What is Wifi Tribe and How to Join Them?

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Updated: 09.08.2021

Digital Nomads Find Elevated Experience Within the Trend

Digital nomads are taking the world by storm. The concept of “working from anywhere” is being taken to an all-new level as the Wifi Tribe creates not only the opportunity for individuals to conduct their job duties in amazing locations across the globe but to embrace an experience while doing it.

Read on to find out more about the trending Wifi Tribe and how to join them…

Through the magic of modern technology, thousands of freelancers, self-employed workers, and employees have enjoyed the luxury of working almost anywhere the internet abounds…and sometimes where it doesn’t.

But rarely, if ever, before have the individuals been offered the chance to embark on a life-changing journey like the Wifi Tribe provides.

The History of the Wifi Tribe Concept

Roots to the popular concept of remote working are widely credited to Tim Ferriss’s The 4-Hour Workweek. The book streamlined the process of getting things done and eliminated the need to do those duties from a boring office.

Wifi Tribe Members Working Together

The idea took hold, and when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, millions more joined the ranks of those who were already working from home…or wherever.

And…they too fell in love with the freedom remote working afforded.

What Exactly Does the Tribe Offer?

With the background set in place, back to the question at hand – What is the Wifi Tribe, and how to join them?

The Wifi Tribe elevates the ‘work from anywhere’ dream to embrace what they have learned most digital nomads are really searching for – community and friendship.

The group makes opportunities possible for members to reside with others in the tribe at amazing locations, such as Cape Town, South Africa, and Florence, Italy.

Are you packing yet?

Stretching across twenty-six countries and five continents, the single tribe travels in individual groups, typically consisting of twelve to twenty-four people, and the average stay in a location is from one to four or five months.

While the Wifi Tribe isn’t the first or only group available for digital nomads, it is unique in that they offer an experience of a lifetime, complete with the companionship and belonging most independent creatives and professionals yearn for.

Members are able to live together, work together, support one another, and be supported within the family.

Wifi Tribe member explains their plans

Besides, the Tribe is one-of-a-kind because they don’t just offer their experience in one city or one city at a time. They provide multiple towns to live in and multiple groups to be a part of.

The concept may be the same as some other groups, but the ultimate end result is not available anywhere else. The Wifi Tribe strives to deliver inspiring, curious, like-minded individuals the opportunity to evolve like they could not do in any other setting.

How Does the Wifi Tribe Work?

In order to be in the Tribe, you can purchase a membership to join the group.

A membership allows individuals to join a Chapter. A portion is of the initial membership fee is currently being applied toward Chapter membership fees within the outlined guidelines for those who activate their membership within seven days of signing up.

Payment plans are available for Chapter membership fees, and other incentives are often offered as well.

Chapter Plans are designed for individuals to have the flexibility and freedom of taking advantage of the perks offered. The plan is comprised of deposits but to ensure members can take maximum advantage of these extras.

The deposits do not expire when an active membership is in place. They are created to comfortably fit with any travel schedule provided within the community, which is nice for members as they arrange their programs and where they would most like to travel to.

Once an initial membership and Chapter membership has been paid, members are encouraged to meet their tribe. Members can even switch tribes as they please.

Adventure destinations and details are disclosed on a regular basis, and once open, members can sign up to take part in the experience (or multiple experiences) of their choice. The informative website outlines the exact details and instructions as far as individual chapters are concerned.

Members can choose four, six, or eight-week adventures.

There are Chapters located all over the world to provide optimal flexibility. Members can spread them out of joining the first one and then another.

There is a Chapter Calendar where members can refer to for choosing the destination or destinations they most want to travel to.

The Chapter price is dependent upon the individual Chapter Plan that you choose. The size and type of room you are seeking is also a determination of the price of the experience. Both shared, and private rooms are typically available but vary in cost.

Tiers are aligned in the Chapter prices to reflect the local housing cost and the level of accommodation afforded within each destination.

Much more information regarding the details can be found on the website.

What Does the Wifi Tribe Offer?

Along with having a secured living arrangement in one of the many dream-like settings worldwide, members are ultimately gifted a new way of life.

Within those they are living and working among, they find friends, travel partners, and mentors who are like-minded enthusiasts…just like you.

The community of creatives, professionals, and entrepreneurs hail from all different nationalities. They live, work, and discover the world together within the unique Wifi Tribe experience offered by being members of the community.

Together, the Tribe family explore and creative adventures that last a lifetime.

Who Belongs to the Wifi Tribe? 

Membership to the Wifi Tribe is wide open.

Photographers, writers, artists, and most anyone seeking a global-wide adventure are free to join the group. It is especially attractive to those who work remotely, but working is not a prerequisite.

According to the reviews and testimonials of other members, those with a desire to experience a bond between community members are invited to join and will not be disappointed.

“The Tribe has an unbelievable knack for finding awesome people,” Heather Kugel, a Tribe member, raves on the Wifi Tribe website.

“The people are what made the experience so great. Even with all of the different backgrounds and personalities, everybody meshed together really well and brought something unique to the table.”

The Wifi Tribe crew is passionate about what they do.

“We are on a mission to combine the sense of belonging with the magic of travel,” a Wifi Tribe associate stated.

It all began in 2017 when a few restless souls longed to experience the wonders of the world while making it possible through working remotely, wherever they landed. While they did set about on doing as much, they were sorely disappointed by the lack of ‘experience’ they encountered with the rigid, boring schedules and lack of adventure the trip held.

That all changed when they banded together to create the Wifi Tribe that would be destined to offer ‘it all’ – community, friendship, living arrangements, and so much more.

There are presently over eight hundred Tribe members in over sixty countries. Still…there is only one Tribe family. On the Wifi Tribe website, you can meet some of the regulars and read what they have to say about the group.

Members include individuals from the USA, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, and most everywhere else on the planet.

Recent Adventures

Equipped with an innovative approach to any situation they encounter, the Tribe recently came face-to-face with challenges the COVID pandemic presented across the world.

They spent six weeks living together, side-by-side, in three Greek villas as the virus took its course and created new situations to overcome.

But…they did it, and they did it together.

They took advantage of the safety net provided by being in a smaller, less populated location that just happened to be in a former fishing village with breath-taking views of the ocean. You might say the Tribe excels in finding the bright spot in every circumstance.

Spreading the Word about the Tribe 

As the Wifi Tribe continues to grow by leaps and bounds, they are still able to maintain the feel of a close-knit community.

The group has been featured in many major publications, including Forbes, Huffington Post, and Zeit Online. The Tribe is very engaged on social media sites, with 21,931 following their Facebook site alone.

Podcasts about the Wifi Tribe can also be found online that give enlightenment into the fascinating and exciting world of the remote living as a digital nomad through the unique perspective of community members.

Experts in the area of working remotely are often featured in these podcasts. Listeners are also given access to tools, strategies, and other information concerning working without borders in a location-independent work lifestyle and how to embrace the opportunities the Tribe affords.

You can find out more about the Wifi Tribe and how to join by visiting their social media sites on Facebook or Instagram or checking out their website, Wifi Tribe.

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