Another Modern Day Dream – What is a Digital Nomad?

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Updated: 09.08.2021

This morning, again struggling with traffic, you closed your eyes and imagined the Caribbean vacation you went to last summer, right?

This should have been your life. This should have been your job!

But what’s stopping you. Just consider the whole work paradigm and bend it in your favor. Find a way to give you a chance to work from anywhere and anytime. Is it possible? Yes. Is it easy?  Not as it sounds.

You are dreaming of being a Digital Nomad. You may have heard this concept before but still, let’s try to explain.

Digital Nomad is the term used for people who provide various services regardless of working hours or working place.

A Digital Nomad works at the parkCredit: Unsplash

Digital Nomads cannot be associated with a single industry. Today, as a Digital Nomad, it is quite possible to freely carry out many professions. These freedom seekers only need their digital devices to work.

The professions that a Digital Nomad may prefer must be available to be done remotely in our rapidly developing and globalizing world.

Examples of these can be copywriters, strategists, translators, accountants, editors, consultants of any kind, creative designers, and social media experts.

But the majority of the Digital Nomad network provides service for the online community and businesses.

It is not difficult to understand why turning yourself into a Digital Nomad is so popular.

Being a Digital Nomad, a form of a profession that you can perform without restrictions, in your free time, and with less stress, helps you do your job by increasing your creativity.

You can also improve your communication skills by interacting with people with various character traits. Allowing you to expand your social network at the maximum level, a Digital Nomad creates an environment for you to be the boss of your own business, regardless of any location.

The critical concern about being a Digital Nomad is finding a regular job to make your income stream consistent. It would be best if you had a strong network and marketable skills to do so.

A Busy Traditional OfficeCredit: Unsplash

Also, there is fierce competition in the online world. Your competitors have solid technical abilities. Even though you are searching for freedom and work-life balance, don’t forget you are still a part of a greater economy, just with fewer boundaries.

You may have much stronger skills. But remember, you are about to embark on a new adventure in a new medium. So, the first decision you have to make to tackle such disadvantages is what price you will charge for the services you offer.

At this point, it is a very rational decision to create your portfolio by working at lower prices than your competitors for a while. Once you’ve worked with a few clients and proven your service quality, you can start being a real Digital Nomad.

So! What is Digital Nomadism?

Digital Nomadism, which has already become a profession by the Y generation, and is going to be a predominant style for Z’s, allows you to work freely and earn money while watching the most beautiful scenery anywhere in the world.

I mean, literally anywhere with internet access can be an office for a Digital Nomad.

However, if you are doing this from home, you shouldn’t consider yourself as one. You are just a remote worker. The most distinctive feature of Digital Nomads is that they make money by providing services online while traveling and discovering new places.

A beautiful scenery for Digital NomadsCredit: Unsplash

We know that people first saw the term of Digital Nomadism in the book “Digital Nomad,” written by Tsugio Makimoto and David Manners in 1997.

One of the first Digital Nomads in history is Steve Roberts, whom we knew in 1983 in Popular Computing magazine.

However, some practiced this profession before the term was coined, with its former name, Location Independent Working. In the historical evolution of work, as internet access becomes widespread and speed increases, we see that the number of Digital Nomads also rises.

Digital Nomads, which have increased rapidly as a result of wi-fi technology, continue to become increasingly popular with the introduction of various brands since 2009. It has received funding from brands such as National Geographic and Dell Computers.

A cruise called The Nomad Cruise was also set up as an event where Digital Nomads came together.

The works most inspired by the Digital Nomad community include Tim Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Workweek, David Allen’s Getting Things Done, and Mark Manson’s research.

How Do Digital Nomads Make Money?

Piling coins grows like a treeCredit: Unsplash

Digital Nomads earn money by working as freelancers, without being tied to traditional offices and by cutting their daily living expenses.

Being a Digital Nomad means that you can earn the maximum amount of money for your service with a minimum budget and optimal effort.

Depending on your travel habits, you can choose to be a Digital Nomad as a lifestyle with meager expenses. Also, traveling actively will save you from many regular payments such as household bills. Thus, it is highly possible that you spend all the money you earn on your self-interests.

However, it is advisable not to exaggerate this freedom.

A successful Digital Nomad creates its budget wisely. Even if you pursue a less planned lifestyle, estimate how long you want to stay in a certain place and what your budget is for this trip. Make your budget calculations with care and attention.

If you skip these critical details, even if you make large amounts of money, it is usual to see that you don’t have a dime in your pocket at the end of the month.

