How Do You Reset a Massage Chair

How Do You Reset a Massage Chair

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Updated: 16.06.2022

Massage chairs can be a real lifesaver after a long stressful day at work, especially if you need a regular massage treatment. By the time you get home, you need a good massage to help you unwind. 

But like every electronic device, a massage chair needs an occasional power off and restart to boost its performance. 

Also, you may want to reset the settings to start from scratch. 

So how do you restart or reset a massage chair? 

Let’s check the steps first, then get into the details.

  • First, power off and unplug your massage chair and wait for 10 seconds,
  • Then, look for a restart/reset button on the remote depending on the issue,
  • If there is no specific button, check the manual to find out the button combination for a reset,
  • Power on the massage chair from the power socket,
  • Switch on the massage chair using its remote control device,
  • Check if the chair automatically restarts by itself first; if not, use the reset button or button combination to do it manually,
  • Press the ON/OFF button to select a massage program,
  • Press the ON/OFF button once more to delete the previous program and reset your current program.

Voila! You changed the basic settings.

How to Run a Diagnostic on your Massage Chair

The diagnostic process is a bit crafty. 

A Massage Chair for Home Use

  • Ensure that the massage chair is vacant and take your remote control device, 
  • Simultaneously hold down the tapping, kneading, and power buttons (again, read the manual first to see the button combination). Hold them down for a length of five seconds, 
  • Your remote screen will show the error code,

Massage Chair Error Message

  • Do not be alarmed if your massage chair is moving on its own as the diagnostic test is being run. Think like your computer trying to find a virus,
  • Once the diagnostic is done, continue with the resetting/fixing steps.

How to Reset the Massage Settings

The process is quite simple if you want to delete a prior massage setting. 

Resetting the Massage Chair

  • You must select the intensity and type of massage you wish to reset with your remote-controlled device. 
  • Once selected, press the ON/OFF button twice in order to have the settings deleted. 
  • Now, that specific massage chair will have no settings left,
  • You can reset the position, time, intensity, or type of massage you wish to use further.

How to Reset your Massage Chair to its Factory Settings

Resetting a massage chair to its factory settings means the system will wipe away all the custom settings and changes you have made. 

This is typically a necessary step if you want to sell the chair or wish to delete all your prior customization. If you don’t like any of your early changes and setting adjustments, then this is the quickest way to fix the problem. 

To set the Massage Chair back to the Factory Settings:

  • First, turn off the massage chair,
  • With the chair off, hold either the power, remote, or kneading buttons (check the manual as always),
  • This process should take anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds,
  • The remote screen should display a unique error message, and the chair will vibrate slowly.

Ta-Daa! Your massage chair has been factory reset.

Problems in a Massage Chair that Need a Reset

What problems or errors would cause you to reset a massage chair or even change back to the massage chair factory settings? 

If you experience any performance decrease, you must restart, reset, or factory reset your chair, depending on the nature of the issue.

You should restart your device if the massage chair doesn’t implement the preset massage functions, not give off the full effect of a massage, or overheats during a regular session.

Massage Chairs and Back Pain

You should reset your chair if someone changes your pre-existing massage setting or if you feel any discomfort because of the massage intensity. 

If the massage chair doesn’t turn on or off in the middle of a massage, this definitely calls for a factory reset. 

Massage Chair Parts that Might Need to Repair

Massage chairs, similar to other modern-day technology, are fragile. Any disconnection inside may cause a performance decline. Your chair may need repairs for its electronic components or mechanical parts. Also, it may lose its exterior beauty over time.

S, L and Full Body Massage

If your massage chair’s motor is running, but the chair is not moving, then inadequate space between the chair and the wall will place stress on the chair’s internal framework. This can detach the T-Bar and bend the scissors. 

Also, the rollers may not get the necessary level of power. This causes the seat to be unable to give enough pressure to your body.

The scissors within the chair, a mechanism that prevents the chair from making a clicking or popping noise, are a prevalent part that can easily bend, loosen, or even break. 

You will eventually wear down the seat pad due to repeated use, making the chair appear crooked and slanted. 

The airbags will eventually fail to inflate during a massage session. This is because the tubing that leads to the airbags may be broken or disconnected. 

Can I Repair a Massage Chair at Home

To reset a massage chair or reset to factory settings, all you need to do is the chair’s remote control device. 

Massage Chair Repair

For any of the repair needs listed above, it is smart to seek professional help. Typically, massage chair manufacturers offer a 2 to 3-year warranty, free repair, or replacement. 

Even after the contract, opening the seat and repairing it yourself can be risky, especially if you do not fix your other electronic devices.  

What Basic Massage Chair Issues Can be Solved at Home

If you trust your technical dexterity, you may try the below basic repairs on your own.

  • The nut that holds the scissors together can be tightened or replaced, 
  • The seat pad can also easily be replaced,
  • If a T-bar has been disconnected, you only need to reconnect it, again quite an easy task,
  • A disconnected air pump is effortless to reattach; you can replace it if broken.

Final Words

Fortunately, you can quickly fix most of the massage chair’s setting issues at home. 

To reset a massage chair, simply hold down the power, remote, or kneading buttons for 5 to 10 seconds while the chair is off.

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