Massage and Massage Chair Facts

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Updated: 04.07.2022

Massage chairs are often comfortable, and they can be bought basically from anywhere.

Here we will talk about some of the benefits of massage therapy and massage chairs and some really cool and unique facts. 

The most obvious fact about massage chairs is that it helps with relaxation.

One recent study among nurses showed that regular massage chair sessions in a relaxing room reduce stress, blood pressure, and heart rate averages.

Massages are known to relax the body and help us remain calm even when we tense up, which would help with other related things, such as anxiety and stress. 

The massage chair ensures this after hard work days by relaxing your body. 

“A good weekend starts with a positive attitude and a great massage.”

Massage Chair Facts

Other impressive details about massage chairs are;

  • Advisable massage chair therapy durations are between 10 and 30 minutes,
  • Massage chairs can give you a natural massage sensation and benefit from head to toe,
  • The electric massage chair was invented in Japan before WWII but was first commercially produced in 1954 by Japanese inventor Nobuo Fujimoto,
  • Japan is the biggest consumer in the massage chair industry (20% of the household has a massage chair),
  • China is the primary manufacturing country,

Current advanced massage chair technologies consist of SL Tracking System, 3d and 4d Roller Mobility, Zero Gravity (eliminates gravity) and Inverse Positions (turns the body 180 degrees using gravity for spinal correction),

Pressure Free Sitting Position

Did You Know: Interesting Info’s About Human Body and Massage Therapy

  • Massage is a natural painkiller,
  • Massage techniques are quite international now but also highly localized (in terms of the invention places),
  • More than 80 massage styles exist – rely on the eastern or western school of thought, 
  • Massage Therapy is beneficial throughout the lifetime, from infancy until you are a senior citizen – for example, an explorative study about children’s reaction to regular massage showed that a daily 30-minute back massage;
    • decreased the depression and anxiety, 
    • boosted cooperative behaviors, 
    • increased the quality of nighttime sleep after just 5 days. 
  • We have over 4 million touch receptors in our skin,
  • Massage is Archaic – first proof dates back to ancient Egypt,
  • An hour of chilling massage therapy gives the same amount of relaxation as a decent night’s sleep,
  • Massages help with attentiveness and focus,
  • Certain types of massages can prevent injuries and even help the speed at which they heal,
  • The pulse and blood pressure lowering effect of massage therapy reduces cardiovascular diseases,
  • Massages help with energy balance, especially eastern massage techniques such as Shiatsu focuses on the proportional energy distribution throughout our body, 
  • Massages also help with grip, which relieves people living with arthritis.

Benefits of Massage Therapy 

“Touch the body. Heal the mind. Calm the spirit.”

1. Pain Relief

A huge reason for people getting massages is that it helps relieve pain. 

Massage is a holistic and non-invasive way of relieving pain through techniques that specific tissues can ease the pain. 

2. Increases Circulation

With the different massage techniques on tissues, the heart will naturally start pumping blood to distant organs.

The boosted blood flow helps increase circulation.

3. Boosts Immunity

Regular massages are proven to be effective in promoting immunity. 

Detailed massage techniques will help improve lymph, a bodily fluid that aids in protecting you against diseases. 

How Massage Chairs Work

There are a few different massage chair types, but we will cover the most common.

One of the most familiar massage chairs is one that only uses motors. These motors produce vibrations, which create a massage feeling to it. 

Another typical massage chair uses rollers. These are meant to create the illusion of a human hand being present, thus creating a massage feel. 

S, L and Full Body Massage

Some of these chairs have rollers placed in the back. But some can also have them in the front, where the leg rests. 

Some massage chairs also have airbags within them.

These airbags, when activated, are in constant inflation and deflation, which helps give off the feeling of a massage. 

Advantages of Having a Massage Chair at Home

The major advantage of having a futuristic massage helper at home is convenience. Other than that,

“Give your body a little love; it deserves it.” 

1. Therapeutic Effects of Massage 

As we discussed here, the benefits of a massage and having a massage chair are therapeutic. It helps with relaxing and can also be very chiropractic. 

Coming home from work to have a massage chair to relieve you of all that stress and pain is a plus.

2. Ease of Access

Of course, getting a massage can be easy, but you still have to set up appointments and other things too. 

With having one in your house, you don’t have to worry about going anywhere to get a massage. 

You can get one anywhere, anytime, right at home. 

3. Helps with Sleep

One of the clear benefits of massages is that it aids sleep (a good night’s sleep or even an afternoon nap). 

Helping to go to bed is very much true with massage chairs. Using one before sleeping can help you relax and come into the REM phase more quickly.


The massage chair industry has been a growing market since the early 2000s. 

US demand has also been expanding and is expected to be a billion-dollar industry in 5 years. 

Currently, the home massage tools market, including,

– Electric/Non-Electric Massage Chairs,

– Massage Guns, 

– Massage Pads,

– Other Non-Electric Tools, have reached that billion-dollar threshold.

Here we talked about the benefits of massages, how massage chairs work, and more! 

We hope you learned exciting tidbits of information as well!

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