Remember! A Digital Nomad is not a regular traveler and has two basic instincts.

Make money online and travel the world.

Another crucial tip for making your earnings as a Digital Nomad continuous is creating an honest relationship with your customers.  Gain advanced communication skills to make your customer relations smooth as it should be.

Always try to communicate instantly with video calls and meetings. Voice communication makes it easier for people to trust each other. For the success of communication, your knowledge of your field and your technical competencies are extremely crucial.

Use reliable systems for payment transactions. Ask your customers for comments and evaluations after each job you do. Get permission to add your work to your portfolio.

You should not forget that the portfolio is your most significant proof of your credibility in the customers’ eyes. By sharing positive reviews about your former tasks and professionally completed services, your customers will always take you one step ahead of others.

People do not like to take risks, so you have to prove that you are a reliable freelancer.

In short, use your portfolio to give them the impression of “I’m the master of this business.” Give your customers reasons to choose you again for the next job and show them your difference from other Digital Nomads.

Take your business seriously, but you may follow a more positive attitude in your conversations with customers. In order to boost your presence on social media platforms, you can ask your customers to share their satisfaction with your performance.

Again, always avoid being too assertive and give them realistic expectations in your work.

Even though English is the common language among the Digital Nomad Community, think cautiously before going to a new country. Cause you don’t know the local language, culture, general ideas of locals, and the economy.

Have your health insurance and make sure you have all the details of your stay ready before traveling. When you complete all these steps, you will see that you will quickly become popular.

Technology That Helps  Digital Nomads to Work From Anywhere

Internet Access is crucial for Digital NomadsCredit: Unsplash

The most essential condition of being a Digital Nomad is having internet access and having the necessary technological equipment. This specialized hardware can be a mobile phone or a laptop with a high processor speed, depending on the service you provide.

In this context, technology may be the most important element for people who have made Digital Nomadism a lifestyle should thank.

Let’s have a look at the tools that a Digital Nomad have…

Communication Tools

Slack is one of the tools that a Digital Nomad should definitely have in the field of communication.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface and being suitable for professional use, this application offers you an instant messaging experience above your ideal.

Zoom is one of the communication applications located at the center of our lives, especially during the pandemic period.

This application, which almost everyone has learned to use, will meet all your needs with its easy interface and multiple processing options.

Microsoft Teams is another one you can use as an alternative to Zoom in this regard.

Thanks to the Microsoft Teams application, you can stay in touch with your teammates around the world online.

Finally, we want to add the Skype application to the list. Skype application, which we have been using for many years, will also be with you when you need it with its easy use. If you prefer Skype, you will not need to download another application because it is already in use on many mobile devices.

Project Management Tools

Trello is one of the most prominent project management tools.

If you want to make arrangements on the same project with other colleagues, Trello will provide you with the remote management you wish with its cloud technology.

Another one, the DOIST tool, has a particular place. This application, which is vital for both companies and Digital Nomads, offers you the equipment you need in task management.

This application, which reminds you of your tasks and needs, is one of the tools you should acquire in project management.

Information Sharing Tools

In this regard, Google Suite applications, which we can define as unrivaled, leading the industry.

Regardless of location and time, you can create all kinds of infographics and tables, presentations, documents, briefly all information sharing equipment with Google Suite tools.

Performance Control Tools

Togglhire is highly preferred in this regard. Transfer the job to Togglhire to check your performance before handing over the job to your client.

This tool, which is used to test things for you, is also a huge advantage for your customers to hire for you.

Additionally, if you are a non-native English speaker, Grammarly is definitely helpful for you.

This tool, which corrects grammatical and punctuation errors in your articles, also prevents your word preference and expression errors.

How Many Digital Nomads are There

A Digital Nomad works outdoorCredit: Unsplash

According to the report published by MBO Partners, millions of people in the US dream of becoming Digital Nomads. The Covid pandemic has sped up the demand rate visibly.

Today, 10.9 million Digital Nomads are known to exist in the US alone. Also, another 17 million are ready to make the transition if they find an open door.

Many factors encourage people to dream of becoming digital nomads. The most important of these, globalization, depends on the rapidly developing technology. It is now possible to continue your similar daily life in different countries.

Also, being able to access a lot of information quickly encourages people to become digital nomads.

Besides, the pandemic period seriously affected the number of Home Office workers, which will increase in the future.

But in the meantime, people are tired of staying home for so long. Now, they want to travel more than before and make up for a lost year.

After a pandemic in which we couldn’t meet our socialization needs, most working online will want to be digital nomads.

