Repair Needs and Possible Solutions

Cable releases regulate the recliner’s folding mechanism. It extends and retracts the footrest. 

If the footrest does not really work, don’t blame the wire release. 

Even though the footrest doesn’t extend, the cable release will work. The issue may be a loose lock or screw.

Office chairs often break cable connectors or fracture armrests.

Rivets may wear out and come loose from screws and nuts. Latches weaken. 

The chair may have movement problems if it doesn’t have a cable release. 

Tighten a screw or drill anew to lessen spring force. Replacements springs are exist.

Core Maintenance Tips for Recliners

  • Regularly tighten equipment screws.
  • Lubricate joints and mechanisms every 3-4 months.
  • Check internal connections for pressure when something’s not right
  • Don’t overwork the chair. Don’t smash chair covers.
  • Recliners shouldn’t be overloaded.

The Lifespan of a Recliner: Considering Depreciation

If you use it frequently, a recliner should last about ten years at best before any replacement. 

Less used and protected chairs may have a longer life than one constantly subjected to the mayhem that comes with having animals and children in the house. 

Consider depreciation if your recliner is about to reach its limit.

Last Exit Before Final Destination: Average Repair Cost in the US

If you have no choice but to seek professional help, you should be aware of the average repair cost in the US. 

It ranges from $200 up to $350 depending on the damage. 

But you can expect that the recliner chair will be good as new.

Last Option: Replacing the Recliner Chair

Replacing the recliner chair is needed when your current chair is beyond repair. 

As you may know, there are many recliner chairs that you can find in the US, and the average price of recliner chairs can range from $800 up to $2000

The price is because of the material costs, which make the chair robust and comfortable.


When your recliner chair doesn’t close, it can be because of poor lubrication or damage to the inner components

So, checking the above parts and repair them if necessary help you use your recliner with its full capacity.

If you think you can’t repair it by yourself, it will be best to seek help from professionals.

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