What Does a Good Massage Chair Cost

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Updated: 16.06.2022

Everyone dreams of a relaxing day at the beach, and a full-body massage chair can easily take you there. 

But massage chair prices can vary. There are a great number of manufacturers, and their quality doesn’t always match up to their price point. This can be both good and bad depending on the combination of price and quality you come across.

Based on our extensive market research and price/performance comparisons, a decent massage chair will typically cost you around $800 on the lower end (without much expectations, of course) and $3000 on the higher. 

What Factors Contribute to Massage Chair Price

A massage chair has rollers and can use different technologies, which significantly affect massage chair cost. Let’s check these technical functions: 

Number of Rollers and the Length of Tracking 

We can differentiate a massage chair based on the rollers’ vertical motions;

S, L and Full Body Massage

  • L Track (focus only on the spine) 
  • S Track (spine and hips)
  • SL Track (spine, hips, and feet)
  • or Full Body 

So, simply the more comprehensive the tracking, the higher the price will be.

Roller Mobility

The second aspect creating a price difference between massage chairs is the internal mechanics and the mobility range of the rollers. In that definition, a chair can be;

  • 2d (only vertical and side-to-side roller movements, more robotic)
  • 3d (vertical, horizontal, and in-and-out movements -like human hands and fingers-)
  • or 4d (similar to 3d, but the rollers’ speed and intensity can be adjusted separately)

Number of Massage Options Offered

A massage chair can provide benefits of massage therapy by mimicking the traditional massage techniques such as Deep Tissue Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Swedish Massage, and Junetsu Massage. 

In essence, how many massage techniques a massage chair can offer depends on the rollers’ mobility. Therefore, we can evaluate the massage options factor within the two factors we explained above.

Still, the more techniques the chair offers, the higher the price will be.

Material Quality

When we say material, we need to divide it into two sub-categories. 

  • The material used for interior mechanics that must be strong and flexible. 
  • And the leather sheath, used for the outer covering.

Ideally, the leather should be sustainable and breathable. Preferably, it has a memory foam function to scan and cover the body flawlessly. Cracks shouldn’t be easy to appear, and maintenance be relatively convenient.

Massage Chair Branding

Brand and Price

Branding is vital in determining the price, as with any other purchasable product. Here, whether;

  • we are willing to pay more for a product of the same quality because it has a high brand value, 
  • or we can spend more because the brand proves that it makes higher quality products, 

This dilemma is a broader marketing question.

Why Cheap Massage Chairs Can be Harmful

Considering the user feedback, it is seen that the comments made for the massage chairs, which are sold for less than around $800, are not very heartwarming. 

The main concern about a cheap massage chair is it may cause back and neck pain, especially after the massage. And if you continue using the chair, any problem can become chronic.

Your pain after the massage can be eliminated when you stop using the massage chair, but you will lose a lot of money in the end.

Please do remember, even the cheapest massage chair costs around $500. 

The other issues reported are;

  • overheating of the seat and excessive sweating due to poor quality leather cover, 
  • the sinking of the chair after a few uses,  
  • increasing energy bills due to high electricity consumption, 
  • not being able to remain stable during the massage, 
  • short lifespan -quick loss of functionality of mechanisms and parts.

Average Massage Service Prices in the USA

The average price for a massage in the United States is $60 per hour. The price further climbs when you take into account that the average length of a massage can range up to two hours. 

The price quickly becomes astronomical if you want to get multiple massages a week or try modern-day spas, chiropractors, and wellness centers.

Over time, a massage chair pays for itself.

Massage Chair Price Ranges

A massage chair can cost as much as a second-hand Tesla. The price fluctuates between $500 and $30,000

But the average, decent-quality chairs cost around $800 to $3,000, depending on your budget and expectations. Above that limit, it’s just luxury spending.

When we check Amazon in detail, we see that massage chairs are sold for up to $16,000 in the upper segment. But the demand decreases after the $8,000 threshold.

Therefore, we can say that the $8k figure is the ideal purchasing point for buyers who state that they focus on quality and performance, not price. We can easily express that no supplementary technology is promised by more expensive products today.

Of course, we also have suggestions for those with a lower budget. If you do not have enough finance to spend on a massage chair, we can recommend massage guns or massage chair pads as more affordable alternatives with an average price tag should be around $80 to $200.

As you can imagine, massage chairs or, in a broad sense, the home massage tools and kits market is a growing industry. According to the Market Watch Massage Chair Industry Report, the global size of the sector will be more than $5.8 billion by 2028

Research and Market – U.S. Massage Chair Market Demand Analysis and Opportunity Evaluation Report estimates that the U.S. massage chair market, more specifically, will reach $1.75 billion in 2027 with a 5% annual growth rate, which is going to be 1/3 of the total global size. 

Zero Gravity Massage Chair Price Ranges

Zero Gravitational Force massage chairs are in high demand on the market. Most well-known brands have Zero Gravity chairs in their product portfolio. 

Most selling Zero-G massage chair is around $1,200 on Amazon. And it seems the highest price for an average buyer is $1,800

S, L, and SL Track Massage Chair Price Ranges

The best-selling SL Track Massage Chair on Amazon costs $1800. On the lower edge, we observe $1,000; on the high end, $2,800 seems ideal. 

Heated Massage Chair Price Ranges

If a relaxing heated massage is the only function you are looking for, then we have good news for you. Massage chair costs in this category are much lower than other massage chair prices.

A decent-quality reclining heated massage chair costs as low as $350

But if you need more functionality, a full-body shiatsu heated massage chair can cost you up to $1,200.

3d Massage Chair Price Ranges

3d Massage Technology adds $500 on average to the price tag. So the price range for a standard 3d massage chair can cost from $1,800 to $3,000.

4d Massage Chair Price Ranges

If you desperately need a 4d feature in your massage chair, get ready to pay more than $3k. The lowest that you’ll pay is around $3,500, which goes up to $8k with additional features.

Health Benefits of Having a Massage Chair

There are many health benefits to having a massage chair regardless of the massage chair costs:

  • Reduction in body pain,
  • Reduction in the frequency of headaches,
  • Accelerated workout recovery,
  • Lower blood pressure and increase in heart rate.
  • Improvement in immune system performance.
  • A lower level of stress and anxiety


A reasonable massage chair price will typically range from $800 to $3,000, but we can easily bypass that price range for the benefits that it brings. 

Melt away into paradise from the comfort of your own place with exceptional massage chair therapy.

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