What is the Difference Between Digital Nomads and Freelancers

There is one distinct difference between the Digital Nomad and the Freelancer.

A Freelancer works in her bedroomCredit: Unsplash

If you are a freelancer, you can make your home your office, and you do not have to travel. You are more committed to your business, and you are not as free as a Digital Nomad.

However, a Digital Nomad lives on the road by placing its digital equipment in its backpack. In certain areas, the Digital Nomads leave their comfort zone and meet new cultures.

What is the Difference Between Digital Nomads and Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur finds an ideaCredit: Unsplash

The word Entrepreneur covers many terms, such as working remotely or free time.

People who take part in decision-making by evaluating opportunities are entrepreneurs. It is the person who identifies the missing piece of the puzzle and finds a solution for that.

He can choose to travel or work from home, depending on the opportunities.

However, a Digital Nomad is constantly on the move and focuses on delivering orders to its customers on time and in the most accurate way rather than seizing opportunities.

We can assume that Digital Nomads should have entrepreneurship skills to some extent, but they don’t have to be Elon Musk.

What is the Difference Between Digital Nomads and Home Office Workers

the 9 to 5 working hoursCredit: Unsplash

Home Office workers still follow the 9 to 5 working hours pattern, and they should work in an office environment, even if it is a home office. It means that the freedom we see in Digital Nomadism does not exist for home office workers.

Besides, home office workers still have their boss and take regular orders. The organization determines the working days and hours with an agreement beforehand. The home office workers receive a salary according to these pre-determined schedule.

However, the Digital Nomad is flexible in this sense and has turned its free spirit into a lifestyle.  We can easily say that Digital Nomadism has real flexibility.

Digital Nomad Paradises

Some countries provides heaven like conditions for Digital Nomads in terms of features such as low tax fees, low daily expenses, tropical weather conditions, high security, affordable and accessible healthcare.

If you dream of becoming a Digital Nomad, you can do research on these countries and learn the details based on your expectations. Here are the ideal countries for a pleasant Digital Nomad journey:


Thailand BeachCredit: Unsplash

We have all seen the sea-sand-laptop photos combined with a picturesque view on social media. If you want to take that photo, Thailand is the correct address for you.

Thailand is a unique country where living is not as costly as in the US. And it provides working areas to meet all your needs. In there you will have internet access almost everywhere.

It is possible to find food for your taste, good health services countrywide, and touristic settings at all hours of the day. Locals are also known to be very friendly. One of the most significant advantages of the country is its mesmerizing natural scenery and cultural elements. 

Bangkok is one of the most popular places where you can go as a Digital Nomad in Thailand. It is a city where the excitement never ends, and there are always some things to do 24/7. This is the city that offers you active work life and decent co-working areas to meet peer nomads from different backgrounds.

Hubba Thailand, Thailand’s first joint working area, is our recommendation in this regard.


Portugal Seaside ViewCredit: unsplash

Another country that meets all the needs of a Digital Nomad is Portugal. If you want to live in Europe, it is the place you should base your backpack office.

Located in a position where you can easily reach other countries in Europe, Portugal is important in terms of its strategic location.

It is possible to find hundreds of cultural places to visit Portugal with its rich historical and cultural heritage.

It is a country that receives sunshine almost all year with excellent weather conditions. Also, Europe’s first Digital Nomad village is there. Lisbon, Porto, and Ericeira are among the cities you can choose in Portugal, which has common working areas in many cities.


Colombia Seaside ViewCredit: Unsplash

Standing out with its extraordinary landscapes and nature, Colombia is also preferred with its cheap living opportunities.

The country, which has advanced facilities in terms of transportation, offers you the options you need to socialize. Medellin even has a Digital Nomad community!

Because many products are imported in Colombia, shopping can be extremely costly, though. The country is self-sufficient in terms of health services. The northern part of the country, where accommodation can be considered very cheap, generally has a warm climate.

The ideal places for Digital Nomads in the country are shown as Medellin, Cartagena, and Barranquilla.


Indonesia Amazing ViewCredit: Unsplash

Recently, Indonesia is the favorite choice of the world-famous Digital Nomads.

With its beaches and magnificent landscapes, Indonesia will give you the feeling of living in paradise. The country consists of 17,000 islands, is preferred with its rich local cuisine and warm climate throughout the year. It offers various conveniences in terms of transportation and has very cheap living conditions.

It is not just a dream to sit on the beach and sip a cocktail while doing things from your laptop, accompanied by nature and sea views. You can even surf when you take a break from work!

You can choose to go to Papua and Borneo regions if you want things to be cheaper in the country, which has more affordable accommodation rates than Bangkok.

Another big win if you decided to stay in Indonesia is the cheapest internet lines in the region. If your choice is Indonesia, you will have options like Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and Bali.


Estonia Winter ViewCredit: Unsplash

Estonia, a frequent destination for Digital Nomads, thanks to the e-residence program launched in 2014, allows Digital Nomads to establish and manage their businesses online.

The Estonian society, which has the title of being the most digitally developed society globally, is also quite approachable. The country, where you will not have any trouble roaming freely on the internet, attracts nomads with its low population and advanced technological features.

Workspaces for Digital Nomads

The population and power of the rapidly growing Digital Nomad army are gradually increasing. According to statistics and survey results, half of the total US workforce will be covered by freelance and online people in 2027.

a cozy workspaceCredit: Unsplash

But, where these nomads work? What places are perfect spots for office runaways?

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are unique places where Digital Nomads can find everything they need. These places, like Starbucks, are the number one choice of remote workers of all kinds with mostly free internet access and well-designed working environments.

Co-Working Spaces

Being with other Freelancers and Digital Nomads working with peers will give you high motivation. These places, designed for you to work efficiently and socialize, are frequently preferred by digital nomads.

Outdoor Spaces

An outdoor workspace for digital nomadsCredit: Unsplash

Sometimes you may need to work outdoors by sunbathing. This is the advantage of being a digital nomad anyway! It is possible to continue your work in spaces that can be defined as outdoor places, regardless of office life.

Digital Nomads can have international and national communities, as well as specific meeting places. The common feature of these gathering places is that they are suitable for digital work.

The most prominent of these workshops are Sun and Co. in Spain, Mokrin House in Nothern Serbia, and Unsettled in Barcelona, Tuscany, Bali, Cape Town.

The common feature of all these workspaces is that they are highly convenient to continue their work for many Digital Nomads. Good internet connection and technological facilities are one of the positive features of these places.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Digital Nomad

There are many advantages to being a Digital Nomad. To briefly summarize these advantages,

you will be able to experience absolute freedom to the fullest extent,

travel as you wish,

live independently.

Now, let’s dig deep!


Freedom is the biggest advantage of Digital Nomads and also the most significant factor in choosing this lifestyle.

You will have the opportunity to continue your services freely, which you can do without being bound to 9-5 working hours and taking orders from higher authorities.


The second advantage of this lifestyle is that you can make your travel dreams come true to the fullest. While you are constantly traveling, earning your own money will make you happier.

Price Differences

With Digital Nomadism, you can turn the price differences into opportunities in the best way. Not being tied to a country will help you exploit price differences when choosing your next destination.

Make Money Everywhere

You can travel as you wish, realize your dreams, and earn money. When you make planned spending, you can do whatever you want and live your dreams.

Being Your Own Boss

You do not have to work under the umbrella of someone or an institution. By communicating with your customers on your behalf, you can complete your work without any formality. A little formalism is always good, though!

Patience And Discipline

Being a Digital Nomad can have hundreds of advantages, as well as many disadvantages.

One of the most important of these is the problems of patience and discipline. You have a risk that you can get used to freedom and live a life without discipline. 

The element of “being planned,” which we have suggested since the beginning of our article, is very crucial.

Short Relationships

Another major disadvantage of Digital Nomads is that they cannot have long relationships.

According to statistics, people who have opted for the Digital Nomad lifestyle generally do not get engaged and married. They only think about themselves without being dependent on anyone.

Whether it will make you happy or unhappy depends entirely on your characteristics. So, it means that this can be an advantage or not.


It can be very tiring for a person to constantly travel, live in a planned way, and work, especially when you feel like you won’t always meet good-hearted people. In addition to your own work, such different problems will also give you great fatigue.

Technical Issues

You may not be able to find internet, chargers, or sockets everywhere you go. As a Digital Nomad, we know that you will want to go where you can find the technology at the maximum level.

However, you should still consider some technical issues, such as power outages and loss of wifi connections. 

If you become a Digital Nomad and cannot access the necessary technology, all your work will be disrupted.

It Is Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

The idea of ​​being a Digital Nomad may sound crazy to some. Some people may think they have found their dream job. If you want to become a Digital Nomad, you must decide whether your character traits are suitable for this lifestyle.

We will talk about these features in the rest of our article. If you are seriously aiming to become a Digital Nomad, now take a pen and paper with you and start taking notes.

All the features we will mention are extremely important, and if you do not have even one, it will be the best decision for you to reconsider your goal of becoming a Digital Nomad.

Are You Ready to Work as a Digital Nomad ?

We’ve set some criteria to find out if you can become a Digital Nomad or not. In the rest of our article, we will share some of the competencies and skills that a person who wants to do this job should have.

First of all, if you want to become a Digital Nomad, you should ask yourself the main question:

Do I like traveling more or sip a coffee while watching TV on my comfortable sofa at home? If your answer to this question is traveling, you can move on to other questions.

Do you quickly make strong bonds with friends and people you have a relationship with? Can you continue your life happily even if you are away from them?

Do you need an office and silence while working? If you said yes to all these questions, honestly, you can be a Digital Nomad.

Digital nomads needs to be smartCredit: Unsplash

Remember that a Digital Nomad must have the ability to work in a virtual team. Advanced organizational skills, curiosity about different cultures, and high motivation are pre-requisites.

Digital Nomads reflect their libertarian spirit in their works. It can give self-motivation without the need for any motivation source. They create their own plans and programs without taking orders from another person and manages to stick to that program.

Digital Nomads adapt very quickly to new environments and avoid cultural shock.

In addition to all these features, you must also have some professional features.

Being a successful Digital Nomad has never been an easy task. Being able to make a living as a Digital Nomad is alone a great skill. To be able to use technological features well and to adapt easily to different technical conditions is another must.

Communication skills are inevitable. We are talking about the need to contact hundreds of people, both in a virtual environment and in real-life encounters.

All these people have their own interests. A customer wants impeccable service, your smiling face, your entire motivation, your documents, or your attention, for example.

While communicating with so many people, managing the dialogues will greatly facilitate your work. In this sense, effective communication skills and body language are of great importance.

A successful Digital Nomad can earn significant amounts or just make enough money to survive.

When you become a Digital Nomad, you can get help from social media to earn additional income. People look for Digital Nomads that are constantly on the move! However, remember that people with sincere attitudes collect followers on social media.

Finally, another Digital Nomad capability we should mention is the ability to think logically. Everyone makes logical decisions and faces the consequences of these decisions.

For some decisions such as market, exchange rates, average income-expense rates, suitable flight tickets, and hostels, the logical option is obvious. Anyone may want to give you suggestions on this matter.

Never let go of your own logic and remember that, unfortunately, malicious people also live in the world.

The general and most important features of Digital Nomads can be summarized in this way. However, you know yourself best. Talk to yourself honestly before stepping into your dream of becoming a Digital Nomad. Think of all the problems you might encounter.

Do a sincere assessment of the situation and start your journey.

How do You Become a Digital Nomad ?

If you want to become a Digital Nomad, firstly, you need to be sure of this decision.

If you honestly think that you will enjoy continuing your life as a Digital Nomad, you should do extensive research on this subject first.

The point you need to pay attention to in this regard is, do you like to take only a short vacation or enjoy working from anywhere in the world?

Another issue you need to consider, are you sincerely ready to spend your life with very low budgets.

Will you be able to continue your own life abroad even if there is no one you can get help from?

Will you be able to travel while keeping your business in the best way possible?

This is not a trip to celebrate with your champagne in your hand. Mostly you will have to stay in an old hostel in dusty rooms.

After passing this stage, if the job you will do is not straightforward yet, it helps choose the country you will go to first.

Determine the destination you want to go to.

take a snapshot of the economic situation,

the professions and services that people are in demand,

the budget you need to spend a day in that country,

and how much money you can make by doing this profession.

Consider your abilities to choose the service you want to provide. Remember that if you try to serve in an area where you do not have a talent, even if you are doing the most profitable job, it is inevitable that you will be broke.

However, if you decide to employ a service of your ability, you will be the number one choice for many customers.

You have decided on the job to do.

Now, before you start packing, you need to reassure yourself.

  • Start doing this business first as a freelancer.
  • Expand your customer network and professionalize your portfolio.
  • Get a few repeat customers, so you don’t take risks. 
  • You will also have the opportunity to improve your skills as a freelancer.

If you are a part of an organization, you can skip this stage.

You have prepared for your job. Now it is time to create your budget plan by the conditions of your destination country.

Of course, you cannot predict the future, but create a sketch plan based on your predictions.

Make sure to carefully calculate how many days you will stay in which destination, where you will visit there, which airport you will arrive at, which vehicle to reach your accommodation and the estimated travel expenses.

Also, prepare a plan to save your budget. If you haven’t accumulated any savings, keep them for a while.

Prepare the technical equipment you need to become a Digital Nomad.

Have a good time with the people you love. In the meantime, improve your international connections and ensure that you have people you know in the country you are going to. Investigate in detail if there is a community for Digital Nomads in the country you are planning to go to.

After all these steps, you can collect your necessary equipment and start your journey!

Being a Digital Nomad can lead you to your dreams.

However, keep in mind that you can always go back if you regret it. Don’t feel bad and enjoy the moment.

Remember, this will be one of the unique experiences you will ever have in your life!

Covid-19 and Future of Digital Nomadism

working during covid 19Credit: Unsplash

As we all know, Covid-19 has severely restricted our lives. There are lots of new rules and complete lockdowns, especially in some countries around the world.

As this virus was effective in every field, it also affected the travel area, one of the most critical elements for Digital Nomads. Travel bans, travel restrictions, different coronavirus measures for every country implemented may be the most compelling factor that will affect your plans.

In some countries, there is not even a requirement to use a mask. In some countries, it is forbidden to go out, even for tourists.

If you do not want to be disappointed after going to a country, you need to examine the number of coronavirus cases and their measures.

It is also useful to be foresight in this regard. You don’t want to go to a country with a high number of coronavirus cases and ruin your dream as a nomad.

No one may know how the coronavirus agenda will progress, but the pandemic has undoubtedly contributed to the world’s global adaptation to technological developments.

In this context, it is predicted that the world will want to work remotely after the pandemic. Many professions, courses, and services will continue to be provided online.

As a Digital Nomad, it will be in your favor that your potential customers and employers will get used to the digital sector. Wherever you are in the world, you will stay in touch with your customers, and meeting with your loved ones will be just a click away!

However, as a Digital Nomad, your customers’ knowledge of technology will significantly facilitate your work.

It is estimated that there will be a serious increase in the number of Digital Nomads after the Coronaviirus pandemic. One of the biggest reasons for that after the pandemic, people will want to travel freely, but they will also need to earn money.

So, it can be assumed that millions of people will prefer the Digital Nomad lifestyle, for sure.

People have learned that they can now continue their business without being tied to a place.

You can study at university while lying on your bed or get your salary while sipping your latte. Maybe you had a job in which you provided much more effort, but during the pandemic period, you were unemployed and started working online.

As a freelancer, you may be making a lot more money with much less physical effort.

Considering all these conditions, it is not difficult to understand why people will turn to become Digital Nomads. Estimations show that by 2035 there will be one billion nomads in the world. The existence of special visas for Digital Nomads seems to support this thesis.

So, to summarize, being a Digital Nomad is not as easy as it seems, even though it adorns the dreams of millions of people from different cultures.

To become a Digital Nomad, you must have specific skills, features, and standards. You must also be able to adapt to rapidly changing conditions easily.

In addition to adapting to various conditions to be a Digital Nomad, it is also vital for your mental health that you do not establish very tight bonds with people. You have to accept hundreds of people entering your life and let them leave your life after a short time.

It would help if you got the risk that you may be faced with living conditions below your standards from the very beginning.

If you are determined to become a Digital Nomad, you need to act planned and scheduled. It is essential to have practical communication skills and socialization skills in terms of adapting to different cultures.

You should also have detailed information about the country you are planning to go to and make a few friends who live in the city you want to stay in that country. If you want convenience in this regard, you can choose cities with Digital Nomad communities.

You should also consider the ongoing coronavirus situation. If you want to start living as a Digital Nomad after the pandemic, you should do the necessary research and get the knowledge now.

If you’re going to live as a Digital Nomad immediately, you should consider the number of Covid-19 patients and measures in the country you want to go to.

You can find some important Digital Nomad communities that are famous around the world. People who live like you always understand better. It will also be a guide for you to listen to other nomad’s experiences. You can choose to go to the cities where other Digital Nomads live to not have any problems in the cities you visit.

For Digital Nomads, some countries extra help in visas and accommodation. You can start your Digital Nomad career in these countries. Do not forget to travel a lot in the countries you visit. However, remember that being a Digital Nomad is not just traveling but also working.

As a Digital Nomad, do your time control well and learn to use time efficiently. Spend your budget in control. Live in the moment, but make sure you know what to do tomorrow as you live in the moment. Remember that this is not an irreversible road.

Take your first steps towards becoming a Digital Nomad and design an unforgettable experience for yourself.

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